Rating of new cars up to 1500000 rubles


If you have a budget of 1.5 million rubles, for this money automakers and salons offer a wide selection of excellent cars. There are those who barely exceed the mark of 1 million rubles. Or models, the cost of which in the basic configuration starts from about 1.3 - 1.5 million.

auto for 1500

Reliable cars for 1.5 million rubles

В рейтинге собраны машины, выбор в пользу которых делают покупатели, желающие приобрести надёжный автомобиль с достаточно громким именем и соответствующими характеристиками.Читать далее о лучших авто до 1,5 млн. рублей-->

Rating Representatives

Only you decide which car is better to buy for the money. The main thing - do not forget that there is the concept of operating costs. These are expenses that are mandatory for a car. This includes scheduled maintenance, refueling, purchase of consumables and minor repairs.

Buying a car for 1.5 million rubles, you expect from it reliability, reliability and durability. If you choose a good car initially, it will not take a lot of money for repairs with proper operation and maintenance. The more expensive the car, the more difficult it is to maintain it financially.

Our top best cars up to 1,500,000 rubles include models from the following manufacturers:

  • Honda;
  • Skoda;
  • Mazda;
  • That;
  • Volkswagen;
  • Ford;
  • Toyota;

Next, we will take a separate look at all the candidates to the top of the rankings and find out which car will be the best for you and why you should purchase one or another option. All options are good, but each customer has their own personal preferences, tastes and requirements for cars.


nissan Teana за 1500

Status, large and beautiful car

If you want to buy a status, large and beautiful car for 1,500,000 rubles, look at the variant of the Teana model from Nissan.

This large Japanese sedan has been produced since 2006. The new model costs from 1.37 million rubles from the cabin. The executive class car has gone through three generations, that is, now we are watching the 3rd generation of this impressive car.

The new Teana is made explicitly using design developments for a luxury brand owned by Nissan, that is, Infiniti.

In the basic configuration you get a good set of equipment. But it is better to supplement it and take the version for the most affordable money of 1.5 million rubles.

With regard to technical characteristics, the Teana is offered with no alternative stepless automatic transmission and two engines. In simple trim levels, there is a 2.5-liter gasoline engine with 173 horsepower. Version with a 3.5-liter engine at 249 liters. with. for 1.5 million is unlikely to buy. But the weaker engine produces excellent dynamics and moderate fuel consumption.


toyota avensis за 1500

Class D machine at a price of 1.1 million rubles

Not the most status car in the model lineup of Toyota. But the updated version of this machine can not but cause pleasant emotions and places of admiration.

All models, including Avensis, Corolla and Camry, are made in a single global design, as is now fashionable to do among the major automakers. This makes the model look somewhat confused, although the Avensis does not seem to be less attractive.

The class D car is available at a price of 1.1 million rubles. Fully equipped version costs about 1.4 - 1.5 million rubles. That is, with a budget of 1,500,000 rubles, you can take a car in the maximum configuration.

Avensis produced in the sedan and wagon. And the exterior of the wagon is extremely attractive, and the capacity of the trunk is respectful. Therefore, if you do not pursue high status and E class cars, but you want to get an excellent car for 1.5 million rubles with decent technical features, a comfortable lounge, modern equipment and a beautiful appearance, choose Avensis


octave damage for 1500

Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% adom.ru Czech model is in high demand

Yes, compared to some competitors in the Octavia rating, it is noticeably inferior in status. But not everyone needs a big name or premium parameters in the car.

Some buyers want to get the most practical, comfortable, reliable and trouble-free car. Among these exactly is the new Octavia production company Skoda.

Czech model is in high demand, активно продаётся во многих странах мира. Автомобиль ценят за характеристики, а не за имя или статус. Хотя Octavia подорожала, но стоимость нового поколения начинается от 950 тысяч рублей. В максимальной комплектации цена доходит до 1,8 миллиона рублей.

For available 1500000 rub. you can pick up the Octavia with a good set of equipment and engines of 150 or 180 horsepower. Despite the solid power, the motors are extremely economical. This only adds to the benefits of this car.


honda agreement за 1500

Honda Accord stays on top

The model is released in the 9th generation and remains at the top of popularity. Honda did a great job on the latest generation, although after 2013 there was only restyling in 2015.

We can not say that the model is outdated, but in the near future it is worth waiting for the release of the anniversary 10th generation of the most popular sedan. This is a representative car that belongs to the European D class and costs about 1.1 million rubles in the cabin.

The car has a great appearance, modern equipment and well-organized interior. The interior is up-to-date, filled with electronics, high-quality finishing materials and excellent ergonomics.

Behind the wheel of the Accord is nice to be, because they pay attention to such a car. Possessing the sporty features of the exterior, Honda confirms this with its technical characteristics. Under the hood are gasoline engines for 2.4 and 3.5 liters, issuing 180 and 281 horsepower, respectively.

A feature of the last generation is that the car is no longer oriented to the younger generation of drivers. The target audience is considered to be men after 40 years with a fairly high income. And it sounded from the mouth of Honda official representatives in Russia. Draw your own conclusions.


to optimize for 1500

Korean Optima is a worthy leader candidate

Not so long ago, few people took Kia seriously in the business class car segment. But the appearance of the Optima model made it look differently at the realities of the Korean manufacturer.

The car looks great, has a sporty dynamic exterior features, rich and expensive interior. All this is combined with impressive technical characteristics. Under the hood are three gasoline engines that are capable of producing 150, 188 and 245 horsepower. At the same time there are no complaints in terms of high fuel consumption, the car is quite economical.

Respectable appearance, stylish modern interior paired with economical, but dynamic engines make Optima a worthy candidate for leaders and an important representative of the rating. The price range of the new Optima is from 1 to 1.7 million rubles. That is, for 1500000 rubles you can buy close to the maximum configuration.


E Class Sedan from 1.3 million rubles

The army of fans of the Skoda brand is impressive, and it grows every year.

The audience has clearly increased with the release of the latest generation of business class sedans called the Superb. The model has acquired a more interesting appearance, excellent technical characteristics and expensive interior decoration.

There is such a class E sedan from 1.3 million rubles, and the top-end equipment costs almost 2.5 million. So for 1,500,000 rubles. you can afford not the richest equipment. But in the base of the car looks decent, offering a wide range of equipment.

The model is equipped with small-volume engines - from 1.4 to 2.0 liters. For a business sedan is not enough. But their power is 125 - 280 horsepower. And these are already impressive parameters.

Superb can have front-wheel or all-wheel drive. With the passage on our roads does not arise problems due to high ground clearance. The model is valued for the excellent combination of features of business class and economy.


ford mondeo за 15000

Mondeo belongs to the European D class and is sold at a price of 1.3 million rubles.

Ford has put forward its candidate among the leaders of cars worth up to 1,500,000 rubles. The Mondeo model belongs to the European D class and is sold at a price of 1.3 million rubles. The top grade will cost almost 2 million rubles.

Yes, Mondeo is gradually losing ground, since not so long ago was the leader in its segment of D class cars. But deprived of attention sedan can not be called.

American engineers and designers were able to create an attractive, dynamic and relatively economical car with very rich modern equipment. It is due to the impressive basic configuration Ford is ahead of many representatives of the rating.

Add to this a spacious and spacious interior, excellent dynamics due to the motors with 149 - 240 horsepower and get a good car that fully justifies its price.


Last vw 15000

Executive D class sedan

The car that many dream of. This is a representative sedan class D, able to impose competition on any model that is represented in our rating.

Volkswagen’s Passat has existed since 1990. During this time, the model has changed many generations. The latest current version has an impressive size, solid technical characteristics.

The car is not intended for young people, but is focused on an adult audience that appreciates practicality, status and prefers a quiet measured ride. At the same time, the Passat can show its true potential, since there are 125 to 180 horsepower engines under the hood. The combination of dynamics and low fuel consumption makes the car fast, but economical.

But before you buy, think carefully. The only problem is that the car is expensive. Basic equipment costs a little less than 1,500,000 rubles. Because you can only rely on the initial equipment. If you decide to take a Passat, it is better to save some money, but buy at least an average package.

Mazda 6

mazda6 for 15000

Mazda 6 created a real sensation

Невероятный автомобиль во всех отношениях. Компания Mazda и сама, видимо, не ожидала такого успеха. Но появление на рынке последнего поколения Mazda 6 created a real sensation.

The machine has amazing external data. There are units of those who argue with this fact. D class car makes you pay attention and turn around.

But not only appearance has become the key to the success of the model. The exquisite design hides the 2.0 and 2.5-liter gasoline engines with 150 and 192 horsepower, respectively. Plus, the car has a rich equipment, even in the initial trim levels, a comfortable spacious interior, not the biggest, but quite roomy luggage compartment.

Inside, everything is done with high quality, used expensive finishing materials. The machine is filled with electronics, assistants and security systems.

A feature of the exterior of the car is that it equally attracts young people and customers over 40, as they say. At the same time, a car costs from 1.2 million rubles, allowing it to fit into an affordable budget and choose 1,500,000 rubles. minimum average equipment level.


toyota camry за 15000

The leader of our rating Toyota Camry

The leader of our rating, which now confidently heads the European E class and offers literally everything the buyer needs.

The creation of Toyota has gone through several generations. The latest generation is made in global design, because in many respects it resembles its younger brothers.

But to distinguish the Camry on their background is easy. This is a large executive sedan with a spacious cabin, a large luggage compartment, a long wheelbase. The car has an incredibly respectable appearance, behind which is an expensive cabin, well-thought-out ergonomics and well-organized passenger seats.

The driver's seat is also top notch. Being behind the wheel is pleasant, because under the hood can be from 150 to 249 horsepower. Dynamics and efficiency are combined well, without spending a huge amount of fuel. Toyota engineers have created good engines for the new generation Camry.

The initial price of the new sedan is 1350000 rubles. If you want to Camry, try to choose the most rich in your budget version. Alas, in the database, Toyota does not offer as much equipment as we would like.

As you can see, with 1,500,000 rubles, you can buy excellent new cars from leading manufacturers.

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