Pinout of the instrument panel vaz 2114

On the dashboards of popular VAZ models, engineers and designers have created a convenient combination of indicator lights. Lighting is provided from the inside, which is a feature of the 14th Lada.

Due to the comfortable location of a variety of informative elements, the driver can quickly obtain the necessary data on the current state of the vehicle systems. Possible malfunctions in the panel have a negative impact on the management of the passenger car, and can also lead to the creation of an emergency on the road. In order to control the condition of this part of the car, the car driver must know the pinout of the VAZ 2114 dashboard.

How does the panel

On the dashboard in front of the driver information of various kinds is available:

  • fuel level in the tank;
  • current speed mode;
  • current engine speed at the moment;
  • coolant temperature, etc.

It is worth paying attention to such services, because, for example, if the temperature pointer shows values ​​in the critical range of 105–130C, it is necessary to turn off the engine and wait for a significant decrease in temperature. Otherwise, the motor may boil and jam.

It is also important to control the engine speed. The excess of the norm in frequency of rotation is marked on the tachometer by the red zone. When the critical levels are reached, fuel consumption increases significantly, and the load on individual engine components increases..

what pinout dashboard VAZ 2114

The built-in speedometer helps the driver to orient in which mode the vehicle is moving. However, it should be borne in mind that the device works with a small error, which depends on the degree of wheel inflation, the established diameter of the disks and some other factors.

An important element on the dashboard is a sensor that indicates the level of fuel in the tank. In domestic cars it is located on the right. It will not show the exact value to a liter, but it is possible to find out the information close to the truth.

The abundance of measuring instruments and systems allows the driver to provide relevant information. The plastic panel used for visualization, unlike previous generations, does not creak and has an aesthetic appearance. The simplicity of the device allows you to independently disassemble / assemble the unit if necessary.

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Распиновка щитка приборов ВАЗ 2114

In order to independently understand the scheme of electrical connections, it is necessary to know how the cables are interconnected in the electrical wiring.

Download the image of the scheme can be on the link. A simplified version is presented in the photo. Decryption is as follows:

  • on / off rear window heating;
  • rear fog lights;
  • switching turn signals and headlights;
  • block of the assembly block;
  • bundle for the operation of the wiper;
  • disabling fog optics;
  • airborne light indication;
  • connection of an additional bundle with a side bundle;
  • combined instruments;
  • connector from the onboard computer to the dashboard;
  • bundle for contact with the ignition system;
  • conclusions on the light elements of the door;
  • 16 amp fuse;
  • 16 amp fuse;
  • ignition off;
  • lighting system;
  • heating system (electric motor);
  • additive resistance to the heater electric motor;
  • the relay responsible for unloading the ignition;
  • Relay, which contributes to the work of the rear protivotumanok;
  • starter operation;
  • point of inclusion of a mobile lighting lamp;
  • cigarette lighter socket;
  • Connector, providing light glove box;
  • shine;
  • shine;
  • shine;
  • heating wiring;
  • output to the rheostat;
  • indicator that turns on when braking;
  • contacts for the car audio signal;
  • start emergency gang;
  • fringing of a board of a heater;
  • 16 amp fuse;
  • connector for seat heating.

The electronic control unit is responsible for turning on or off any signals. After forced disassembly of the shield, it is necessary to monitor the condition of all the bulbs and the absence of corrosion on the contacts. Be sure to replace the problem cable or cartridge with significant scale.