Rules for choosing an amplifier for a subwoofer installed in


Motorists who do not represent the road without good music, take care of installing a high-quality audio system in the car. The comfort of listening is no less important than the presence of favorite tracks in the playlist, which means that a careful selection of components for the improvement of acoustics is indispensable. Many people have enough standard equipment with car stereo or just good speakers, others buy subwoofers with a built-in amplifier in the appendage, not bothering with wiring throughout the cabin, but true connoisseurs of high quality sound, bass, volume and full immersion in music are suitable with particular scrupulousness to the choice of each component of the audio system. When searching for equipment, one also has to take into account the features of the car’s interior, because the considerable dimensions of the devices sometimes create inconvenience to passengers.

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Purpose and technical parameters

In fact, the amplifier raises not only the volume, but also the sound quality, even with quiet playback. Therefore, the installation of equipment will be useful to music lovers of deafening power and motorists who prefer a moderate listening mode.

When playing audio tracks at extremely high volume without using an amplifier, there are usually distorted sound. This is due to the inconsistency of the output power of the elements of the speaker system with the nonlinear distortion factor. Even the most modern equipment of the car with audio equipment with built-in amplifiers does not give the results that can be obtained by additionally installing a good amplifier. The high output power of the device provides increased sound purity and increases the upper volume threshold, which is beyond the scope of a standard radio tape recorder.

Power amplifier in the car

Amplifiers differ in many ways. They may have a different number of channels, which are used depending on the wiring diagram, that is, the number of connected subwoofers and speakers. Structurally, the devices are divided into digital and analog. The first process the digital signal, the second - electric. A digital amplifier will allow you to personally select adjustable parameters and memorize the frequency characteristics for a particular speaker of acoustics.

Instruments are selected taking into account the basic parameters, power and frequency range. It is the output power that is the main indicator, the choice of which should take into account the front and rear speakers. For speakers, this parameter should be 75 - 100 W, and for a subwoofer 150 - 300 W. The frequency characteristics of the device allow you to adjust the sound acoustics, respectively, the characteristics of the car's interior. They allow you to weaken the frequencies that interact with the elements of the cabin, and increase the absorption of sound interior components.

Criterias of choice

The key to optimal speaker performance is the right choice of amplifier. Sound quality can be achieved only if the technical parameters of all components are consistent. When selecting a pair for a passive-type subwoofer, you should pay attention to the power of the amplifier. The right choice for acoustics implies a high quality instrument sound. Of course, the device manufacturer also plays an important role. There are many of them on the audio market, but it is better to give preference to proven brands that have specialized in the production of these products for decades. Consider how to choose an amplifier for speakers in the car and what criteria should be considered first of all.

Gain class

Devices are classified according to the level of signal distortion and taking into account the efficiency coefficient of efficiency, thus:

  1. Class A. Instruments of this group are distinguished by high sound quality, this is the most correct method of amplification, but they have low efficiency, emit a lot and consume heat. They are not used in cars, which is due to the high level of noise in the cabin, and therefore it is unlikely to be able to estimate the sound quality at a low playback volume.
  2. Class B. Devices with indicators opposite to the previous class, they demonstrate greater power, thermal stability, but do not differ in sound purity and are close, so they also did not receive a distribution for installation in cars.
  3. Class AB. The most optimal option used most often in car interiors. Devices of the mixed class have balanced indicators of A and B classes, possessing average characteristics of power, sound purity and efficiency.
  4. Class D. Digital devices use a completely different sound amplification method. Previously, such devices were used to amplify low-frequency signals, but today they often use broadband amplifiers. They are distinguished by high power with compact dimensions, small sound distortion, but they are nevertheless inferior in purity to class AB, besides their cost is much higher.

There are other classes of devices (G, C, T and others), but they are not used in cars. To understand how to choose the amplifier in the car, you need to decide on your own requirements for the speaker system. The optimal ratio of the parameters of the AV class is suitable for lovers of the quality of music playback, lovers of thundering sound from the cabin, distributed even beyond the visibility of the car, suitable amp D class.

Number of channels

Devices equipped with a power supply and a processor differ in the number of channels. Ideally, each speaker should be connected to its own channel, but in circuits where passive crossovers are used, several sources can be connected to one channel. The minimum channels of the device amplification of sound for auto - 2, just as much use the sound tracks of music tracks.

  1. Front + rear speakers. The most common wiring diagram in which 4-channel car amplifiers are used. Thus, a surround sound type is achieved, with all the richness of the sound pulling back, and for reproducing low-frequency bass you need to connect a subwoofer.
  2. Front speakers + subwoofer. The most common scheme in cars due to the optimal ratio of sound quality parameters. In this case, 3–4 amplification channels are required, or a 2 + bridge combining two channels into one.
  3. Front + rear speakers + sub. To make a connection using this scheme, 5 or 6 (4 + bridge) amplification channels are required.
  4. Multimedia scheme for the cinema in the car. The circuit is provided with amplifiers having 6 or 7 (5 + bridge) channels and includes front, rear speakers, sub and center.

The most appropriate use of 2-channel amplifiers, but as a budget option is quite suitable and 4 or 6-channel device.

Amplifier connection

Amplifier power

This parameter is most important when buying an amplifier in the car. The value can be nominal and maximum (denoted by RMS and PMPO). Manufacturers have plenty of options to overstate the indicators, because the conditions under which the parameter is determined, as usual, are not indicated. The value of the nominal power is determined at 1% of nonlinear distortions, and the maximum without taking them into account, for this reason only the nominal power has weight when choosing a device.

The parameter is indicated at a certain load resistance, as a rule, for car audio systems it is 4 ohms, but if the connected components have a different resistance, it is important to take into account, because if the ratio of indicators is incorrect, the connection of non-compliant components may even lead to device failure. The recommended channel power is 70–120% of the acoustics power, an amplifier with more powerful characteristics will lead to a loss of sound quality, while a device with a low indicator simply cannot do its job.

Rated power You can find out in the passport of the device, while on the case, as a rule, information on maximum power is indicated. Trust the last value should not, because it is only a good marketing move, designed to increase sales at the expense of uninformed customers. Output power significantly reduces the sound quality, so the pursuit of it will eventually disappoint.

In addition to the above criteria, the choice should pay attention to the presence of built-in fans, as well as various volume controls and sound options. In this case, equipping the device with additional functionality will add its cost.

Top Amp Ratings

To help orient when buying a device can top amps. This includes the best devices for enhancing the power and sound quality of car speakers.

Pioneer GM A3602

The device, without a doubt, the best budget version of the amplifier for the car's acoustics, has a compact size. The power of a two-channel device is 60 W per channel, it can work in bridge connection. The device is not enriched with extensive functionality, but it has all the most necessary options. Frequency filters in Pioneer GM A devices provide fine tuning of the connected components, and input recognition will simplify installation.

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Alpine PMX F640

The four-channel amplifier will definitely please the wearer with sound quality, it is compact and has a small price given the high quality characteristics. The model has a power of 50 watts per channel and 150 watts in bridge power. A high-level input is available, allowing the device to be used in standard systems, as well as a linear output to another amplifier.

Alpine PMX F640


Three-channel amp with good sound quality. Usually, 4-channel devices are used to implement the front-sub scheme, two of which are switched on by a bridge and work on a subwoofer. The design of the DLS RM30 assumes that one of the channels having a higher power is subs. The device is easily adjustable, has a compact size, with the right combination with acoustics, it shows its full potential.


Alpine MRX-M240

Powerful mono amplifier class D digital subwoofer. The device has overcurrent protection, voltage and thermal protection, equipped with many additional functions. With such an amplifier, the car interior turns into a club, however, the price for the pleasure is rather big.

Alpine MRX-M240

Of course, the rating of car amplifiers includes not the entire list of worthy options. The audio goods market offers much more high-quality models from famous brands. Brands that are popular today in Russia, such as Kicx, Pioneer, Alpine, Hertz, Mystery, Calcell, are famous for the high quality of their products and, having gained a reputation, they value it. When buying, be sure to consider not only the declared characteristics, but also the reliability of the manufacturer, and having understood the varieties and basic parameters of car amplifiers, you will not be difficult to make a choice in favor of a device that best suits your audio system.