Replacing fluid gur do it yourself

Modern cars are equipped with power steering. It is mounted both on foreign cars, and on domestic. The most popular models of this unit use the hydraulic principle of operation. With the help of an amplifier, driving safety is improved, as well as comfort when driving.

Although the unit is widely used, but not all car owners are engaged in its proper maintenance, and after all, changing the oil in the power steering with their own hands can be done even in garage conditions. It is only necessary to follow certain rules.


  • 1 Why change the hydraulic fluid
  • 2 Replacement period
  • 3 Fluid level check
  • 4 Choosing oil for power steering
  • 5 Conduct replacement
  • 6 Uninterrupted operation of power steering

Why is the replacement of hydraulic fluid

Full operation of this hydraulic unit is possible with oils that have the necessary physical and chemical properties. Periodically it is desirable to top them up to the level set by manufacturers. When such an operation is not performed, the turn of the steering wheel will become significantly more complicated or will be carried out by jerks, and also the appearance of characteristic sounds from the pump.

Preventing such consequences will help timely topping up or replacing fluid. Perform the procedure for the forces even novice motorists with strict compliance with the instructions.

how is the power steering fluid being replaced

During the correct performance of the duties of the hydraulic booster, most drivers do not recall its maintenance. But you should not wait for the node to fail, it is advisable to carry out maintenance work within the period specified by the automaker.

Replacing power steering fluid requires knowledge of the design of the device, and the principle of operation is based on a hydraulic pump. It is driven by a belt drive connecting to the crankshaft. Liquid from the storage tank. It is transferred under high pressure to the distributor. The work of the latter depends on the effort of turning the steering wheel.

The role of the tracking mechanism is performed by the torsion, and through the channels diverging from the storage tank, oil enters the actuator, where it works with the paired parts of the mechanism.

how to change the oil in the power steering with your own hands

You need to know that in the power steering unit there is a large number of rubber elements (gaskets, plunger, cuffs, etc.), oils with inappropriate formulas or containing incorrect additives can damage or completely destroy rubber.

This means that before changing the oil in the power steering, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with its composition and take into account the recommendations of the automaker.

Replacement period

In addition to mileage, there are several ways to identify the need to replace the oil in the hydraulic booster. One of them is too tight scrolling steering. You also need to change the oil when it is clearly darkening. You can identify the second sign during a routine inspection by unscrewing the tank lid, and dropping a few drops on the light surface of the paper or napkin.

how to change the oil in the power steering with your own hands

GUR work scheme

In parallel, solid particles are detected that enter the liquid due to the production or wear of parts. In case of insufficient level, oil is added.

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The operational period depends not only on the total mileage of the car, but also on the intensity of steering operation. This feature is individual or dependent on road conditions. It can shorten the replacement interval recommended by the automakers.

In normal road conditions with frequent driving auto change the power steering oil is held every two years.

If the car is operated more intensively, then the period is reduced to a year, which roughly corresponds to a mileage of 20-25 thousand km. This indicator can also be affected by the quality of the oil, whose characteristics are indicated on the packaging.

Fluid level check

To control the oil in the power steering car is installed on the most horizontal surface. This will help to avoid measurement errors. Then the engine starts, and the steering wheel turns out from one extreme position to the other 2-3 times. Then the wheels are aligned with the wheel, and the engine can be muffled. In all positions, check the level on the dipstick installed in the tank.

How is the replacement of power steering fluid

Topping up fluid

Labels are also located on the barrel itself. Level detection is carried out for the cold mode (Cold) or for the hot (Hot) mark min and max. It is recommended to carry out diagnostics once a season, because the oil in this system performs several functions:

  • lubrication of mating parts;
  • the function of the working fluid, the transmission of force from the pump piston;
  • anticorrosive protection of cavities and elements of the mechanism;
  • ensuring the removal of heat from rubbing surfaces.

After making the appropriate additives, the protective characteristics of the liquid are significantly reduced.

The choice of oil for power steering

Replacing the power steering oil and topping it up is carried out in accordance with the classification of liquids, so you should not mix different materials in their properties so as not to end up with an inoperable substance. The main differences are in the additives used by the manufacturers. Most often, the visual difference is between different varieties in color.

where does the power steering oil change begin

Add fluid to power steering

Red liquids taken to use in cars with automatic transmission. Oils of this color can be both synthetic and mineral, as indicated on the package. You can not mix them.

Yellow oil color for power steering is most often used by German automakers, for example, Mercedes.

Green Oil is also suitable for power steering, but it must be selected with a mineral base and used in cars with the "mechanics".

In fact, gearbox oil will be suitable for power steering; however, not all systems use synthetic oils. This should be considered when replacing or topping up. If it was necessary to add a non-recommended liquid, then after its use, the cavities are washed.

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For work, you will need to pre-buy two liters of the necessary oil to be used first for washing, and the second to be used for work. You should not save on material to ensure long-term and uninterrupted operation of the site.

how is the replacement of power steering oil

Using a professional tool

Also need materials:

  • medical syringe for pumping residues; a volume of at least 20 ml is taken;
  • extension hose for the syringe about 50 cm;
  • tank for draining waste oil;
  • screwdriver and pliers;
  • jack;
  • rubber gloves;
  • clean rags.

We provide access to the tank by removing the cover from the tank. Connect the transparent tube with one end with a medical syringe, and lower the other end into the cavity with oil. Maximum pump out the amount of oil from the system.

Disconnect the pipe from the tank, through which the supply of oil into the system. In some cases, this will require removing the tank. Under the pipe move capacity with working out to drain the remaining liquid. Close the homemade plug hole in the tank, which is connected to the pipe. We do not allow the leakage of new oil from the tank until the final discharge of the old oil.

how to change the oil in the power steering

Pumping off a syringe

We turn the steering wheel all the way to the side so that it rotates more easily, jack up one wheel. After that, turn the steering wheel in the other direction in order to get rid of working out as much as possible. On the open pipe it leaks into the prepared container. New fluid from the tank enters the system.

It is necessary to monitor the level of fluid in the tankand also to catch the moment when the new oil begins to run off into the tank with the development. After that, the lid can be closed, return the pipe to its place and add oil to the working level. We lower the car from the jack and start the engine so that the liquid is evenly distributed throughout the system. If necessary, adjust the level with a syringe and tube.

Uninterrupted operation of power steering

Replaced oil in time can prolong the work of the unit. However, do not forget about a reasonable driving style behind the wheel. For a long and uninterrupted operation of power steering it is necessary to adhere to some rules:

  • at high engine speeds it is not advisable to fix the steering wheel in one of the extreme positions for a long time (more than 5 seconds);
  • at a time when the wheel rested on a lateral obstacle, you should not unscrew the steering wheel;
  • It is not recommended to operate GUR with insufficient liquid level in the system or with its complete absence.
how to change the oil in the power steering with your own hands

The choice of oil for power steering

During significant low temperatures, the oil will have a high viscosity, so a few minutes until it warms up, you do not need to make sharp movements with the steering wheel, especially until it stops.