French renault cars are pretty beautiful.

Renault (Renault, Regie Nationale des Usines Renault) is the largest national automobile company in France. Founded even before the First World War, Renault is the absolute leader in its country, producing both long-haul trucks and light vehicles, including sports cars.

Cars Renault

Cars Renault - это качество проверенное двумя войнами, дорогой и временем

Founded in 1898 by Louis Reno, the company achieved its first success in the mid-20th century. In 1966, the Renault-16 gets the honorary "title" of the car of the year in Europe. In 1991, the first non-license Renault with the beautiful name “Clio” repeats the success of the sixties and becomes the best European car. And in 1997, success in Europe achieves Scenic.

It is worth mentioning the sporting successes of Reno. New Renault cars were always ahead of the rest. The Benetton-Renault team, which in 2002 became officially known as Renault F1, won the championship and the constructors' championship in 2005 and 2006.

Reno, who was driving Fernando Alonso, won eight races in the 2006 season and scored 134 points, against 121 against great champ Michael Schumacher. It was a triumph for Renault. In the Constructors' Championship, the team also bypassed Ferrari, albeit with a much smaller margin.

Triumphant - Renault F1 2006, in which Alonso became the world champion:

Cars Renault

And now still tell about the modern history of Reno. Now Renault is one of the world's largest automotive companies. It controls a number of foreign manufacturers, such as Korean Samsung Motors, and the popular in the CIS Dacia from Romania. Renault also owns 44.3% of the shares of the Japanese company Nissan Motors, 20.5% of Volvo and 25% of the Russian company AvtoVAZ.

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Now the company produces the following car models:

  • Twingo II - segment A (especially small);
  • Renault Wind - S segment (roadster) d;
  • Clio III, Nouvelle Clio Estate - segment B (small);
  • Symbol - segment B (small);
  • Captur - J segment (compact crossover);
  • Nouveau Kangoo - minivan;
  • Mégane III, Mégane Estate - segment C (small medium);
  • Scenic II, Nouveau Grand Scenic - segment M (compact van);
  • Fluence - segment C (small medium);
  • Nouveau Koleos - J segment (compact crossover);
  • Laguna III, Laguna Estate - segment D (medium);
  • Latitude - segment E (business class);
  • Espace IV - segment M (minivan);
  • Trafic Passenger - minivan;

In addition, a number of electric vehicles are produced, such as Renault Twizy, Renault ZOE, Kangoo Z.E and Fluence Z.E.

Renault TvizziThe compact Twizzies are designed for two passengers. Presented at the MIAS Auto Show in 2012

Speaking about Renault cars, it is worth remembering another electric car. He no longer looks like a toy like his predecessor. This is a gorgeous concept Renault DeZir, presented a little earlier - in 2010 at the Paris Motor Show. The machine can develop a serious speed for an electric car - 180 kilometers per hour.

Renault cars new

Modern production cars are actively sold in Europe and the world. They gained great popularity in the CIS countries, slightly pushing some VAZ models. In particular, cars such as Renault Logan and Renault Duster.

Car Renault Logan began to develop in 1998. The company's plans were to create a comfortable city car for Eastern Europe, Asia and Latin America. It was necessary to make the car at the same time inexpensive, but of high quality.

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Renault Logan car

For this, part of the production was transferred to the plants of the company Dacia in Romania. In the European market and in Morocco, this model is called Dacia Logan, and in Latin America, Russia and Ukraine under the Renault brand.

Another development Dacia car became Renault Duster - crossover, released in 2009. "Duster" in translation means "duster". That is, the car is not afraid of dirt and dust, the form is very similar to the brand of American cars.

Renault Duster CarPrices for cars Renault Duster start from 15 thousand euros for the base model, up to 17 for all-wheel drive.

The racing version of the car Renault Duster, piloted by four-time Formula 1 champion Alain Prost:

Renault Duster Car

On video: Renault Desir in Monaco impressed the local public: