Rating of car inverters (voltage converter)


Progress does not stand still and every day semiconductor-type power converters are developing faster and faster. This is not surprising, because an increasing number of Russians are beginning to use them in various spheres of life. The most popular inverter today is automotive. Despite this, not every motorist knows how to choose a car inverter correctly. This device will become an indispensable assistant for the driver of both passenger and freight vehicles.

Car inverter

Car inverter

Why is it needed

Инвертор преобразовывает напряжение в 12 В постоянного тока в 220 В переменного тока. Это позволяет подсоединять к прибору различную технику, к примеру, зарядные устройства телефонов, ноутбуков, аудио и видеотехники. Это устройство довольно практичное и даже можно сказать необходимое. К тому же, автоинвертор стоит очень дешево и по карману водителю с любым бюджетом. Он станет незаменимым помощником в ситуации, когда вы длительное время находитесь в дороге и не имеете доступа к постоянной подаче электроэнергии.Читать далее про рейтинг автомобильных инверторов-->Данные технические аксессуары позволяют насладиться в дороге отличной музыкой, подзарядить телефон или просто проиграться на ноутбуке. Одним словом, они делают жизнь легче, проще и приятнее.

Automotive voltage converters are first and foremost a guarantee that while traveling in deserted places you can contact your loved ones.

Rules for the installation and connection of the autoconverter

Correct installation and operation of any technical device is a guarantee of its long uninterrupted operation. In order not to have to buy a new inverter when installing it, follow these tips:

  • mount the device only in a dry place;
  • ambient temperature should be + 15- + 50;
  • direct sunlight should not fall on the inverter;
  • it must not be placed near heating installations;
  • It is not advisable to include it near easily-burning things.

The video tells how to choose a car inverter:

После выбора места установки необходимо правильно подключить устройство. Car inverter через розетку прикуривателя подсоединяют прямо к аккумулятору автомашины. Для этого отключите преобразователь и подсоедините кабельные клеммы к правильному кабелю. Следующим шагом является присоединение необходимого прибора к розетке преобразователя и затем его включение.

Like any technical device, the inverter is equipped with a special system that protects it from failure and various damage. The vehicle converter is protected against overloads by an automatic shutdown system, which is activated as soon as the direct voltage at the input drops. This device also shuts off automatically during a short circuit.

Description of the most popular converters

Currently, a large number of inverters of various types and capacities are being produced.

To low-power include power converters, the power of which is up to 300 watts. They are great for charging mobile phones and personal computers. Included in the cigarette lighter socket.

The inverter for the car of average power is a device with power from 300 W to 1000 W. They are often connected to the car battery directly by means of special terminals. Let's consider the most interesting representatives of converters of this class.

MAP "Energy"

Car inverter MAP

Car inverter MAP "Energy"

This is the best possible option from all of us presented below. Inverters of this company are the best combination of price, quality, size and features. Outwardly, they look very simple and without chic. The domestic manufacturer did not focus on the appearance of the device. Depending on your needs, you can buy an inverter from 900 to 1200 watts. The voltage at the input of such devices can be 12, 24 and 48 V. The advantages of the MAP "Energy" include:

  • the presence of an LCD display;
  • You can control various settings;
  • the presence of various modes of operation;
  • can play the role of uninterruptible power supply and start-charging device.

The only drawback is the large size. However, if we compare this with the number of functions that they perform, it becomes clear why they are larger than others.


AcmePower Car Inverter

AcmePower Car Inverter

Outwardly, these devices look impeccable. It is safe to say that the designers of the company have tried their best. They are so comfortable and attractive that they do not want to let go of their hands. The inverter in the car of this manufacturer is connected directly to the battery.

The advantage is the low cost of such a device, and the minus is the low maximum power.


Car inverter MeanWell

Car inverter MeanWell

Inverters of this company are sold complete with wires that are needed to connect to the battery, and the wire that connects them to the cigarette lighter. Attention, when connecting to the cigarette lighter, do not use the device at full capacity. In addition, inverters have small dimensions, which also finds its customers Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% adom.ru .

Experts recommend using these converters for the most common purposes.

The variety of these technical devices allows each car enthusiast to choose an inverter to his liking and relying on his needs. All models are united by one thing - ensuring comfort while driving.