The french withdraw citroen c4 picasso sold in russia

Французы отзывают проданные в России Citroen C4 Picasso

The management of the French company Citroen has initiated a service campaign for a number of its cars, including those sold on the Russian market. Recalled kompaktveny C4 Picasso current generation, implemented by car dealers in our country for two months - October-November last year.

What nakosyachili French automakers? The reason for the revocation lies in the malfunction of the locks, which can lock them tight, you can only get into the car afterwards with the help of autogen. However, just like getting out of the car, because the moment when it is “peck up” the lock mechanism cannot be determined. He can refuse at any minute. And it breaks as one lock, and all at the same time. Французы отзывают проданные в России Citroen C4 Picasso Dealers today calculate the owners of defective cars and notify them about the start of the service company and the need to come to the service center, where the car will be thoroughly investigated and, if necessary, all the locks of the compact van will be replaced with good ones. Of course, all work will be made completely free. To date, dealers have already found twenty one owners Citroen C4 Picassosubject to a revocable campaign. The car owners themselves of these models can punch the wine codes of their cars through the database on the official site of the Russian office of Citroen and in case of coincidence do not wait for the official offer, but immediately go to the service center. Французы отзывают проданные в России Citroen C4 Picasso Citroen C4 Picasso Today, Russian dealers cost from 1 million 130 thousand rubles. This price is subject to special discounts. Under the hood, Picasso's compact van installs 1.6-liter gasoline engines for 120 or 150 hp.

In addition to the French, the Swedes, Germans and Czechs also recalled their cars in the first month of 2016. Czechs nakosyachili with Skoda Superb - malfunctions of electronics are found, the Germans recalled all-wheel drive Mercedes C-Class  cause of Eura. And the Swedes discovered that several thousand Volvo cars sold in Russia had problems with the engine.

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