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За неявку отзывных автомобилей в СЦ накажут запретом на движение Recently, frequent accidents cases, which were responsible for the cars that fell under the revocable campaigns with defective steering and brake systems. Instead of an immediate visit to the service center after the announcement of the recall, the drivers of these vehicles continued to use them in the same mode as if it was a trifling breakdown. By the way, it is not always the fault of the owners, because it happens that they simply forget to inform about it. Rosstandard is very dissatisfied with this, therefore it makes up for insurance companies and the Ministry of Interior car recall report. We are talking about hundreds of thousands of such vehicles. Rosstandart officials suggest “catching these cars” during a vehicle inspection or registration, because such cars are very dangerous not only for the drivers themselves, but also for other road users.

In our country, revocable companies are developing slowly and are perceived by the owners of the vehicle tight. The year before last, Russia produced 27 recall campaigns, covering just over 63,000 cars of various brands. 2015 marked forty-seven reviews about 280 thousand cars. And since the beginning of 2016, we already have 37 reviews covering 382,100 cars. These are campaigns of both foreign manufacturers and the domestic auto industry - AvtoVAZ and UAZ.

За неявку отзывных автомобилей в СЦ накажут запретом на движение What part of these cars was serviced to rectify the detected faults is not reported. But once the high authorities were so alarmed about this, it means that this figure is extremely small, and hundreds of thousands of cars are driving around the country today, which can provoke an accident at any time due to an unresolved reason for the recall.

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The automakers themselves are not against sharing data about such cars with either Rosstandart, or with insurance companies, or with the police. Toyota’s Russian office assures that it is in its interest to locate recalled cars and fix them as soon as possible. And this is understandable, since each manufacturer should be interested in the quality and safety of their machines, because otherwise, their cars will simply stop taking. Avtovazovtsy and Porsche’s Russian office think in the same vein. За неявку отзывных автомобилей в СЦ накажут запретом на движение And in the State Duma of the Russian Federation there is an initiative (coming from V. Lysakov) on a direct ban on the use of such cars until they undergo after-sales service as part of a recall campaign. But this will not be enough if it turns out that the owners "revocable" machines no one bothered to warn - automakers, say, modestly silent, - then the guilty are waited for fines ranging from three hundred to four hundred thousand rubles. For each car or all - not specified, although what is a four hundred thousand fine for the automaker, which has a hundred times more per day? The question is rhetorical.

In addition to the above, as repressive measures for owners "revocable" TS It is proposed not to sign inspection and do not issue a CTPuntil they are checked by service centers. By the way, the procedure for inspection in the near future for the Russians will complicate.