Porsche panamera sport turismo station wagon will arrive at

На Женевское мотор-шоу приедет универсал Порш Panamera Sport Tourism

German premium brand Porsche decided to fill up the luxury station wagon segment on the European car market with its new model. This is a "barn" Panamera Sport Tourismwhich has diabolical relics under the hood, and therefore hellish price tags, despite which and the economic crisis in the country, the model will be supplied to Russian car dealers. Although that audience that this initial orientation is aimed at luxury car It is not subject to any crises, for the Russians of this caste to give six to eleven “Lyams” per car, namely in this range it will be sold Panamera Sport Tourism, absolutely nothing.

На Женевское мотор-шоу приедет универсал Порш Panamera Sport Tourism

The developers themselves called Panamera Sport Turismo "a loud call in a luxury car niche." The Germans know that the popularity of premium sedans in European countries has recently subsided great, but generalists, by contrast, are beginning to receive the close attention of wealthy motorists. That is why the brand managers quickly found what to offer to the market in this segment of cars, without further ado and remaking universal Panamera eponymous sedan. Wheelbase Panamera Sport Tourism is almost three meters (2 m 95 cm). At length, the “barn” stretches for 5 meters 4.9 cm, its width is almost two meters (1 m 93.7 cm), the height of the station wagon is 1 m 42.8 cm.

Technically "barn" Порш Panamera Sport Tourism is a duplicate of the second generation of the same name four-door, which was officially introduced back in 2016. The wagon inherited from the sedan an adaptive cruise control system, a three-chamber air suspension, control of all four wheels, a system to suppress critical body rolls, etc. The wagon is only available in the all-wheel drive version. In the trunk of the "barn" with the undecomposed rear row of seats "fits" 520 liters of space. If you expand the chair, the volume will increase by almost three times - up to 1390 liters.

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На Женевское мотор-шоу приедет универсал Порш Panamera Sport Tourism

Optionally, the wagon is offered a "rigging" system for the trunk, consisting of mounting rails, loops, a dividing grid, which allow you to correctly fill the "hold" of the station wagon with the necessary belongings, and not stupidly stuff it to the string and slam the door. For an additional fee, you can order a 230 volt outlet.

Russian ruble prices for Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo:

  • with a 330-horsepower turbo engine - from 6 million 667 thousand;
  • with 462-strong hybrid - from 7 million 823 thousand;
  • with 440-horsepower turbo engine - from 8 million 079;
  • with a 550-strong turbo unit - from 10 million 308 thousand.

All engines are petrol. And the 422hp diesel “shed” will come to the European market. Orders for Порш Panamera Sport Tourism already accepted. Although we will start selling at the end of the autumn of 2017.

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