What is wheel ripping and how to recognize it

Every motorist seeks to give his four-wheeled friend a unique look. In the modification of the exterior, a lot of attention is paid to the wheels and rims. However, due to the use by manufacturers of various mounting methods, it is not always possible to combine the model you like with your own car. In this case, you will be helped by knowledge of razboltovka wheels. With the help of the compatibility table of the parameters of the disk and the car, you can choose the right wheels.


  • 1 Parsing marking
  • 2 Departure value
  • 3 Compatibility tables

Parsing marking

Purchase of standard and non-standard disks for your car should be carried out taking into account the design parameters of the seating surface. After all, razboltovka directly affects the safety of the vehicle. Incorrect selection of disks problems appear with the handling of the machine. The process is not always clearly defined, however, during long journeys there will be a noticeable disk beating, which directly affects the condition of the vehicle's suspension and components connected with the steering mechanism.

what wheel razboltovka and compatibility table

A car enthusiast who thinks about how to recognize wheel wheel razboltovka, should first of all pay attention to the parameters specified on the disk itself. Deciphering the label will clarify the basic geometric data of the product.

You need to know that most of the parameters are not in the metric system, but in inches.

Take as an example 5.5Jx16H2 AND30 PCD: 5/112 d 66.6 and explain the meaning of what is written:

  • 5.5 is the width of the disk itself, indicated in inches, which is equivalent to about 14 cm;
  • 16 maximum diameter value also in inches (about 40 cm);
  • 5/112 is an indicator announcing what is wheel ripping. It encrypts the number of mounting bolts and the diameter at which they are located. The diameter value is shown in millimeters (112 mm). According to generally accepted rules among manufacturers, this diameter is denoted by the PCD abbreviation from the English "Pitch Circle Diameter";
  • AND30 demonstrates disc reach. This value is also given in the metric system and in our example is 30 mm.
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what is razboltovka rims

It is necessary to take into account the difference in the designation of wheel departure. German automakers have adopted in their classification labeling of this value in the form AND. After the letters, either a positive or negative number is written. In the second case, a “-” will appear in front of the numbers. France also has its own system, designated DEPORT. English speaking countries use labeling OFFSAND.

Departure value

It is necessary to reconcile the parameter of razboltovka and departure with the structural features of the car. The flange of the disk, which mates with the hub, can be in three positions:

  • on the central plane of symmetry (zero departure);
  • in front of the plane of symmetry (negative outreach);
  • beyond the plane of symmetry (departure is positive).

how to calculate and find out the wheel wheel razboltovka

With a negative reach, a significant disk volume comes out and is able to rub in the gift space when cornering. Having a positive outreach, the wheel goes more into the cavity. Often adjust this parameter with the help of various spacers.

Compatibility tables

During the selection of the purchase of disks, motorists face the problem of selecting the mounting of wheels to the hub of their car. It is possible to determine the diameter of the fixing bolt with a high degree of accuracy, but the diameter of their location (PCD) can hardly be measured by eye.

One of the quickest ways would be to calculate PCD using a fixed formula. It includes only the center distance along the holes and a constant coefficient. Also to calculate the need to know the number of mounting bolts.

how to quickly find wheel razboltovka

Pre-calculate the center distance for bolts. To do this, measure with a caliper the value from one nearest hole wall to another and add the diameter of the mounting hole itself. The final parameter “B” will be the required diameter.

Safety depends on razboltovka on the road, therefore it cannot be neglected, after all inaccurate installation of a wheel influences the moment of an inhaling of fastenings. In a static position, such an error will not be able to be noticed, but only during driving the driver will feel a beating. In some cases, even unauthorized unscrewing of the bolts on the way occurs or during long-term operation the suspension is broken.

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In some cases, motorists use centering devices to fit slightly larger diameters of PCD discs to a standard hub. But such intervention does not benefit security. You should not risk dubious beauty to the detriment of the health or integrity of the car.

Rims perceive the mass of the entire car with passengers and cargo. However, they must be securely fixed and properly balanced to get rid of unwanted heartbeats. To understand, with the structural features of your own vehicle, you can use the prepared tables, in which there is information about popular car brands and their wheels.

The compatibility table for wheels and cars can be downloaded from the link on our website.