Fast and economical: ssangyong actyon versus kia sportage


Modern crossovers are gradually deprived of the status of slow and cumbersome cars, which they inherited from the previous years SUVs. A good example is the new generation SsangYong Actyon, in which the car not only changed visually, but also lost its frame and got a completely new technique that helps to achieve the best dynamic performance. It can be compared with a similar Korean crossover, which has a longer history of existence in a fully passenger class - KIA Sportage. To check which car is better suited for active drivers - SangYong Aktion or KIA Sporteydzh, we will take to test modifications with the most powerful diesel engines and mechanical transmissions. In this case, KIA Sportage and SsangYong Actyon will be equal in cost - the difference in the price of the most expensive configurations does not exceed 100 thousand rubles.

SsangYong Actyon and KIA Sportage - crossovers for active people

SsangYong Actyon and KIA Sportage — кроссоверы для активных людей

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Crossover power lines

Так как в сравнении попадают наиболее мощные версии современных кроссоверов SsangYong Actyon and KIA Sportage, стоит немедленно перейти к сравнению динамики. Машина от корейского бренда SsangYong обладает отличным удобством управления ускорением — демпфирование педали, характерное для большинства производителей почти не чувствуется, благодаря чему автомобиль даже провоцирует совершать рискованные манёвры. Силового агрегата мощностью в 175 лошадиных сил хватает Actyon с избытком — в городе машина даёт возможность первым уходить с линии разметки у светофора, оставляя позади даже некоторые «заряженные» купе с бензиновыми моторами благодаря невероятной тяге дизеля, достигающей своего пика уже на 3000 оборотов в минуту. That's just when trying to continue the competition SsangYong Actyon will inevitably lose, since the elongated transmissions in the mechanical transmission are more focused on efficiency and smoothness. But on the track you can only relax and use one of the raising steps of the Actyon, forgetting the need to switch in order to stay even in a dense stream.The appearance of the car SsangYong Actyon

If you compare the KIA Sportage or SsangYong Actyon that fell into the testing, it turns out that the first one is somewhat more powerful with a similar working volume of the power unit - the performance reaches 184 horsepower. However, at the first meeting with the KIA car, this is not felt at all due to the very heavy gas pedal, which inevitably slows down acceleration when starting from a standstill. But the situation is changing with a set of speed - if SsangYong Actyon looks like a bully who briskly starts from traffic lights and grazes in a serious competition, then KIA Sportage with its fighting character is ready to stand to the end. In many ways, excellent dynamic parameters due to well-chosen gear ratios in manual transmission, which allow you to constantly keep the engine in the operating range of revolutions. Yes, and the limiting value of torque is achieved a little earlier, so the slowly starting Sportage allows you to continue to maintain an excellent pace both in city traffic and on the free country road.The appearance of the car KIA Sportage


Since we are comparing crossovers, it’s worth taking this opportunity to evaluate their off-road abilities, especially since the previous generation SsangYong Actyon was not inferior in this to many more serious cars. However, the miracle did not happen - we already have a completely different machine, designed with a different approach. The transition of the Actyon from the frame to the bearing body in addition to reducing weight and lowering the center of gravity also took part of the ground clearance, of which only 190 mm remained. Even this figure would be quite good, but everything spoils the stylish bumpers of SsangYong Actyon, which were created for urban driving, and have very small entry and exit angles. All-wheel drive transmission Actyon, using a viscous coupling, rarely overheats, unlike many other crossovers, but allows slip a few seconds before switching on - during this time you can get very deeply bogged down. Before the washed out primer on the SsangYong Actyon, the coupling can be forcibly blocked - however, then you are guaranteed overheating with the rear-wheel drive disconnected after 15–20 minutes of movement in such a mode.

Test drive car SsangYong Actyon:

If we compare the Sporteydzh or Aktion, the car brand KIA will be much better equipped in terms of preparation for off-road. The place of the traditional viscous coupling, which is used in SsangYong Actyon, is occupied by an electro-hydraulic unit, which makes it possible to obtain almost instantaneous responses to a change in road conditions. In addition, KIA Sportage is not inclined to overheat the transmission, which allows it for a long time to maintain the advantages of all-wheel drive when driving in mud or shallow snow. However, despite all the equipment, it is not recommended to drive off the asphalt on the KIA crossover - its ground clearance is only 170 mm, which means getting stuck in the first snow-covered hole, hitting the bottom with low hummocks and an unplanned stop in a dirty track. In addition, KIA Sportage is the owner of no less fashionable bumpers than those that are installed on the Actyon - the result is very limited angles to overcome obstacles.

Test drive car KIA Sportage:


What can be called the main positive feature of the SsangYong Actyon is the setting of its chassis, which provides excellent comfort for passengers. At city speeds Actyon does not allow knocks and vibrations even when driving through such large irregularities as the tram tracks and “speed bumps”. And only with increasing speed, SsangYong begins to annoy with unpleasant blows when driving through pits, bumps and long waves of asphalt pavement. However, despite such features of the suspension setting, SsangYong Actyon does not reduce the convenience and accuracy of control - when driving the joints of the roadway and large cracks, the steering wheel does not deviate from its original position not a millimeter.In the car SsangYong Actyon

KIA engineers also wanted to make the Sportage crossover suspension fit as much as possible with its powerful diesel engine. Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% - however, they chose a rather controversial way. Like all cars of this brand, the Sportage feels like too hard and possessing poor comfort. In any driving modes, be prepared to feel quite strong blows and put up with sounds coming from under the bottom. However, there can be no complaints about the accuracy of the management of KIA Sportage - the car obeys the steering wheel much better than its competitors. In general, the KIA is perceived as a harmonious car that can give pleasure from driving, although it forces one to put up with some inconveniences.In the car KIA Sportage

Internal parameters


О дизайне обоих автомобилей было сказано уже очень много, поэтому устраивать сравнение SsangYong Actyon and KIA Sportage в этой области нет смысла. Хочется только сказать, что оба корейских кроссовера выглядят достаточно гармонично и имеют облик, полностью соответствующий современным трендам. Вот только внутри KIA Sportage немного более оригинален за счёт применения огромного экрана мультимедийной системы и круглой панели вокруг рукоятки управления КПП.Car trunk SsangYong Actyon

It is much more interesting to compare the practicality that cars possess - for example, the SsangYong is notable for its considerable trunk size, even with the rear seats completely unfolded. The figure reaches 486 liters, but at the same time the convenience of loading large items is somewhat reduced due to the protruding wheel arches. Maybe SsangYong Actyon will surprise us after the transformation of the sofa - but again we have to face disappointment. The total volume of the cargo compartment is only 1.3 cubic meters, and on the SsangYong floor there is a considerable step that prevents you from transporting such fragile items as modern flat-screen TVs.KIA Sportage car trunk

If we consider the KIA Sportage, then at first its owner will be delighted with a huge luggage space of 564 liters, which is characterized by a small loading height and the absence of protruding wheel arches. However, after the transformation you feel the same feelings as when folding the rear seats SsangYong Actyon. The parameters are completely identical - in KIA you get a compartment of 1.3 cubic meters with a step, which prevents you from carrying long loads that are not particularly strong.


It is very comfortable to sit in front of SsangYong - especially if you are not distinguished by a huge width of shoulders. The overly narrow lateral support of the Actyon spoils the whole impression of the excellent form of the backrest and cushion, as well as the pleasant to the touch leather upholstery. In a long journey, this will lead to the fact that people of large build will be forced to constantly move forward, trying to take a break from the constraint, which is different SsangYong Actyon. But you don’t have to complain about the back sofa at all - it has a beautiful shape and a considerable width, allowing three people to sit here, regardless of their size. In addition, it is worth mentioning the considerable amount of space for the legs and head, which is different SsangYong Actyon - it becomes immediately clear for what sacrificed luggage compartment volume.

Car model:SsangYong ActyonKIA Sportage
Producing country:Korea (Assembly - Russia, Vladivostok)Korea (Build - Russia)
Body Type:CrossoverCrossover
Number of places:55
Number of doors:55
Engine capacity, cubic cm:19981995
Power, l. c./about min .:175/4000184/4000
Maximum speed, km / h:179194
Acceleration to 100 km / h, from:10,09,4
Type of drive:FullFull
Fuel type:DTDT
Consumption per 100 km:In the city 7.5 / Outside the city 5.1In the city 7.2 / Outside the city 6.0
Length, mm:44104440
Width, mm:18301855
Height, mm:16751635
Clearance, mm:180172
Tire size:215/65 R16215/70 R16
Curb weight, kg:16931677
Full weight, kg:21702140
Fuel tank capacity:5758

Crossover от KIA намного честнее в своих недостатках — далёкую от оптимальной форму спинки переднего кресла Sportage ощущаешь сразу же, и готовишься к неудобству в дальней дороге. Но в остальном никаких ошибок вы не найдёте — за исключением грубо выглядящей кожи на обивке сидений KIA Sportage лишён просчётов в эргономике. Если в SsangYong Actyon просто отмечаешь, что задний диван имеет преимущество над багажным отсеком, то тут хочется поблагодарить за это инженеров KIA. The space is so huge that it is good to compare the car with business-class sedans, in which you can throw a leg over the foot even when choosing the most comfortable fit. The only small minus is the Sportage pillow shape, which is close to convex, but you can forgive it if you remember the metric dimensions of the rear section of the cabin.

The best and fastest

Несмотря на то что динамика обоих автомобилей находится на одинаковом уровне, KIA Sportage всё же удобнее в управлении — при условии, что вы не станете обращать внимание на жёсткость подвески. Если говорить о SsangYong Actyon, то он лучше подходит для езды по плохим дорогам и даже лёгкой пересечённой местности, однако в городе существенно отстаёт от KIA Sportage. Crossover от KIA также намного превосходит конкурента по вместимости — пусть он не обладает крупным багажником, но места на задних сиденьях здесь предостаточно. Единственное, в чём наблюдается полный паритет — так это во внешности, которая выглядит достойно как у KIA Sportage, так и у SsangYong Actyon.