Cnyal your car with a tow truck - pay!

Cnyal your car with a tow truck - pay! Parking issues today are more relevant than ever, especially in large cities. Parking spaces, as usual, are not enough for everyone, and many have to leave their cars in places not intended for parking, often even where parking or parking is generally prohibited by a road sign. It is clear that in such cases the car is evacuated by means of special equipment for moving to paid sites, making it easier for the car owner’s wallet to parking fines, towing services and the size of the services that have come for storage in a paid parking lot. It often happens that the driver, returning to his vehicle, sees him already loaded onto a tow truck. It is clear that there is no limit to his indignation and he immediately wants to lower his car onto the sinful asphalt. Further development of such situations often reaches the hands and the police, since the procedure itself for removing the car from an evacuation forklift does not stipulate any rules for evacuation. Today, the Moscow Region authorities are correcting this procedural flaw for their region, they decided to charge drivers for the possibility of their cars coming down from the autowrecker site.

That is, soon, if the initiative of the Moscow region authorities is adopted by law, no one will interfere with the driver who wants to return his “arrested”, but not yet taken to the car punishment, he has a formal right to do so, however for this procedure exactly half the amount tariff for transportation by tow truck. Today, this amount is equal to 2,250 rubles.

But in order for the driver to return his car unhindered, he will have to present a certificate of registration of the vehicle, driver’s license and auto insurance to the tow truck. Together with the safely returned car, the evacuation staff must give the driver a receipt for the payment of the following work: arrival of the tow truck to the place of the guiding parking, loading and lowering the “guilty” car from the platform. The penalty is supposed to be paid within seven days from the moment of its receipt in any possible way.

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These updated vehicle evacuation rules will be necessarily fixed in the regional regulations. The project has successfully passed the examination for the absence of a corruption component.

It remains to be recalled that in Russia today there are no unified, identical for all regions forced evacuation rules. For example, in the capital, the driver, who had time to appear before loading his car on the tow truck, while paying only parking ticket.