Rating the best automotive antifreeze


Many people underestimate the importance of high-quality coolant in the car, although it performs very important functions. Antifreeze is designed to prevent overheating of the power unit.

antifreeze for cars

Auto coolant

In the process of motor operation, it gradually heats up. Coolant is used to ensure that the temperature does not rise to extreme values. Otherwise, the engine will boil, destructive processes may begin, which will eventually lead to a complete failure of the motor.

This antifreeze rating will let you know which cooling liquids are considered the best in 2018 and why. It will also simplify the decision on the choice of a suitable and effective composition for your car.

All presented best antifreezes were selected according to basic criteria, price and quality. They are available on the Russian market, so you can easily find one of the leaders in this market segment.

Important points of choice

To determine the best antifreeze, you should first understand the characteristics of these fluids. After all, they have different compositions, characteristics and prices.

Cooling fluids should not freeze or boil during engine operation. If this happens, then you are definitely not using the best quality compounds. It is urgent to drain this coolant and change it to a new one.

All antifreezes are divided into several subcategories:

  1. Characterized by green or blue color. They have the lowest quality indicators among all competitors, as well as the shortest service life. Use this coolant for more than 2 years is impossible. She will simply lose her properties.
  2. The color of such antifreeze is pink, red or purple. More advanced fluid, able to last up to 5 years.
  3. G12 +. An improved version of the previous cooling fluid. But there is a feature. Such antifreeze can be mixed with any other coolers.
  4. The obvious top among antifreezes for the car. This is the most modern development, which is considered the most harmless. It is made on the basis of polypropylene glycol. For the first time, such coolants entered the market only in 2012.

Even if you know exactly which firm antifreeze is better to use, the problem of falsification is always relevant. On the market there are a large number of fakes, because of which sometimes a good composition is ineffective and even harmful to the motor.

To avoid buying counterfeit products, pay attention to packaging and other features. There are several ways to identify fakes. Fake is usually easy to recognize by:

  • excessively low prices compared to other offers;
  • the presence of sediment at the bottom of the tank;
  • the absence of the pH value in the instruction;
  • unpleasant and sharp flavor;
  • poorly made packaging.

Having determined for yourself, which brand of antifreeze is better suited to your car or corresponds to its financial capabilities, always monitor the condition of the coolant during operation. Over time, liquids sometimes change color. This may indicate two potential reasons:

  • You originally bought a poor-quality or counterfeit liquid;
  • there were problems in the cooling system, which influenced the change in color of the antifreeze.

Both situations require compulsory intervention.

The best antifreezes

Now it is necessary to determine the best antifreeze for a car that meets modern requirements, has all the necessary qualities and characteristics.

According to experts and ordinary motorists, the best companies produce the best antifreezes for cars:

  • Liqui Moly;
  • Lukoil
  • TCL;
  • Toyota;
  • Felix;
  • Sintec;

And which antifreeze is better here, you decide after the description of specific products. The one who uses qualitative structures, much less often faces a problem of an overheat of the engine and its premature failure. The role of antifreeze is very large, so do not ignore this question.

Each of you must determine for yourself which brand of antifreeze is better to pour into your car. But nevertheless it is better to fill in the composition that has managed to show itself from the best side and won the trust of consumers. Save on cooling liquids is not worth it.

This is not the most expensive consumables for the car. Having spent the adequate amount once, you will provide your engine with a high-quality cooler for the next few years.

Consider the 2018 ranking among the best antifreeze. In this top 10 there was a place for the best product, according to Russian motorists. But all submitted candidates potentially claim leadership in your personal rating.

antifreeze for auto red

Antifreeze Red for auto

Antifreeze RED

Most car owners agree that it is the best coolant in the domestic market. It is produced by the company Lukoil. In general, their coolant effectively cools the engines and demonstrate good results in working with domestic cars and foreign cars.

RED is based on carboxylate technology. This ensures low freezing and boiling points. Liquid is recommended to be used only for closed cooling systems on cars and trucks. Antifreeze withstands negative temperatures up to -40 degrees Celsius.

The properties and characteristics of the composition allow to provide reliable protection against boiling, freezing and education in the engine cooling system of scale. The tool does not corrode rubber seals, nozzles, hoses and plastic parts.

An important feature of RED from Lukoil is the possibility of mixing this coolant with antifreeze from other brands. The fluid exhibits high efficiency and increases thermal conductivity. No significant flaws have been identified here.

Energy G12+

Rather popular and effective automobile antifreeze of production of the Felix company. This is a domestic coolant that can be used on different cars and in different operating conditions.

Energy G12 + antifreeze

Antifreeze from the company Felix

Such a tool can be poured:

  • in the forced engines;
  • in engines with turbocharging;
  • under severe climatic conditions;
  • in cars with intercooler,

The operating temperature range is from -48 to +130 degrees Celsius. The very same liquid retains its properties and does not change the characteristics at air temperature from -40 to +50 degrees.

The liquid can block areas inside the system where rust is formed. The structure covers them with a special protective layer.

Antifreeze has a wide range of applications and is characterized by a high boiling point. Certain advantages are provided by the inclusion of anti-corrosion additives that perform useful tasks to maintain engine performance. For all its merits, antifreeze is not a costly solution.

Among the shortcomings, it is possible to note the beginning of crystallization processes at higher temperature indices than the manufacturer indicates. But this is not critical, and motorists rarely encounter such situations.


Decent option of antifreeze for your engine from the company Sintec. Products are manufactured on the basis of bipolar technology using high quality ethylene glycol.

антифриз Unlimited sintec

Decent antifreeze from Sintec

Taking into account the purely operational characteristics, Unlimited is considered to be almost the best antifreeze on the Russian market. From here and deserved high place in a rating.

Sintec is rightly included in the rating of the best manufacturers of antifreeze, as it regularly works on improving its own products. This fluid has passed multiple tests. Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% adom.ru and tests, which allowed to achieve crystallization only at a temperature of -45 degrees Celsius. This characteristic makes it possible to use coolant in the coldest regions of the country.

Additionally, it is worth noting the presence of active inhibitors in the composition of the coolant, which are responsible for neutralizing rust.

Another manufacturer slightly underestimated its capabilities. On the package, the specified freezing point is different from the actual figures. In fact, the liquid crystallizes at more extreme temperatures than what is written on the label. The life of such antifreeze is over 5 years.

There are no objective defects in the composition. The price is fully consistent with the quality, because Unlimited exactly should be considered as one of the most optimal coolant for your car.


Popular solution for cooling systems of power units from the company AGA.

antifreeze aga z40

Популярный antifreeze aga z40

The composition is considered to be universal, because it is equally successfully applied on cars and trucks. It does not matter what brand of motor is installed on the car, or what characteristics it has.

The manufacturer recommends pouring its coolant into engines with a turbine, an intercooler, etc. The composition also shows itself well in the winter with a deficit of natural airflow and cooling, which is usually found in heavy urban traffic.

AGA guarantees the preservation of the performance of the cooling fluid for 5 years of operation or 150 thousand kilometers. The composition uses additives of organic origin, which increase the heat capacity.

According to the manufacturer, the operating temperature range for Z65 is from -65 to +132 degrees Celsius. Consumers themselves confirm the fact of a long operational life and effectiveness of the additives.

Among the shortcomings here is the formation of sediment in the coolant after a short period of operation of antifreeze in the engine cooling system.


Also the development of the company AGA, which is easily identified by the green color of the liquid. Among the coolant of this color Z42 is considered the best solution for domestic and imported cars, regardless of engine type or year of manufacture.

antifreeze Z42 aga

Green antifreeze from AGA

The most vividly the efficiency of the coolant is manifested when operating as part of a turbocharged engine, which is characterized by operating at high revs, high speed and fast acceleration.

The temperature range in which the properties of antifreeze are preserved ranges from -42 to +123 degrees Celsius. The composition uses a special dye with fluorescent components. If you use an ultraviolet lamp, you can easily find the place of coolant leakage. This greatly facilitates the repair of the engine cooling system.

The main advantages include the following:

  • high level of protection of the metal components of the engine from the processes of heating and subcooling;
  • low crystallization temperature, i.e. freezing;
  • good lubricating properties;
  • the presence of effective anti-corrosion additives;
  • protection against cavitation;
  • possibility of application in various cars and engines;
  • Excellent compatibility with most engines.

Also, motorists say that in the process of operation a small sediment gradually forms. This can be considered insignificant, but still a disadvantage. After all, the sediment can clog the channels of the cooling system, which will lead to quite serious consequences.

Long-term GTL 12 Plus

Very worthy antifreeze in the performance of the company Liqui Moly, which is among the world leaders in the production of automotive chemicals and liquids.

antifreeze Long-term GTL 12 Plus

Antifreeze from the company Liqui Moly

The composition of the German production, presented in the form of a cooler for the engine blue. It is well shown on any motors made of different materials. Brand and model here does not play a special role, since the coolant works equally effectively with cast-iron, aluminum engines and not only. Also, the mixture qualitatively cools systems equipped with an intercooler.

Coolant has a good temperature range, which ranges from -40 to +110 degrees Celsius. Depending on the operating conditions and condition of the engine cooling system, antifreeze is able to work for 2 to 5 years. Fully meets all the most stringent international quality standards.

The coolant perfectly removes heat from the engine's heating elements, creates a layer of protective coating on the metal components, which does not allow the oxidation processes to be activated. Additionally, antifreeze lubricates the cooling system's pump and increases pump life.

Car owners say that this coolant from Liqui Moly does not affect the plastic and rubber components of the engine.

Of the negative aspects, only the not very high boiling point can be noted, as well as the fairly substantial cost of the cooling liquid.

Long Life Coolant Red

This is an antifreeze concentrate from Toyota. But the attitude to a certain brand of cars does not affect the versatility of the composition. Coolant can be used on a wide variety of cars, including domestic cars.

антифриз Long Life Coolant Red toyota

Toyota antifreeze concentrate

Such antifreeze should not be confused with other compounds. Before use, the concentrate is diluted with distilled water in the proportions indicated on the package. Usually it is 1 to 1. The liquid obtained in this way maintains the air temperature down to -37 degrees Celsius, which is more than enough for most regions of Russia.

Of the benefits are the following:

  • even in the conditions of long-term operation the sediment does not appear;
  • fluid protects the engine from wear;
  • heat is effectively removed;
  • increases the stability of the engine at high loads;
  • does not destroy plastic and rubber elements.

In many ways, very good antifreeze. But the problem is that such a liquid is quite expensive. Plus, the composition is not always easy to find in stores.

Motorbike GTL12 Plus

For many, this will seem strange, but the current rating of the best automotive antifreeze really hit the composition, originally focused on motorcycles.

But this antifreeze from Liqui Moly is also allowed to be used for cars. Moreover, it demonstrates excellent performance indicators, it functions perfectly in cast-iron and aluminum engines.

The composition is completely ready for use. It is not a concentrate that needs to be diluted with water.

The use of such antifreeze provides the following benefits:

  • prevents the cooling system from freezing;
  • protection against oxidative and corrosive processes;
  • high-quality heat dissipation function;
  • The composition perfectly interacts with modern engines based on aluminum alloys.

And as such, there are no flaws. The price is adequate, because such antifreeze can and should be used for different types of vehicles.

Power Coolant Green

Efficient and high quality antifreeze produced by TCL. It is considered one of the best compositions that produce and deliver to Russia from Japan.

антифриз Power Coolant Green

Quality antifreeze from the Japanese company

For the manufacture of applied carboxylate or organic base, which meets all standards and requirements, including G12 and G12 ++.

Antifreeze uses special additives that minimize the negative effect of friction on engine components. It also affects the increase in the service life of the vehicle, protecting the motor and pump.

The working temperature range is from -40 to +110 degrees Celsius. When penetrating the system, the antifreeze creates a special protective film on the surfaces that prevents corrosive and destructive processes.

Antifreeze consists entirely of organic components, which even in long-term operation do not contribute to the formation of sludge.

But car owners say that at extremely low temperatures, the structure of the antifreeze becomes more viscous, which can disrupt the composition of the composition on the engine.


Our rating is completed by a decent antifreeze from AGA, which is actively used on vehicles of various types, including cars and trucks.

antifreeze aga z40

Antifreeze for different types of cars

Practice has proven the feasibility of using Z40 on diesel, gasoline and turbo engines. The composition retains its properties for 150,000 kilometers. Additionally protects pump seals, does not destroy rubber and plastic elements of the power plant. Prevents cavitation and metal corrosion.

Z40 is presented in red. In this case, antifreeze may be mixed with different antifreeze and coolant, regardless of their color. The only condition is that the mixes must be made using ethylene glycol as the base. The temperature range starts at -40 and ends at 123 degrees Celsius.

Each of the presented antifreeze occupies a decent high place in the market of coolants. Which of them to choose, decide on their own. The main thing is that you do not get fake. About ways to protect against fakes, we have already told.

Do not forget to change the cooling liquid in time and periodically check its condition.