Nissan qashqai 2017 restyling has become more modern

Сегодня мы обсудим автомобиль Inside 2017 года – новинку от японского концерна Nissan. Предыдущие модели отлично продавались на мировом рынке, и производитель решил порадовать поклонников бренда обновленной версией. Возвращаясь в недалёкое прошлое, можно вспомнить, что в России при общем спаде продаж на автомобильном рынке японский автомобиль показывал рост в 50% до того, как производитель сделал рестайлинг.

updated Nissan Qashqai 2017

For the Russian buyer there is another reason to rejoice. The novelty will be produced at the same factory near St. Petersburg, where Teana was manufactured. Consequently, a sharp rise in prices will not have to wait. This is a big plus for many fans of this crossover.

Little about the new product

How did the Nissan Qashqai 2017, restyling which waited for a long time? The Japanese rarely make serial machines, and, moreover, popular, too revolutionary. This can be easily explained by two reasons:

  • conservatism inherent in a nation is hardly at the genetic level;
  • market needs.

In general, the car began to look more solid and spectacular, thanks to the elegant shape of the hood and grille.

New Qashqai 2017

Что следует отметить, так это грамотный подход к выбору материалов. Теперь у 2017 Nissan bald новый кузов получается легче. Общая масса автомобиля уменьшилась на 90 кг. в сравнении с предыдущей версии. При этом она стала длиннее на 47 мм, на 26 мм. шире, но при этом на 15 мм. ниже. Колесная база на 16 мм больше. Теперь она имеет габариты 2646 мм.

The platform itself, called CMF, which was received by the updated Qashqai 2017, is, in fact, a previous version, but it has been upgraded. The manufacturer took into account the mistakes of the past, and the wishes of customers. Now adaptive shock absorbers are used, which stand on the Infinity Q50.

2017 new Qashqai sales start in Russia

If you use a crossover for transporting a large number of things, then the Japanese will delight you with an increase in trunk volume by 20 liters. Now he is 430 liters. Inside the cabin has become more spacious. Although in fact it is only 1 cm in height and the same length, you feel very comfortable.

The interior is very high quality plastic. From him there is no "strange sounds" and an unpleasant smell, as is often the case in some cars of the middle and low price category. Even KIA has such a buckwheat. But the Japanese did not lose face, and offered excellent material. So cheap creaking plastic is not here.

Updated Qashqai 2017

More about restyling

Запланированный для Nissan Qashqai 2017 restyling является воплощением ряда идей, созревавших в голове конструкторов и дизайнеров в течение четырех лет. Как это отразится на внешнем виде? Во-первых, поменяется дизайн радиаторной решётки, головной и задней оптики, бамперов.

If you are not satisfied with the quality of sound insulation in the dorestayling Qashqai, then they took it into account in the new product. Now there is practically no noise in the cabin. It was possible to achieve this with several changes, one of which is glass thickening. The windows themselves give a good overview, due to the thoughtful dimensions.

Nissan Qashqai 2017 new body

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto systems will appear in the salon. If you look at the steering column, you will see that the button layout has changed. Instead of the usual vertical placement is applied horizontal.

Technical innovations

Если внешне обновленный 2017 Nissan bald года выглядит вполне «логично» и без каких-то явных инноваций, то в плане технологического совершенства он на голову выше своих предшественников.

A year ago, at the Geneva auto show, company representatives told media that they would equip the car with a full autopilot. Yes, Nissan makes the cars of the future. However, the fact that the Japanese are a hundred years ahead of the rest of humanity has long been no surprise.

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qashqai 2017

However, it is difficult to surprise now. There are after all "Google". However, knowing the quality of the Japanese obsession, it is likely that they will bypass American colleagues in matters of security. After all, cars from the company Page and Brin have already managed to get into an accident.

So what's the innovation? The fact that other automatically controlled cars were not ordinary serial cars. Nissan us subtly hinted that the future has come.

With regard to the technical characteristics, which received nissan qashqai 2017, they are even encouraging those who decided to buy basic equipment.

Nissan Qashqai 2017 restyling

The buyer receives a power unit of 1.2 liters. This turbocharged gasoline engine with 115 horsepower, which complements the six-speed mechanics. The box passed many tests that confirmed its reliability and reliability even under heavy loads. The maximum speed is 185 km / h, which is very good for such a “filling”. Acceleration to hundreds is carried out in 10.9 seconds. However, it is hardly important for the owners of this car, how quickly it will accelerate to this point. Still, much more important fuel consumption. And this parameter is a source of delight for many. Having driven 100 km., Your iron horse uses only 6.3 liters. with a curb weight of 1376 kg.

You can pay 60 thousand rubles, put a variator and reduce consumption to 6.2 liters. However, you are unlikely to like the price of such benefits:

  • speed drops to 173 km / h;
  • acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in 12.9 seconds.

nissan qashqai 2017 restyling

If you are the same Russian - a lover of fast driving, or a representative of another people who share this national tradition, then it is better to buy a modification of Qashqai 2017 with a 144 l petrol engine with., a volume of 2 liters and all the same 6 tbsp. manual transmission.

With a curb weight of 1383 kg. the car accelerates to a hundred in 9.9 seconds. Pleasant and maximum speed - 194 km / h. Fuel consumption on average 7.7 liters. per 100 kilometers. If we put a variator on such a complete set, we get acceleration in 10.1 seconds, the maximum speed is 184 km / h, but the reduction in fuel consumption to 6.9 l / 100 km. The all-wheel drive crossover accelerates to a hundred in 10.5 seconds, its maximum speed is 182 km / h, the flow rate is slightly higher - 7.3 liters of gasoline per 100 km of run.

For 1,429 million rubles, you can purchase a complete set with a 130 hp turbocharged diesel engine. The box in this car is infinitely variable, only front-wheel drive. The maximum speed is 183 km / h. acceleration to 100 km / h in 11.1 seconds. What can be called a clear advantage is the consumption of diesel fuel - only 4.9 liters / 100 km.

Новый 2017 Nissan bald

Also promise compatibility with the ERA GLONASS system. Improved suspension and steering settings - another reason to think about buying an updated Qashqai.

Car configuration and prices

If you look at the dealer offers in the Russian capital, we will see several options for how your new car can be.

For example, if you do not want to overpay, the manufacturer offers to purchase the Nissan Qashqai 2017 in the initial configuration XE. The cheapest version will cost the buyer 1,129 million rubles. The basic version of the engine is petrol, turbocharged. We wrote about this 115-strong unit above, as well as about the excellent 6-step mechanics accompanying it.

Air conditioning is installed in the cabin, there are power windows on the front and rear windows, a multimedia system that supports MP3. You can also adjust the steering wheel, the height of the driver's seat. Mirrors are also equipped with electric, and the front seats are heated in cold weather. Yes, you did not think - this is a description of the basic configuration of the crossover. Moreover, the cabin has airbags. There are 6 of them. Plus to this - facilitating the start at the lift, effective cruise control, and many other useful features, pleasant things, like hands free for your smartphone. It is immediately obvious that the company takes care of each of its clients.

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Inside 2017

As we already mentioned, you can pay 60 thousand rubles. for the variator. All the same XE, but with a 2.0 unit costs 1.249 million rubles, and 1, 309 with a variator.

The next configuration option is called SE. In it, instead of the usual air conditioner, a full climate control system is installed, the discs are made of aluminum alloy. There are good fog lights and rain sensors. The last question is controversial. Very often they work by chance, reacting to splashes from a puddle, inaccuracy of birds who decided to make a fuss on a car, etc.

Prices are as follows:

  • with a turbo engine of 1.2 liters. and mechanics - 1, 219 million rubles;
  • with 2.0 l. - 120 thousand more;
  • CVT - plus 60 thousand;
  • turbodiesel + continuously variable box - 1,429 million rubles;
  • four-wheel drive, 2.0 liter, with a CVT - 1, 489 million rubles.

2017 Nissan bald

The following equipment is called SE +. Differs in the presence of the navigator and camera for the rear view. The navigator has a high-quality 7 ”color screen. All variants of this configuration cost an average of 50 thousand rubles more than the SE.

Most interesting is the all-wheel drive version. It stands on an atmospheric unit of 2 liters, the cost of 1, 531 million rubles. There is one important difference in the SE + missing 1.6-liter diesel, which is in the SE.

Continuing our review of the new Qashqai 2017 in the configuration LE. The machine can be equipped with:

  • 2.0 liter atmospheric engine + CVT and front-wheel drive for 1.599 million rubles .;
  • 1.6 liters turbodiesel - plus 30 thousand rubles;
  • 2.0. Atmosphere with all-wheel drive - plus 90 thousand rubles.

What do you get for your money? First, the engine start button. If you're a fan of keyless access, this is a great choice. Secondly leather interior. The material is very high quality. Thirdly - excellent parking sensors. Plus, this configuration has a light sensor on the headlights. The driver's seat is adjustable in six directions.

nissan qashqai 2017

Также есть возможность заказать новый Inside 2017 года в модификациях LE Roof, LE+, LE Sport.

  • The first is equipped with a beautiful glass roof and roof rails. There are no other differences. For the panoramic roof you will pay 1, 584 million rubles.
  • The second has the same roof, plus parking, recognition of moving objects and a number of other functions. For example, a car can “find” in time that the driver is tired, or even falls asleep, and protect it from an accident. The car has monitoring of blind spots. It will cost such pleasure from 1.609 million rubles.
  • Sports modification received discs of aluminum alloy 19 ”(standard are 17-inch). There are no diesel engines.
  • If you want the popular metallic colors, the car will cost 17 thousand rubles. more expensive for any modification.

Main competitors in the market

Итак, с кем же будет соперничать новый 2017 Nissan bald года? Рестайлинговой модели придётся совсем непросто вырвать первенство. Ведь его конкуренты – Jeep Renegade Longitude, RAV 4 Classic от Toyota, Ford Kuga Trend, и Mazda CX-5 Drive. Все эти авто – пятидверные универсалы с передним приводом (есть модификации с полным).

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Let's see, what about the prices of the basic configuration? Qashqai HE can be taken for 1.249 million rubles. Renegade is worth 1,510 million, Mazda - 1,349, Toyota - 1,493 and Ford - 1,379. Clearance is best for Mazda - 215 mm. against 200 at the Nissan. Worst of all, this indicator in Renegade is only 175 mm.

Engines for selected modifications:

  • 2.0 / 144 l. s. - Nissan;
  • 2.0 / 150 l. - Mazda;
  • 2.0 / 146 l. - Toyota;
  • 2.5 / 150 liters - Ford;
  • 1.4 / 140 l. with. - Jeep.

Box for all but Jeep - mechanics. Renegade has a robot.

Новый Inside 2017 года

At the maximum speed places are as follows:

  1. Mazda - 197 km / h;
  2. Nissan - 194 km / h;
  3. Ford - 185 km / h;
  4. Jeep - 181 km / h;
  5. Toyota - 180 km / h

The fastest accelerates to hundreds of Mazda. It takes her 9.3 seconds to 9.9 against Nissan. As for the possibilities, the air conditioning is in all cars, power windows, too. There are 7 airbags in Ford, Toyota and Jeep, while Nissan and Mazda have only 6. Cruise control in the “base” is only available for Nissan and Jeep.

Also Renegade is the only car offered in the starting configuration with alloy wheels and heated steering wheel. In RAV4, there is no standard audio with MP3 support, and in Mazda, help with starting up the mountain.

About disadvantages

We also have a "fly in the ointment". Virtually no reviews can do without it. The disadvantages of this model include a small rear window. It does not allow to get a full review. The visor hanging over it aggravates the situation.

qashqai 2017 photo

The cabin is really spacious, but if you go to four. The car, we recall - five-seater. Front passengers ride comfortably, the back will be comfortable only to three very slim people.

Let's sum up

The new car has become larger, lighter and somewhat more aesthetic than its predecessor. It boasts an impressive initial package at a reasonable price.

If you want a reliable crossover that, if handled carefully, will serve you for years, you can safely invest in this car. Fortunately, there is a choice of complete sets and modifications for lovers of front and all-wheel drive, gasoline and diesel engines.

You get a fairly fast technique, with good ground clearance. In it, of course, you cannot ride on the road, but this model is not designed so that you can drive it to the village for potatoes.

If you want to buy a new Qashqai 2017, sales in Russia will have to wait. It will take place in the second half of the year, while the West will be able to purchase a new car in the spring. Also expect a gradual decline in prices for some equipment. So do not rush to flee to dealers. It makes sense to wait until the hype subsides, and the rates will be a little nicer.

And then the video with the new Nissan Qashqai 2017: