Comparative test review renault koleos and ssangyong actyon


A comparative review of Renault Koleos and SsangYong Actyon, carried out by our experts, is a serious struggle of similar in characteristics and properties of cars. From the very beginning of the test it was clear that there would be no easy victory, and both cars should give everything to the maximum.

Compare cars Renault Koleos and SsangYong Actyon

Compare cars Renault Koleos and SsangYong Actyon

Interest in the Korean car industry

It should be noted that Korean manufacturers have recently begun to show all greater activity in all segments of the auto industry. For more than a few years in a row, they have been making progress, which is mainly related to the passenger premium segment. And even managed in this plan to press the Japanese themselves. As for their unpretentious SUVs and crossovers that are relevant today, they do not cause any complaints from experts, including those regarding prestige and gloss.

Примечательно, что и у нас в России интерес к корейским автомобилям не угасает ни на йоту. И компактные кроссоверы в этом плане не исключение, несмотря на кризисы, обрушившиеся на нашу страну в последнее время. Продажи не снижаются, и это радует. Но чем вызван такой интерес именно к корейскому производителю? Неужели дело только в доступной цене, если иметь ввиду дороговизну компактных кроссоверов японских и немецких моделей?Читать далее о сравнении Renault Koleos и SsangYong Actyon-->

Two Koreans: Asian and European

As mentioned above, we compared two cars that are similar in almost all parameters: purpose, image, consumer properties and even prices. If SsangYong Actyon is a purebred Korean, assembled in Vladivostok, then the Renault Koleos is a typical counterpart, which has practically nothing left from the French except the name. To be precise, the Renault Coleos chassis and transmissions are more Asian than French. Yes, and the car itself is not available anywhere in France, but in the Korean factory, although it belongs to members of the European race.

In short, if you do not pay attention to the emblems, then we are dealing with 2 crossovers originally from Korea.

Technical details
Car model:Renault KoleosSsang Yong Actyon
Body Type:Universal 5/5Universal 5/5
Type of drive:fullfull
Curb weight, kg:18001767
Engine:turbocharger, R4turbocharger, R4
Engine capacity, cm3:19951998
Max power, l / s at rpm:173/3750149/3000-4000
Max cool moment at rpm:360/2000360/2000-2500
Max speed km / h:189174
Acceleration time 0-100 km / h, with:11,9n.d.
Fuel consumption, l / 100 km:8,8/6,2/7,19,6/6,3/7,5
Length Width Height:2690/1855/17102650/1830/1675

Salon comparison

It immediately catches the eye that the Renault Koleos is a bit larger than the fellow, and this manifests itself not only in the length of the wheelbase, but in all dimensions. But, after measuring the internal space, we unexpectedly found that such a volume of vehicle space provides only a single advantage - a lot of space on the shoulders and not only for rear seat passengers. Everything is also good in the longitudinal direction, and the driver, even with a height of 180 cm, will be comfortably sitting in the chair, because he has enough space above the top of his head.

Saloon Renault Koleos

Saloon Renault Koleos

If we take into account the above, it turns out that the trunk of the Renault Koleos should be bigger, but for some reason it is not. When figures are given regarding the volume of the trunk, everything is different there with the backs of the rear seats raised. As for the full volume of the cargo variant SsangYong Actyon, the data is silent.

On the other hand, the improved transformability of the Renault Koleos is clearly visible. As an example, you can bring a double rear door. But this original decision of designers has both pluses and minuses. In particular, getting things out of the depths is very inconvenient when the tailgate is thrown back.

Salon SsangYong Actyon

Salon SsangYong Actyon

Sitting behind the wheel of both crossovers is a pleasure. Enough here all sorts of useful adjustments and there is even a fit of the position of the steering column in two planes. A little more comfortable is the driver's airbag for Renault Koleos, which allows to evenly distribute the pressure over the entire length of the thigh, due to which you are less tired. And the superiority of the pillow is not in size, because in Reno it is even shorter, but in the shape and properties of the material.


Similar in design "brothers", do not say anything. Both crossovers have a similar scope, but the difference is manifested in driving qualities and this is even in the conditions of the city. When driving through various irregularities, for example, “speed bumps”, the SsangYong suspension didn’t show its best.

Car SsangYong Actyon

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To be honest, we expected that the crossover will show itself on a flat asphalt, but this, alas, did not happen. The SsangYong Actyon steering cannot boast anything, which does not have sufficient accuracy and clear feedback. But in the corners, even steep, no obvious rolls with the buildup was not observed.

The Renault Koleos suspension is noticeably softer, but this crossover is more susceptible to lurching at rolls, although not reaching the critical value. Regarding the handling of Renault Koleos is also not all perfect, but much better than the SsangYong Actyon.

Car Renault Koleos

Car Renault Koleos

Opponents engines are similar. Both have a turbo diesel version of 2 liters with hydromechanical automatic transmission, which has the possibility of manual intervention.

Acceleration dynamics

Overclocking is noticeably better with Koleos. The crossover in this regard was much more lively and friendlier. As soon as you press the gas pedal, Koleos immediately cheerfully picks up speed, without stumbling at all when changing gears. SsangYong is not so smooth. He literally "tupit" when changing gears and if he choked, accelerates vigorously.

The difference in terms of acceleration manifests itself with different pressures on the accelerator pedal, both medium and sharp. On the other hand, if you turn off eco-mode by entering the on-board computer menu for this, Action will show itself a little better.


Again, both options are similar. The front axle is main, and the rear axle on both crossovers is connected via a multi-plate clutch, which is controlled either automatically or individually by the driver. The possibility of interfering with the work of the transmission at Renault Koleos is more, because by pressing just one button you can not only forcibly close the clutch, but also get a fairly powerful all-wheel drive or use only the front one.

In the car Renault Koleos more opportunities in terms of working with the transmission

In the car Renault Koleos more opportunities in terms of working with the transmission

It turned out to be stronger than Renault Koleos and off-road, not only due to the large ground clearance, but also because of the excellent auxiliary system that successfully grabs the rotating wheels with brakes. For example, we can give a test for diagonal hanging, when both subjects are blocked couplings, and the moves of the suspensions are about the same. In this position, to show yourself from the best side will help more efficient distribution of torque over the wheels, and not only along the axes.

The impression of a sissy, both cars do not produce accurately, and blow off the dust particles from them is not necessary. These are crossovers in the primordially brutal style, which were born to go through bad roads, touch the bushes and strike the ground painlessly. On the other hand, on Renault Koleos it would not hurt to install unpainted plastic, and on SsangYong Actyon a more powerful engine protection.

Test drive car Renault Koleos:

Test drive car SsangYong Actyon:

Prices and Versions

SsangYong Actyon is offered in a huge number of versions and complete sets. If you choose only the all-wheel drive version with a diesel engine, then the most affordable version is for 889 thousand rubles, and the most expensive is the version for 1 169 thousand rubles, but stuffed up to the ears.

Koleos cannot boast with such a variety of versions. The diesel option is offered only one and it is endowed with a 6-speed automatic transmission. The rest of the automated options are already with the CVT. Diesel equipment Renault Koleos called Speaker Confort and sold at dealerships for 1 313 thousand rubles.


It turns out quite a tangible difference between the opponents, but it is quite understandable, given the characteristics of the behavior of cars on the road, their characteristics and demand from consumers, who are more impressed with Renault Koleos.

Expert evaluation:
Car model:Renault KoleosSsangYong Actyon
Power unit:8,57,5
Course stability:87,5
Noise isolation:7,57,5
FINAL GRADE:70,566,5

To date, compact crossovers in Russia are offered not so much. The tried-and-true pair of crossovers showed surprisingly adequate and unreasonable pricing, ideally harmonizing with consumer properties. All this will greatly facilitate the selection, which will be justified, after the self-test, or reading the above article, where our experts acted as examiners for two Korean crossovers.