Hackers manage to hack management jeep cherokee

Two IT security specialists from the Center for Advanced Technologies of the American company Uber reported that the Jeep Cherokee crossover had been hacked.

Jeep Cherokee

It is reported that experts were able to find a vulnerability in the software of the car, which allowed them to gain control over the cruise control, automatic parking, as well as the electronic brake of the car. So, having access to the automatic parking system, IT-specialists got control of the steering drive and forced the system to change the steering direction by 180 degrees while driving.

According to Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek, who managed to do this, there is no talk of remote access. The control was carried out by the car systems from a laptop that were connected to the CAN-bus Jeep Cherokee. In this case, the experts themselves were in the car. Therefore, this “hacking” is not called a serious vulnerability.

However, experts believe that there is a variant with burglary CAN-adapters, which some strass Jeep install on cars to record accidents. And already through it one could get to the CAN bus.

It is known that now the automobile manufacturer has already released an update package, in which it closed the vulnerability.

Meanwhile, the first “live” photos of the new Jeep Wrangler pickup appeared.