Unmanned hyundai genesis received numbers from the south

Беспилотный Hyundai Genesis получил номера от правительства Южной КореиFor unmanned vehicles a bright future, and the development of such cars today is already a trend. Virtually every car brand is either secretly, in the backyard, or it is officially experimenting on this, in general, still unplowed field. And the South Korean government has already approved the issuance of official state numbers for an unmanned executive sedan. Hyundai Genesis. And the delivery of license plates, however, while temporary, came ceremonially, inviting both local and foreign journalists. The ceremony was attended by several ministers, including the Minister of Transport. License plates and the license for the right to use them are issued for a period of five years. Of course, a car without a live driver, driven by a box with microcircuits, cannot freely move along the country's motorways. Certain routes have been approved for it, including on public roads, there are six such routes so far. But even moving along the routes sewn into the microcircuits, drone Hyundai Genesis will be constantly supervised by as many as two drivers who will sit in the front seats and in cases of "inadequate" behavior of their "inanimate" colleagues will switch the control of the car to themselves. Without these two drivers drone has no right to travel outside the garage box.Беспилотный Hyundai Genesis получил номера от правительства Южной КореиIn our country, officially unmanned driving technology KAMAZ engineers are experiencing, here with American colleagues from Cognitive Technologies, a smart truck is being developed that can roll independently along scheduled routes. Support for such innovative projects will receive from the state, but with certain obligations from the developers. So, if by 2021 the enterprise develops a production car with unmanned driving technologies integrated in it, or remote control technologies for such a car, the government compensates ninety-seven percent of the costs to developers.Беспилотный Hyundai Genesis получил номера от правительства Южной КореиKoreans are still ahead of the planet in this direction. Back in December last year, they tested an unmanned model in the USA Hendrie, Tucson (in common people - "Tushkan") as a fuel this model used not gasoline, not diesel, not electricity, but hydrogen. In the US state of Nevada, by the way, tests of such cars are officially authorized.