Tinted car windows do it yourself: the stages of the work

Aquarium from the 80s

A modern car without tinting the rear windows looks at least a car from the 80s, and the driver and passengers feel uncomfortable. It creates a feeling of movement in the "aquarium". Therefore, car owners try in the first place to toned a new car, if this option was not provided by the manufacturer of the car.

Tinted glass

Most motorists contact specialized tinting stations. But some try to toned cars on their own. To tell the truth, this procedure is not complicated, and even a beginner in this business can easily cope with it. It is necessary to follow in the correct sequence all the steps of tinting glass. Let's break them down.

Necessary tools for toning:

• Rubber spatula (it is usually attached to a roll with tint film);

• film roll;

• Clerical knife;

• Shampoo or any dishwashing detergent. Of course, it is better to purchase a special liquid for tinting windows.

Tinted glass автомобиля своими руками

  1. Be sure to work on tinted glass spend in a room where the occurrence of dust or small foreign particles on the glass and the film itself. Of course, in this work you will need a partner.
  2. Remove seals from all glasses that will be tinted. Wash glasses thoroughly with shampoo or dishwashing detergent (wash corners and edges of glasses especially well).
  3. Dilute shrinking liquid for tinting or shampoo, and evenly spray it on the glass. After that, attach the film with the light part out, and darker inside.

    4. Then flatten the film with a rubber spatula. After a full leveling cut the film, leaving the edges at 15-20mm.

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Tinted glass автомобиля своими руками

Important stage

Dampen the inside of the glass with plain water and, without waiting for it to dry, separate the darkened part. At this stage you will need a partner. He can hold a dubbing film, and you will pull the darkened layer, well, or vice versa.

Once the darkened layer is separated, place it on the glass. The surface of the glass must be wet. After that, spray the darkened part with shampoo and lay a transparent part of the film on top of it.

Tinted glass автомобиля своими руками

Use a rubber trowel to gently smooth the film. Start from the middle and gradually move to the edges of the glass, expelling the smallest air bubbles from under the film.

To make the glass dry faster, you can use a regular hairdryer. So having understood with one glass, we proceed to the next.

Tinted glass автомобиля своими руками

At last

Try not to touch the tinted glass for several days. Do not install the plugs immediately, so as not to spoil the film. That's basically it. Work on tinted glass is not really a difficult task. By doing it yourself, you can save a family budget. Good luck on the roads!