How does the sign "pedestrian crossing"

Not only pedestrians, but also drivers should know the pedestrian crossing road sign. This is due to the fact that the zone designated by such an indicator obliges to certain rules of behavior for people who are driving. Due to the presence in the traffic regulations of the sign “Pedestrian crossing” it is possible to unambiguously regulate the actions of road users in a specific situation.


  • 1 Pointer area
  • 2 Action characters
  • 3 Overhead passage
  • 4 Underground crossing
  • 5 Current rules
  • 6 Established sanctions

Pointer area

To understand what the sign “Pedestrian crossing” means, it is necessary to know certain nuances of its use. Near the stops of trams or trolleybuses, road services apply special road markings of alternating white lanes located a short distance from each other. It is called “zebra”.

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These lanes are also found on other sections of the road where pedestrians can potentially accumulate. In such areas, monitoring security is a very important task, so the situation on such sites is saved by all sorts of warning signs for pedestrians. Traditionally used different ways of crossing the road with active car traffic. These include options:

  • ground;
  • underground;
  • по надземным приспособлениям.
how does the pedestrian crossing sign

Photo sign "pedestrian crossing"

The most popular and popular are ground types of perpendicular intersection of the road. Designated areas are highlighted visually with the use of attributes:

  • "Zebra" of the established sample;
  • marks on both sides;
  • lighting of the intersection at night;
  • traffic lights.

Often, traffic lights are not used for regulation, in areas with relatively low car traffic. However, this does not relieve drivers from the obligation to let people walk across the street, as the Traffic Regulations oblige them to do.

To know what the “Pedestrian Crossing” sign looks like, you need to refer to the brochure on traffic rules. Such a pointer is described by image 5.19. If there is a traffic light at the intersection, then it is necessary to consider the priority.

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In order for the driver to notice the traffic sign in advance, special means are applied in front of the zone of operation and directly in this area:

  • except for white stripes, the area is decorated with orange stripes;
  • pre-noise marking is used before arrival at the intersection;
  • car speed reduction is enforced by “speed bumps”, their presence is governed by signs;
  • the edging of the square with symbols, as can be seen from the photo of the “Pedestrian crossing” sign, was made using yellow-green reflective elements;
  • the site is complemented by flashing yellow lighting;
  • safety is increased by the presence of lighting on the site;
  • it is important to ensure good visibility of the regulatory symbol from the maximum distance, removing the possible foliage that covers it.
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All used road attributes must be mounted at an appropriate distance, regulated by law. Detailed actions of drivers in such a situation, the intersection of such a section is specified in paragraph 14.1 of the traffic rules

Action character

Two subspecies of signs are used:

  1. Image 5.19.1 should be mounted on the left edge of the road before crossing. In its absence, the intersection zone is limited by the width applied to the road surface by marking.
  2. Image 5.19.2 is placed on the right on the road to the direct access to the site. In the event that such a symbol is absent, it is allowed to cross the road only within the marking.

When the zebra is absent, it is necessary to be guided by the distance between the characters. If the marking is applied, then you need to focus on it, and not on the interval between the characters.

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It is important to know that a pedestrian is obliged to cross the road only in the corridor provided for by law. Otherwise, his actions are regarded as a violation of traffic rules.

The driver is warned by triangular plates with numbering 1.22. They are framed by a red stripe around the perimeter. Informers are installed for several tens of meters to the regulated intersection. The driver is forced to reduce the speed limit.

Certain actions in the specified zone are prohibited:

  • it is categorically unacceptable to move backwards or turn around at the transition;
  • It is forbidden to overtake in the designated area
  • the interval between signs or “zebra” does not allow parking on this part of the road and within +/- 5 meters from the marked interval.

Otherwise, there will be an administrative penalty for violation of traffic rules.

Overhead passage

In places of active traffic in large cities, special structures are being built in order for people to get to the other side of the street. Such overpasses are called street corridors. They are relevant not only for wide roads with several lanes in different directions, but also for the safe crossing of railway sections. These add-ons have certain advantages:

  • there is no need for round-the-clock coverage of the selected area;
  • there is no need to affect communications laid underground;
  • designs have more budget price tag than underground counterparts;
  • their safety is higher than that of ground designations.
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what does the sign for a pedestrian crossing

The resources spent on the construction of above-ground structures pay for themselves with the lives and health of people. At the same time, the erected structures must meet the established standards. Under them should be able to pass large cars.

Underground crossing

These systems are made in the form of tunnels. I mount them directly under busy motorways and on sections of railway transport. According to the standards, descents / ascents will be equipped not only with comfortable steps, but also with congresses / races for pushchairs, disabled vehicles, bicycles.

To designate such areas, the sign 6.6 or 6.7 is used. Their temporary closure for the night is allowed if they lead to the subway stations.

Current rules

It is important to observe mutual courtesy on the road and act within the framework of the rules of the road. In the old rules it was allowed to overtake on the "zebra" in the absence of interference in the form of pedestrians. The current edition does not allow this.

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Before the zebra driver must go to a lower speed limit or stop completely if people are noticed. Otherwise - fine. This rule applies to motorists driving in all lanes.

Subsequent movement is allowed after leaving pedestrians in the designated area. Cyclists and scooter drivers can also move along the zebra. However, they are obliged to drive their two-wheeled vehicles side by side, since a different method of transportation (direct moving) is a violation for them.

It is important to observe the sign "pedestrian crossing is prohibited." In case of non-observance, his employee of the road inspection has the right to fine the violator.

Established sanctions

For non-compliance with the rules of the established signs of the driver, as well as when not allowing pedestrians on the "zebra" in accordance with Article 12.18 of the Administrative Violations Code, a fine is imposed - 1,500 rubles. For the turn on the markup, the inspector will require to pay 500 rubles from the motorist.

If the driver drives through the red light, he must get ready to give 1000 rubles. Repeated similar offenses are punishable by four-month or six-month deprivation of rights with an increase in the amount of recovery to 5000 rubles Similar amounts are provided for pedestrians.