Mercedes s63 222 body after 2 years of operation

The 12-cylinder Mercedes S65 AMG is considered the coolest among Mercedes S-class in the 222 body, but for those who have decided not to overpay, it is possible to take a cheaper set, but still cool - S63 AMG. How good it is, if you evaluate it as a car for every day - now we’ll find out.

S 63 organs w222


Outwardly, it looks like any generation S-Class - expensive and stylish. But it can be noted that the next generation of this class differs from the previous one in size and size, for example, the 126 was elegant, and the 140th became a huge boar, after it the 220th looked slender, and 221 - inflated and inflated, but 222- He does not look slim, he is just as huge and powerful. When this car goes on the road, other drivers behave modestly and, if possible, immediately pass.

But already a new body of a Mercedes S-class in big cities will not surprise anyone, it is still as big with tinted windows. In every big city these cars are a dime a dozen. But the S63 AMG is already a rarity, it even has a different color - “black mocha”. Even the previous generation was rare - just 158 ​​cars were sold in Russia.

In addition to color, there are still a few differences - the grille is slightly different, if the standard S63 has just 8 slats, then the slats are doubled and there are six of them. There are air inlets on the bumper with a huge amount of chrome.


When this car was first introduced, it shocked everyone how beautiful everything is, like in a spaceship.

S 63 organs w222 салон

After 2 years, such a salon no longer evokes such vivid emotions, it has become habitual, as of itself. 2 large displays that take up a lot of space look great and comfortable, if they are put forward by the competitors or stick out somehow, then here they harmoniously fit into the interior.

If the machine is in the maximum configuration, then it will include multi-contour seats, cool lights, high-quality audio system Burmester, several types of massage for the back. You can watch DVDs on the back seats, there is also Wi-Fi, which you can connect to from any device. There is even a refrigerator in which you can put champagne or something else tasty.

But all this can be seen in the usual configuration of the S400, if you do not spare money on additional options. The S63 AMG has its own features such as the IWC chronograph and a rare line on the chairs. There is also a sloping steering wheel in the style of AMG Performance, paddle shifters and even the AMG nameplate on the armrest.

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mercedes w222 s63

Driving sensations

The motor is the same as the S63 AMG 2010 in terms of power and torque. But it didn’t do without modifications, the same power and torque just became more efficiently implemented. Yes, and still 585 l. with. power and 900 Nm of torque - it is not so little.

Now in the S63 AMG there is a four-wheel drive - 67% of the thrust goes to the rear axle, and everything else goes to the front axle. The all-wheel drive system itself weighs 70 kg. But since they began to use light metals and other tricks in the car, the total weight turned out to be only 30 kg more than the rear wheel drive predecessor.

In terms of transmission - there is a 7-speed automatic transmission. There are no slips now, the car just takes off after the gas has been pressed. Acceleration is the same as that of the Porsche 911, excellent insulation, but you can only hear the engine, which sounds very nice, because it is 8-cylinder, there are no synthesizers of sound, which immediately indicate that this is not the natural sound of the engine.

mercedes s63 w222

The suspension here is pneumatic, there are electronically controlled shock absorbers, thanks to which the car turned out to be assembled, despite its dimensions - 5287 mm. lengths This is a long version, since the short versions of the S63 AMG are not represented in Russia.

There are several modes of suspension, in sport mode it becomes much tougher, so it’s better to drive in Comfort mode, in which the suspension becomes soft, excellent smoothness, almost no heels and swings, this mode fully corresponds to a large executive class sedan.

On the steering wheel, it is also best to set the “Comfort” mode, at which a pleasant effort appears when cornering and when driving in a straight line. But the sport mode makes the steering wheel very heavy under any circumstances. And for such a machine steering wheel rigidity to anything, even despite the fact that it is a charged sedan. When cornering, the car behaves adequately, but if the speed is high, then the car’s heavy weight will make itself felt and the banks will still come, maybe even skidding.

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w222 S 63 organs

In the Mercedes S63 AMG there is smart electronics, thanks to which the car can drive through traffic jams, and even at high speed can drive itself, as long as the road is free of sharp turns, but the driver will still have to keep at least one hand on the wheel.

The S63 AMG is the most profitable purchase option - because this car combines the prestige and comfort of a new S-class in the 222 body, as well as excellent handling and drive S coupe. In addition, there is a four-wheel drive. True, these cars have a minus too - many people will calmly take you for a hired driver. But it's all nonsense that people think there.

The price for such a car starts with 10 million rubles, if you add a couple of options, you get 15 million. But for comparison, the S65 is worth 17 million. So the savings are palpable.

Why it makes sense to buy such a car

For everyday driving, the S63 AMG is the most comfortable and prestigious car, with excellent handling and frisky character. On such a car, you can safely come to a business meeting, it looks solid, as well as this car and it's nice to drive yourself.


When this car appeared, it had no special competitors. BMW had not yet released its new generation of the 7th series. And the Audi A8 is also outdated, especially in the cabin. There is no particular difference between the S63 AMG and S65 AMG, so there is no point in overpaying. The S63 has four-wheel drive, which is quite a big plus in winter. If you order a car with certain wishes and options, you will have to wait about 4 months until it is assembled and delivered.

The possibility of tuning

You can put on the car skirts from Brabus or Carlsson. Body kits and spoilers with an air suspension module cost about 5,000 euros, but you can order the appearance of the S63 such that it is like the flagship of the S65, and this option costs only 140,000 rubles. All the more so that here comes the parts issued by the official manufacturer and they become excellent and there is no need to redo anything.

W222 AMG tuning

For 40,000 rubles, you can order leather mats with the inscription AMG. The body is protected by armored film. And the rest, S63 - this is the car in which you do not want to make any modifications.

Car operation

In the car, which we visited on a test drive, - 35000 km. run, it's over 2 years. Particularly serious problems were not, while the air suspension works well, the main thing in washing is also to wash it and everything will be fine. The car has a satellite alarm system, which can land the battery, if the car will stand without movement.

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But when they did recharge the battery, the seat massage and other functions stopped working, so you have to go to the dealership service to reboot the entire system. Such a trifle is worth 2000 rubles. Also during operation, it was noted that the windows are heat-shielding, perfectly protect the cabin from overheating, and do not even let the anti-radar signal through. And they do not even allow to read transponder cards that are on the control points.

S 63 organs

Maintenance costs

  • those. inspection costs 23,000 rubles, there were only 2 of those. inspection for 2 years;
  • gasoline consumption in the city - 18-19 l / 100 km., on the highway - 12 l / 100 km., in the combined cycle - 16 liters;
  • fuel - 95th gasoline.

There is a luxury tax on the S63, which is calculated from a capacity of 585 liters. with. And this is substantial money, but for those who buy such a car - it's the little things.

History S63

The S63 AMG in the back of the W222 came in 2013, replacing the S63 AMG W221. Under the hood, an 8-cylinder bi-turbo engine is installed, the same as on the predecessor, the M157, but it was slightly modernized. The car accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 4 seconds. In general, nothing new happened, the only serious difference between the old generation and the new one is the appearance of all-wheel drive, which was first introduced on the E63 AMG.

Transmission all-wheel drive version goes only to the long-wheelbase body. For the Russian market in korotkobasnyh versions is rear-wheel drive. For the rear-wheel drive versions, there is a hydraulic spring control Magic Body Control, and in the all-wheel drive there is a 2-mode air suspension. The initial price for the S63 AMG in the long version is 9,840,000 rubles.

Then test drive a Mercedes S63 AMG in the back of a W222: