Toyota c-hr from the new year will be a direct competitor to

Toyota C-HR с нового года станет прямым конкурентом Nissan Juke

The Japanese will hold the world presentation of the new production model of the all-road compact from Toyota at the beginning of 2016. The mass car enthusiast will be able to get acquainted with the car closer at the showrooms of the Detroit Auto Show, which will be held in the near January. Toyota Concept C-HR It was demonstrated a year earlier, and what came out of it from Japanese developers, will already be a production car, which will be referred to as Scion - Americans reserved this brand for themselves; accordingly, the production model will be available only in the States. But the same Scion will turn into Toyota C-HR only in March 2016, when it will be shown to the public as part of the Geneva Motor Show. Superficially no differences between the two twin brothers can be found. They are simply not there. But the "inner world" of these crossovers will be different for sure.

Toyota C-HR с нового года станет прямым конкурентом Nissan Juke

Concept Car Toyota C-HR

The new modular TNGA platform will be the basis for Toyota C-HR compact crossover. On the same platform, by the way, the new generation Toyota Prius. In addition to the platform Toyota C-HR will borrow from the Prius and the hybrid powertrain, which is represented by a 1.8-liter 105-horsepower gasoline engine, an ninety-horsepower electric motor with a set of high-capacity batteries for it. In addition to this unit, line of motors Toyota C-HR can be expanded with a 1.2-liter gasoline turbocharged engine capable of demonstrating the power of 114 horses. Toyota C-HR crossover will produce both front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive. Toyota C-HR с нового года станет прямым конкурентом Nissan Juke Conceptual model Toyota C-HR  showed to the mass audience a year ago at the Paris Motor Show. Recently, at the Los Angeles Motor Show, it was also shown under the brand name Scion.

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Toyota C-HR Series Model will be implemented only in Europe, America and Japan. The model will compete with the Nissan Bug, Peugeot 2008, Opel Mokka, and of the Honda HR-V. About the fact that the new crossover will arrive in Russia, the Japanese do not say.

Toyota C-HR с нового года станет прямым конкурентом Nissan Juke

And it is not surprising. Our car market continues to fall, despite all the programs and actions conducted by both the state and dealers. If there is no money, and they have nowhere to get, you are unlikely to buy a new car. Even if it's new Toyota C-HR.