Unusual lancer x and possible problems in operation

Lancer X appeared in 2007 and is on sale well to this day. Its appearance, came to taste of many motorists, resembles a fighter. Despite the interesting exterior, the car also has other useful qualities that make the car popular even in the secondary market.

launch X

The body of the "tenth" Lancer does not differ in overstrength, because the metal used is quite thin. The paintwork is also not durable, so it is very often possible to find scratches and chips on these cars. Even pebbles on the road can slightly damage the rear arches, especially since the anti-gravel coating is often peeled off on the Lancer.

But for those who decide to buy Mitsubishi Lancer X in the secondary market and is going to inspect the body in search of rust, then you should start with the trunk, it is there that most often it is formed, because condensate accumulates in the luggage compartment, as well as water in small quantities through the rear lights.

фара launch X

Even with Lancers, over time, the headlights dim, the fog lights on the mirror elements fade, and the bulbs on the taillights often go out, so they have to be replaced, but during the replacement you must be careful not to break the corner of the light filter.

Salon "tenth" Lancer

ATнутри автомобиля используется жесткий пластик, который со временем может скрипеть. Что касаемо кресел, то на них используется ткань, которая почти не изнашивается, но подлокотники на дверях и между креслами затираются.

салон launch X

AT Лансере используется очень простое электрооборудование, но несмотря на простоту через несколько лет (3-5) может гудеть моторчик вентилятора печки, если его заменить, то покупка нового обойдется примерно в 90 долларов. Лучше сделать замену еще до наступления холодов, потому что зимой большая вероятность того, что он выйдет из строя.

It also happens that in some instances the heated seats over time, climate control, drives, adjustable mirrors.

On many Lancers X, after 80–100 thousand kilometers of run, especially in the city, the steering buttons start to fail, to fix the problem — you have to replace the wiring loop rings on the steering block, they cost about $ 30.

Lancere's engine

As for the engines, there are several different options. The most problematic is a gasoline engine with a volume of 1.5 liters 4A91, a lot of cars with this engine - about 30%. After 100 thousand kilometers in the city, this motor starts to eat butter - about 5 liters per 10,000 km, due to the fact that the piston rings have coked up. To eliminate such a problem, you have to spend about $ 120 on new rings.

lancer x engine

But if you follow the car, especially after it drove 60,000 km, check the oil level with a hoop. If it is suddenly noticed that the oil is decreasing, then without delay it is necessary to soak the rings in the composition for the refining.

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As for other engines, such as the 1.6-liter 4A92 and the most common - 1.8-liter 4B10 and 2-liter 4B11, they do not consume oil.

AT общем, на «десятом» Лансере надежные моторы, они спокойно выдерживают 300000 километров пробега, а если двигатель не убивать, то мотор и 500 тысяч сможет откатать.

AT Lancer X engines the system of variable valve timing MIVEC is used, which is reliable and does not fail, there is also a chain in the belt that does not need to be changed for a very long time.

There are some weak points in these engines - a rather weak throttle body, it tends to clog, so it must be cleaned every 40-50 thousand km. A new unit will cost about $ 400. Further, after passing 60-70 thousand km. It is worth looking at how the drive of the hinged aggregates is doing; it is important to monitor not only the belt, but also the rollers.

As a rule, after passing 120-150 thousand km. may leak front crankshaft oil seal. It should be changed, the price for it is within 30 dollars. In addition, there may be failures in the ignition system due to the ignition coils. Over time, these coils also need to be changed, and they cost about 150 American rubles. And if we consider cars that were produced before 2010, then these cars have condensate on the oxygen sensor.

There are also situations when the tight ring between the exhaust system and the manifold collapses because of its unreliability, the car starts to make sounds like diesel rustling. Such a ring seal is not expensive - about 10 dollars.

Also in the "tenth" Lancer unreliable engine is considered the heater, the good that it is not difficult to change, since it is under the glove compartment.

ATнешний вид и то, что его портит

If you look closely, you can see how the leashes of the wipers peel off. Among other unpleasant moments is a protective film lagging behind the doorway, and the film from the rear arches is already peeled off almost immediately.

mitsubishi lancer x

And thanks to a not very resistant paintwork on the car scratches can easily appear, which, of course, the appearance of the car does not improve.

Gear boxes

Lancers with a 1.6-liter engine are equipped with a 4-speed automatic Jatco F4A series, which has a rich history - it was created in the 90s, the design is quite simple, so it is reliable if you change the oil in a box every 90,000 km then this machine will travel at least 300,000 km. With regard to the 5-speed manual, which is installed on the Lancers with a 1.5-liter engine (Getrag F5M), there are some problems.

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automatic lancer x

ATо-первых, сцепление придется менять несколько раз, комплект сцепления обойдется примерно в 60 долларов. Также известно, что подшипники первичного вала и выжимной подшипник слабоваты, многие владельцы Лансеров их меняли еще по гарантии, потому что они тарахтели.

But the mechanical 5-speed Aisin F5M more durable, but after 100,000 km can sometimes jam. In winter, all the mechanical boxes that are installed on the Lancer, at first become more tight, because the frost grease thickens, so that the ride even in the winter was more comfortable, you just need to use cold-resistant grease.

There is also a complete set with the Jatco JF011E variator, which showed itself from the best side, it was developed in 2005 and used on models of such brands as Mitsubishi, Nissan, Suzuki, Renault and even in American Jeep and Dodge. Of course, sometimes the selector fails and it happens that the gearbox modes are not switched due to poor contact.

вариатор launch X

Также, при езде на вариаторе важно помнить, что вариаторная коробка плохо переносит резкую блокировку колес, когда колеса во время парковки втыкаются в бровку, например. ATо время резкой блокировки колес внутри происходит такая ситуация: появляются царапины на шкивах из-за провернувшегося ремня, сами шкивы начинают деформировать ремень, после чего буксовать начинает вариатор.

Such a continuously variable transmission will not be cheap to repair - about $ 2,000, plus the cost of the belt, bearings, pulley, and there are cases that the gears of the planetary gear and even the oil pump have to be changed. How to determine whether it is time to repair the box - if there are jerks or slipping, then it is time to fork out.

On the other hand, if you take care of the box, do not tear it and do not overheat, monitor the cleanliness, and also change the special, expensive ($ 20 per liter) Dia Queen CVT-J1 oil with a frequency of 70,000 km. The box will last a very long time — no less than an automaton can work out — about 250,000 km.

And yet, albeit very rarely, but there are Lancers with four-wheel drive transmission 4WD, it uses electronic control and a clutch that connects the rear-wheel drive. The same system is used on Outlanders, it is famous for its reliability and does not create any special problems.

Suspension on the "tenth" Lancer

The suspension is the same design as the “ninth” Lancer - MacPherson strut in the front, and the multi-link at the rear is a fairly sturdy suspension, but you should not drive through serious dirt. To last longer suspension suspension, you should try to drive on more or less clean roads. If you ride on sand and salt, then after a while both the pillars and stabilizer bushings, and even the springs will creak. Because, rubber supports between the lower coils and the supporting glasses are wiped.

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подвеска launch X

Also, they do not like dirt and sliding bearings of the pillars of the front struts, when turning the steering wheel, they will emit either creaking or crunching, and changing them will cost $ 50 for each support. As for the front struts, their price is $ 200 apiece. There were such neglected cases when these racks did not depart more than 20,000 km. But in cars that were released after 2011, the racks became longer-lasting - they began to serve almost 3 times longer.

The developers did not stand still and in the Lancers, released in 2014, installed anthers on the shock absorbers, which seriously began to protect the rod and the gland from mud. Also, in new cars have become more durable rear bearings on the hubs.

lancer suspension


Steering mechanism in Lancer X 1.5 He also distinguished himself not for the better - an electric power steering was installed here, and in all the other Lancers a power steering was installed.

У первых Лансеров уже после 50000 км появлялись стуки от рулевых тяг и рейки. Хорошо, что данная проблема как правило появлялась еще на гарантии, поэтому в дилерских сервисных центрах меняли весь этот дорогостоящий узел целиком, потому что, по тем временам отдельно нельзя было купить эти детали. AT других же Лансерах к рулевому механизму нет нареканий, даже рулевых наконечники и тяги отлично выдерживают около 100000 км. пробега.

Brake system

AT тормозной системе есть только 2 особенности – после около 60-ти тысяч километров могут звенеть направляющие скобы суппортов на плохой дорогое, чтобы исправить данную ситуацию потребуется потратить около 45 долларов за комплект.

Lancer X brakes

On the early models of the Lancers, developers made mistakes in terms of heat resistance. In general, the brake discs calmly stand about 100,000 km. run, with a quiet ride, but if you drive in an aggressive style, then the wheels can go screw. Therefore, for lovers of fast and fast driving, you can install better discs.

AT целом, Лансер достаточно надежный автомобиль, так есть некоторые мелкие проблемы, но их всегда можно легко устранить. Лансеры, комплектуемые мотором на 1.5 литра лучше не рассматривать, а вот остальные модификации Лансеров можно смело приобретать.

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