What scooter is right for

Regularly changing legislation forces drivers to closely monitor innovations. This applies to both owners of four-wheeled vehicles and owners of two-wheeled vehicles. In regulatory acts, it is often possible to meet the division of rights to control the cubature of an iron horse.

При таком подходе стоит знать, do you need scooter rights up to 50 cubes. В некоторых странах даже для управления велосипедом приходится иметь соответствующий документ. В нашей стране также имеются аналогичные инициативы, но насколько они станут реальными, покажет время.


  • 1 Driver's license of the new sample
  • 2 Which vehicles do not need rights
  • 3 Which scooter needs permissions
  • 4 Penalties

The driver's license of the new sample

The basic requirements for owners of small two-wheeled scooters changed several years ago in 2013. Changes were made to Federal Law 25 concerning the introduction of a new category of transport "M" - light quadricycles and mopeds.

This position is reflected in the driver's license. After that, to manage scooters and light motorcycles, it took ownership of the rights.

what scooter is right for

Based on the standards described, it seems that all drivers of two-wheeled iron horses should go to the traffic police for exams or practical driving. But in practice, everything turns out to be somewhat different, because the new rules for issuing a driver's license entered only from 2014. Accordingly, bona fide cars and motorists were able to undergo training and become happy owners of a driver's license of a new sample. We will understand whether you need the rights to the moped.

It is important to know that important clarifications have appeared in the Rules of the Road. According to clause 1.2 of the current rules, Chinese scooters and mopeds flooded the streets are classified as motor vehicles. For this reason, a citizen who controls them is obliged to have with him a confirmation of permission to drive such two-wheelers.

Which vehicles do not need rights

There are not many options on the list of legal vehicles that can be operated without additional permission from special bodies. These mechanisms include:

  • Sigveys - two-wheelers on the electric and high handle to maintain balance;
  • monowheel - exotic transport with one wheel, which is quite popular abroad;
  • lawn mowers with a wheel - some models from well-known manufacturers have very attractive design and parameters;
  • electric wheelchairs and electric wheelchairs do not oblige owners to have rights.
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Also, while there is no need to have the right cyclists. However, this does not exempt them from knowing the traffic rules. It is necessary to drive any transport on public roads in compliance with all the rules prescribed by law.

На какой скутер нужны права

The right to drive a scooter or a small moped is confirmed by the presence in the certificate of the open category "M". The term "moped" modern traffic rules imply mechanical transport, in which the maximum speed is limited to 50 km / h in the presence of an internal combustion engine is not more than 50 cm3 or an electrical analog with a continuous load in the range of 0.25-4 kW. The list also includes quadricycles.

do you need scooter rights up to 50 cubes

It is important to bear in mind that when driving modern scooters, not only the open category “M” is allowed.

The rules of the road allow you to have any category open in order to manage a moped. This is convenient for owners of category "B", because there is no need to re-take exams. There is only a remark, when in the table from the back there is a mark against the category ML, then such a document does not allow you to legally ride a scooter. It is set for people with a health restriction that does not allow driving on such a vehicle.

It should be borne in mind that for driving on the described two-wheelers, only national rights are suitable. To use the tractor version in this situation is unacceptable. This prohibits paragraph 7 of article 25 of the law on traffic safety.

Some foreigners are trying to use their rights to move on mopeds. However, the law does not provide for such privileges for documents issued abroad. Accordingly, even if there are open and existing foreign categories “B”, citizens cannot be drivers of scooters.


The current legislation provides for a fine for driving without a certification document for the driver. It should be borne in mind that the amount that the traffic police officer will issue can vary from 5 to 15 thousand rubles..

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The exception is a training ride. An administrative violation is established by art. 12.7. law of road safety. In this case, the withdrawn vehicle is sent to the penalty area. Only holders of the current certificate will be able to pick it up.