How to get a driver's license

By purchasing its first car, each owner expects to freely use it without any problems with the law. However, for the realization of the cherished dream, first of all you need to take a driving course and deal with the question of how to get right. Since 2011, a new driver's license is relevant in Russia. Among motorists, they are called “the rights of the new model”. Also appeared new subcategories of vehicles.


  • 1 Getting a driver's license
  • 2 Features of obtaining a driver's license
  • 3 Medical Commission
  • 4 List of contraindications
  • 5 How much does a medical certificate issue cost?
  • 6 New driver's license
  • 7 Driving Permit Categories
  • 8 Driving Abroad

Getting a driver's license

Getting a driver's license

In order to be considered a full owner of the car and really good driver you need:

  1. Independently learn all the nuances of the Rules of the Road.
  2. Practice with an experienced driving instructor.
  3. Issue a certificate of passage of the medical commission.
  4. Get all the necessary documents.
  5. Successfully pass exams.
  6. Get the right to traffic police.

Features of obtaining a driver's license

The main document that grants the right to drive vehicles is a driver's license issued by the relevant unit of the traffic police. Rights are international and national sample. The national certificate is valid throughout the territory of the Russian Federation and is issued for 10 years. International law shall be completed in the language of the state in which it is issued. Replacement of the certificate is also required to be made every 10 years. During the period of use, the main thing is not to lose documents adjacent to the certificate.

How to get rights

The appearance of the driver's license of the old sample

In the case when a citizen of Russia plans to go abroad, it is necessary to change the certificate in accordance with the current procedure. In case of loss of rights, it is required to obtain a driver's license of a new type with the obligatory mark “Duplicate”, while the old one is invalid. In the process of obtaining a duplicate driver can be sent to re-certification of knowledge of traffic rules. The exceptions are fire, theft or other unforeseen incidents. Getting a driver's license is impossible without passing a medical examination.

Medical Commission

For all health certificates, you can go to a hospital of regional importance and spend 2-3 days or go to a specialized institution, where all the paperwork will take from 30 to 40 minutes. In this case, you must take with you:

  • Passport;
  • A photo of 3x4;
  • Military ID (for men);
  • Many organizations require, in addition, to present certificates from a psychiatric and narcological dispensary. Thus, private medical firms protect themselves from cases when a person with an unhealthy psyche or an addict is trying to get rights.
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The medical board consists of the following doctors:

  • Surgeon;
  • Окулист;
  • Psychiatrist;
  • Therapist;
  • Otolaryngologist;
  • Expert in narcology;
  • Neuropathologist.

A medical certificate is issued for 2 years for men over 55 years old and women over 50 years old. Men and women under 55 and 50 respectively receive a document for 3 years. However, at the initiative of doctors, this period can be reduced to 1 year, if there are serious contraindications for a person.

Passing a medical commission for obtaining a driver's license

Medical certificate of admission to driving

List of contraindications

There is a definite list of diseases due to which it is dangerous for a person to get behind the wheel of a vehicle. The full list is established by the relevant order of the Ministry of Health. It includes:

  • Diseases of the heart and circulatory system;
  • Hearing and eye diseases;
  • Surgical, chronic and mental illnesses;
  • Other diseases.

There is an additional list of specifically psychiatric diseases. According to it, it is forbidden to drive vehicles to persons suffering from:

  • Mental retardation;
  • Addiction;
  • Epilepsy;
  • Toxicomania;
  • Alcoholism.

Depending on the degree of the disease, the commission is able to recognize a person as unfit for driving vehicles for up to 5 years.

How much does a medical certificate

The cost of processing a document in private firms depends largely on the region and can range from 350 to 2,000 rubles. On average, the normal price is a certificate for 800 - 1200 rubles. In the near future, samples of the national driver's license may change, so this issue should be considered in more detail.

New driver's license

The amendments made by the Vienna Convention to the procedure for obtaining a driver's license, imply the introduction of mandatory changes in the format of the general registration. Appearance will not change yet. This is still a laminated card with a personal signature of the driver and a photo. The innovation is that the graphs with place of birth, date of issue and other data will be replaced by special numbers. In addition, each entry must be duplicated in Latin. The format of the location of the labels is also strictly regulated. This will allow traffic police to quickly and easily read information from the rights of foreigners.

Как получить водительские права

Appearance of a new type of identity card

Driving license categories

Innovations touch and subcategories that will be for each country. The UK has already introduced category G, which allows paver control. A draft law is currently under consideration by the Government of the Russian Federation, proposing the approval of the following innovations:

  1. Category A gives the right to drive scooters, motorcycles and other motorcycle vehicles to persons over 16 years of age. Subcategories A1 include light motorcycles with an engine capacity of up to 125 cubes;
  2. Category B provides the ability to drive a car weighing up to 3,500 kilograms with the number of seats up to 8 seats. Rights are granted to persons from the age of 18. Tricycles and ATVs belong to the B1 subcategory;
  3. Category C is issued for driving over 3,500 kg., With the exception of models falling under category D. The certificate is issued to persons who are 18 years old. Trucks up to 7.5 tons belong to subcategory C1;
  4. Category D provides the right to drive a car with more than 8 seats and specially designed for the carriage of passengers. Available to persons who have a full 18 years. Subcategories D1 include minibuses with up to 16 seats for passengers.
  5. The right to drive a vehicle with a trailer is provided by the presence of categories of marking VE, CE, DE.
New driving license categories

New driver license categories

The introduction of a new approach should make life much easier for drivers. At the same time, a system with categories A, B, C, D, BE, CE and DE is still operating in our state. Owners of valid driver's licenses should not be worried. Their rights will work until the replacement of the certificate.

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Driving Abroad

In order to get the right to drive a car abroad, you will need to get a new IDP, because otherwise you will have to pay a significant fine. The traffic police are strongly advised to issue an international driver's license before being sent abroad. It should be understood that it is a translated version of Russian rights certified by special seals and without them is considered invalid.

The rules of the Vienna Convention do not apply in all states. For example, the USA, Australia and some other countries use their individual norms and laws. To lose a driver's license in case of gross violation of traffic rules can be absolutely in any country. In case of confiscation of rights in the territory of the former CIS, the term of deprivation will also extend within the territory of Russia. In all other countries, the international certificate is returned by the authorized body upon departure. In this case, they record information about the fact of the offense.

When traveling abroad for a long time, you should not forget about the established validity periods of the IDP. In standard cases, it is several months. After the expiration of this time, it will be necessary to apply for local rights, which will most likely require theoretical and practical exams. Our state sets this period at 60 days after receiving an official permit for permanent residence.