The right choice of spray gun for painting a car: practical


If you own a car, then you probably thought at least once about changing its color or shade. Of course, the easiest way to contact the automotive workshop, where professional masters repaint your steel friend in a fairly short time. However, this pleasure is not cheap, since the master has a long hard work with chemical dyes and so on. And such work together with high-quality materials simply cannot be cheap. Therefore, if you decide to try your hand at painting a car, we recommend that you purchase everything you need in advance. And perhaps, one of the most important acquisitions will be a spray gun for painting cars. This is the main tool on which the quality of the body covering and the success of the final result will depend on 80%. Therefore, we do not recommend trying to get a cheap device. And what kind of spray gun to choose, our article will tell you.

Car painting

Airbrush main tool for painting a car

Its name, this device - the spray gun - was not accidentally obtained. The principle of its work is to supply the so-called colorful haze directly on the painted surface. It would seem that everything is quite simple. However, the power of paint supply, its quantity, air pressure and other criteria play a very important role in the characteristics of the spray gun. After all, different devices at the same distance can give a more saturated shade of paint or almost imperceptible, more common or directed directly to one point.

Читать далее о нюансах выбора краскопульта для покраски авто-->Как правило, корпус краскопульта состоит из основной части, на которой находится спусковой курок. Именно это кнопка отвечает за момент подачи воздуха в отсек с краской, а также непосредственное напыление её на поверхность. Бачок с краской в зависимости от выбранной модели может находиться как сверху или снизу, так и по бокам самого устройства. Как правило, такие модели стоят дороже и относятся к разряду профессиональных. Если вы только планируете свою собственноручную первую покраску, то вам подойдёт устройство попроще.

The device spray for painting

The device spray for painting

A prerequisite for the spray gun is a filter installed in the paint supply tank. No matter how good it may be, it may still contain impurities that block the nozzle. However, this does not relieve you of the need to clean the device after each use. The nozzle for better coverage has several holes through which the paint and the tank gets to the surface. The force of its supply is regulated by a special device on the atomizer.

These are common features of any airbrushes for painting cars. However, as soon as you are ready to choose a specific device, you will see a lot of characteristics that we propose to investigate further.

HP (high pressure spray guns)

Despite their most widespread prevalence, professional automakers use them quite rarely. Such a paint sprayer is characterized by the supply of paint to the surface under sufficiently high pressure — one and a half atmospheres. At the same time, the air supply to the device itself should not be less than two atmospheres. As a result, you get a more evenly dyed surface in a short time. Low air consumption - up to 300 liters per minute - can also be considered one of the advantages of the device. So why aren't professionals getting to work with him?

HP spray gun


The most significant disadvantage of this spray gun for painting cars is the high consumption of coloring materials. It's one thing if you choose the spray gun for yourself, and completely different when the excess amount of paint is consumed every day in the workshop. Since the coloring haze at the exit has a very high speed, the paint droplets do not have time to properly mate with the surface, as if “jumping off” from it. As a result, more than half of the coloring agent goes nowhere, more precisely, on any surrounding objects, but not on the body of your car.

It is also worth noting that working with such a device requires almost sterile conditions. More precisely, the room in which you plan to paint your four-wheel friend, must be perfectly clean and dust-free. Of course, this is impossible to achieve, and, therefore, due to the speed of paint supply and air entrapment, these dust particles will stick along with drops of paint to the surface. To say that the result will be a gorgeous, smooth finish is not necessary. Therefore, additional grinding will be required.

HVLP (low pressure spray guns and large amounts of air)

HVLP spray gun

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The structure of this device is slightly different from the previous one. Since it should turn a sufficiently high air trapping pressure (up to three atmospheres) into a low one at the outlet - up to 0.7 atmospheres. As a result, such a device gives a uniform dense staining of the surface, where the percentage of loss of coloring haze is not more than 35%. Since the jet exit to the surface has a low speed, dust and other particles from the air do not stick to the body. And this means that you do not need to grind it in addition. However, for the correct operation of such a device, it is necessary to connect a good compressor to it, which will supply from 360 liters of air per minute.

The disadvantages of this type of painting spray guns include the need for a closer distance when working with it. This, in turn, makes it difficult to paint difficult-to-reach parts at a distance.

LVLP (low pressure spray guns with a small amount of air)

Spray Gun LVLP


These coloring devices perfectly combine the advantages of the two above mentioned spray guns. With the incoming air pressure a maximum of two atmospheres at the exit, the paint is supplied under pressure up to 1.2 atmospheres. This allows you to save air consumption, as well as maximize the quality of the painted surface. When using such a device, the loss of paint is only 20-25%. To date, they are used most often.

Pneumatic or electric?

It is rather difficult to compare these two systems, but for a general understanding of the consumer, we will still try. Let's say right away that the electric spray gun is suitable for household work (to which we can also include painting work of our own car). As a rule, such models are equipped with large nozzles, that is, you can work with them on quite viscous dyes. However, they are not suitable for the production, that is, large-scale regular work, because it will result in a significant waste of paint.

Electric spray gun позволяет с первого слоя получить равномерное плотное покрытие, поскольку размер капель у него будет крупнее. При этом во время работы с таким устройством практически полностью отсутствует красящая дымка, или туман. А ведь при использовании краскопульта пневматического он будет, и достаточно обильный. Поэтому работать с ним следует лишь в специально оборудованных для этого помещениях, в которых предусмотрена система вытяжки красящего тумана. Да и, как правило, размер сопла у таких устройств достаточно небольшой, созданный специально для работы с разведёнными красителями. То есть, окрашивать поверхность нужно будет в несколько этапов, поскольку слои будут получаться тонкими и полупрозрачными.

Electric spray gun


What does the nozzle diameter affect

Judging by the logic, larger nozzles (from 1.5 mm and above) are designed to work with more viscous and thick textures. Spray gun, you can even put a liquid putty, but for this it will need to equip the nozzle at least 1.7 millimeters. Liquid and lighter textures are sprayed with a spray gun with a nozzle of 1.2 mm. For painting cars at home, a nozzle with a diameter of 1.4 mm is suitable. On sale you can also find models in which the nozzles change.

What else should be considered when choosing a coloring sprayer?

Be sure to pay attention to the performance of the air compressor for the spray gun. It should indicate the figures twice as high as those required directly by the atomizer itself. This will allow the device to work even for a long time without overloading.

You should not spend money on expensive professional equipment if you just want to try your hand at a new business for you.

Follow our tips, and you will definitely be able to choose the right device for painting your car! Have you already had experience in the acquisition and use of such devices? So you can advise newcomers to painting cars? What should I look for first? Which spray gun works best at home?