Overlay on the instrument panel vaz 2114

The formation of the individuality of the domestic vehicle envisages several goals. One of them is to ensure comfortable operation of your iron horse. Also, personalization reduces the risk of theft, because the car that stands out among the stream is more problematic to steal, and later it is easier to detect. By applying the instrument panel tuning VAZ 2114, the car owner adjusts the car as much as possible to suit your taste.

With such an alteration of the interior, the driver manages to set up an informative dashboard, highlighting the necessary indicators with personalized lighting. However, it should be borne in mind that such decor is quite expensive. It will be possible to save if you do all the work with your own hands.


  • 1 Modernization operations
  • 2 Easy upgrade instrument panel
  • 3 Tuning using europanel

Modernization operations

It is important not only to choose the panel you like in the online store, but also to ensure its competent installation in the place provided by the manufacturers. Actions regarding assembly / disassembly must be thought out in advance to minimize installation problems.

It should be borne in mind that cars are perfectly amenable to internal tuning, so the pad on the instrument panel VAZ 2114 from third-party manufacturers usually fits easily into the allotted space.

how to choose tuning tidy VAZ 2114

The scheme of work in such a situation is quite simple:

  • Correctly disassemble the factory panel. We recommend using for this fixing scheme of the automobile atlas, issued by the automaker. In the process you can do without any pullers, limiting the classic screwdrivers and pliers.
  • At the next stage, we mount a new information block in front of the driver or completely change the torpedo at will, which turns out to be significantly more expensive, but as a result will have more positive effect.
  • Immediately throw out the outdated panel is not necessary, since it may need some details. It may be useful plugs or elements of "native" fasteners. Also, for beginners, some fasteners may be damaged during the installation process, and they can be replaced in the old panel.

Before starting all the works, the master should carefully read the installation instructions offered by the manufacturer. It usually describes in detail the step by step algorithm of actions.

Easy upgrade instrument panel

In reality, tuning tidy VAZ 2114 is not as difficult as it may seem at first. There is a wide choice of models on the market to transform the interior, so each driver gets the opportunity to change the space of his own car to his liking.

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what is the overlay on the instrument panel VAZ 2114

AMC. Motorists who choose this model should know some features about it:

  • You can choose the design you like from the manufacturer;
  • the set includes an oil level indicator, which is absent in the traditional “factory” version, since a large number of users who change their appearance to the Kotoma version wanted it to appear;
  • special appearance is achieved by the selection of interesting colors and the use of chrome trim on each scale.

The manufacturer also produces an improved version of the AMC-2.

PRO-SPORT. The insert for the instrument panel is presented in the original design. Cute multi-colored lights help you quickly navigate the instruments. Manufacturers produce a model in two variations of the substrate:

  • dark;
  • light

Due to the possibility of establishing different degrees of brightness in VAZ 2114 cars, the driver can adjust this option at will. The disadvantage of a particular model is that only one color is provided - blue. Gluing the scales is carried out after the installation work. The result is a pretty panel in a sporty style.

how to do the instrument panel tuning VAZ 2114

STREET STORM. A special feature of this tuning pad is an extraordinary color solution, and the manufacturers did not make any changes to the “factory” arrangement of the devices. The main emphasis in the design was on coloring.

Also used variations with backlight. In the daytime, it is a bright version with red symbols, and during night driving, the driver has the ability to switch not only brightness, but also colors.

AMC-2. In the updated version of the tuning drivers' favorite drivers, the central place is allocated to the tachometer. Its manufacturers moved to the most visible area. Speedometer pushed to the left. The white field, installed behind the arrows, gives sportiness and makes it easy to read data without delaying the eyesight on the instruments.

In the backlight LED elements are used. Their even brightness helps at night and in the evening time to easily read the current settings. It is important to note that the installation should be carried out with more experienced craftsmen, since during the installation a significant re-planning of the interior part is required.

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North wind. The design model is distinguished by its appearance from the more common counterparts. Specialists involved in the development did not make adjustments to the traditional positioning of devices. However, even with this approach, they managed to ensure the dynamic appearance.

The watches built into the panel with sporty notes in the design look stylish. The color of the shield depends on the inserted scales.

Tuning using europanel

One of the cardinal ways of modifying the interior of the 14th model is the installation of the europanel. This solution allows you to get rid of VAZ "diseases", which include such factors:

  • at a wheel there is no possibility of adjustments;
  • bagel covers a significant part of the devices during control;
  • difficulties with visibility at night are associated with the reflection of a working tidy on the windshield;
  • not the highest quality materials after a short period of time significantly degrade the perception of the interior;
  • the applied plastic creates a lot of squeaks, knocks and pea falls a short period after the start of operation;
  • the spontaneous opening of the glove box can be attributed to the poor quality of the lock used in the design;
  • cool cabin in winter is associated with poorly designed ventilation system in the cabin.

Installation in the cabin of the new front panel not only creates comfort, but also solves many practical problems. These include issues of sound insulation, as well as the successful insulation of space.

how to choose the instrument panel tuning VAZ 2114

In the production process europanel used high-quality plastic. Also, its assembly is without any complaints. The driver is provided with more various boxes for small things and shelves for modern gadgets..

Installing new items takes a little time. Therefore, waiting for a car after redevelopment should not be long.

It is not worth to develop such design options on your own with the introduction of design changes. This is due to the fact that after reworking devices, for example, a speedometer or a tachometer, will show incorrect values. This should not be allowed, since the fact may adversely affect the operation of the vehicle, because in this case the driver is mislead due to incorrect testimony that could eventually lead to an accident.