Which cars are the most powerful in the world


Modern automotive industry and its range allow you to choose a car for anyone who wants to get the iron "friend." When choosing a car, everyone has different needs and wishes: some with the help of an elite car try to emphasize their status, others prefer low-cost working “horses”, and still others rely on the power characteristics of the vehicle.

Rating of the most powerful cars in the world

TOP most powerful cars in the world

Как раз третьему варианту потребителей и посвящена эта статья, где расскажем о самых мощных машинах в мире. Хоть такие транспортные средства далеко не каждому доступны по финансам, при виде мощного автомобиля, движущегося по дороге, замирает сердце абсолютно у всех автолюбителей. В представляемый рейтинг вошли самые мощные машины 2018 года – десятка лучших моделей со всего мира по мощностным и скоростным показателям.Читать далее про рейтинг самых мощных автомобилей в мире-->

Top 10 most powerful cars

Opens the list of the most powerful cars in 2018, the Swedish model Koenigsegg CCX with an eight-six-horsepower engine, allowing it to reach speeds of up to four hundred and five kilometers per hour. Despite decent performance criteria, the researchers noted minor flaws in the back of the vehicle, which is expressed by the lack of a spoiler and insufficient clamping force. When upgrading the model, these shortcomings were taken into account, however, this was reflected in the maximum speed of the vehicle, which decreased from a limit of four hundred and five to three hundred and seventy kilometers per hour.

Koenigsegg CCX

Model 9ff GT9-R confidently took the second position in the rating list of the most powerful cars in 2018. It is a corporate development of the automaker Porsche and the German developers of the unique 9ff tuning. The car stands out from the general range of the engine, a volume of four liters with a capacity of one thousand one hundred and twenty horsepower and cost about seven hundred thousand dollars, which makes it more affordable compared to the following models of vehicles represented in the rating.

9ff GT9-R

The eighth position in the TOP of the most powerful cars of 2018 is occupied by Hennessey Venom GT. The model is unique in that its production is not put on a large-scale stream. The release is limited to ten copies of cars per year, which makes the Hennessey Venom GT inaccessible to a wide circle of consumers. The inaccessibility is also caused by the pricing policy of the car: a unique and exclusive hypercar is estimated by manufacturers at 1 million 100 thousand conventional units. For several years, this model is confidently included in the ranking reports of the most powerful and high-speed cars in the world. And also the Hennessey Venom GT entered the Guinness Book of Records for the fastest possible speed up to three hundred kilometers per hour. The power parameters of the model of one thousand two hundred horsepower are determined by the V8 Twin Turbo engine mounted on it.

Hennessey Venom GT

Model Zenvo ST1 confidently occupies the seventh step of the rating table due to the motor with a capacity of twelve hundred five horsepower. The engine capacity of 6.8 liters, modified by turbocharging and supercharger, allows it to produce six thousand nine hundred revolutions per minute. Like the previous model, the car is ranked among the most powerful and at the same time exclusive vehicles. Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% adom.ru: the circulation of the car is only fifteen copies worth a million 220 thousand conventional units.

Zenvo ST1

Bugatti Veyron Super Sport is one of the fastest cars in the world with an eight-liter powertrain configuration W16. The engine for one thousand two hundred horsepower allows you to confidently take the model of the sixth positional line of the rating of the most powerful cars in the world. Aerodynamic characteristics, ultra-modern design and excellent interior trim formed the cost of a luxury supercar, which reaches two and a half thousand dollars, which makes vehicles almost unattainable subject of desire of the budget circle of consumers.

Bugatti Veyron Super Sport

Elegance, excellent design and engine capacity of 1300 horsepower allowed to take the fifth place. Locus Plethore models are from Canada. This first Canadian supercar equipped with an eight-cylinder GM Perfomance eight-cylinder engine with a volume of 8.2 liters, which has the ability to reach speeds of over four hundred thirty kilometers per hour.

Locus Plethore

The SSC Ultimate Aero TT car has been in mass production since 2004, the upgraded version was provided to the consumer in 2007. This model occupies the fourth position of the rating in the class of the most powerful cars. To hold a decent position in a variety of ratings, as well as popularity among consumers, allows an excellent combination of design developments with the power of the engine of three hundred horsepower. The updated version of the model is modified by the Twin Turbocharged V8 Chevrolet engine with a volume of 6.4 liters, characterized by an improved design, having the AeroBrake system and aerodynamic body shape, which allows the car to rapidly reach speeds of up to four hundred thirty kilometers per hour.

SSC Ultimate Aero TT

After seven out of ten positions of the rating table have been named, it remains only to move to the top three undisputed leaders. The most powerful in the world in 2018, professionals and testers called the following models of cars: Bugatti Chiron, Vector WX-8 and Devel Sixteen.

The honorable “bronze” position in the ranking is occupied by the Bugatti Chiron with the engine capacity of one and a half thousand units declared by the manufacturers. The cost of this powerful supercar is two and a half million dollars, so not every car enthusiast can afford to get such a “friend”. The model is equipped with a sixteen-cylinder engine, which allows the car to reach speeds of up to one hundred kilometers per hour in just two and a half seconds, with a maximum speed of four hundred and sixty-five kilometers per hour. Unsurpassed "super opportunities" push the Bugatti Chiron to the leadership position of many rating tables, conferring it the title of "The most powerful car in the world", however, the following representatives, although not delivered at the present time for mass production, have more power units in their arsenal.

Bugatti Chiron

Silver is rightly deserved by the American Vector WX-8. The model is presented in two versions: with engines of 7.8 and 10 liters, the latter being characterized by power criteria of one thousand eight hundred and fifty horsepower. The supercar is equipped with an eight-cylinder power unit, while the cylinders are made of cast iron. Acceleration "up to a hundred" is carried out in 2.3 seconds, the supercar's top speed is four hundred eighty-three kilometers per hour. Vector is called a phenomenal model with unreal superpowers and great design. The car deserves admiration, however, has not been put on mass production.

Vector WX-8

The championship in power characteristics for 2018 takes a little aggressive, bold in design Devel Sixteen. Over the development of this machine, the designers worked for several years, and for good reason: the sixteen-cylinder engine, modified by four turbines, and a power of five thousand horsepower will impress any motorist. Devel Sixteen is the most powerful car in the world, because it doesn’t have exactly the same technical characteristics today: acceleration speed up to a hundred is 1.8 seconds, which is faster than previous representatives, and the stated maximum speed is five hundred sixty kilometers per hour .

Devel Sixteen


This article presents a ranking of the best power vehicles, according to experts, researchers and technical characteristics. As for the leadership troika, discussions about which of the machines to give primacy are still ongoing. Bugatti Chiron is a “real” purchase for lovers of speed and power, while the almost “mythical” Devel Sixteen impresses with its technical data, however, it is inaccessible even for people who have money and opportunities to purchase expensive hypercar.

It remains only to expect further actions by automakers, since most of them are not going to stop there, they plan to surprise the world with more powerful cars.