Tuning dodge caravan do it yourself

The car Dodge Caravan has a good popularity, both in Russia and in the CIS and the USA. The car is designed for family trips, so the cabin was restyled for a pleasant and safe ride for all passengers. Such a restyled car is called tuning.

Dodge Grand Caravan tuning photo

The latest release of the car Dodge Caravan was carried out in 2007. It belongs to the fifth generation of this model and is included in the category of family minivan. The car's brand was named Grand Caravan, and even then it was produced with a version V engine, a volume of 3.8-4 liters and an automatic transmission.

Standard package of external and internal tuning

In 2011 was produced tuning dodgeThe car began to be produced with a Grand modification on three different configurations:

  • engine capacity of 3.3 liters and 178 horsepower;
  • engine capacity of 3.8 liters and 197 horsepower;
  • engine capacity of 4 liters and a power of 251 horsepower.

The latest modification of the car received with these characteristics: the engine capacity of 3.6 liters version V6 and a power of 283 horsepower. The suspension of the car was reconfigured, which added stability to it on the roads, the sound insulation absorbing all the noises of the car was improved. Halogen headlights with diodes add car brightness. External Tuning Dodge Caravan photo can be viewed below.

Car Caravan has high-quality seats and LED interior lighting. The new model is equipped with the Swivel’n Go seat transformation system, with the help of which the chairs are rotated in different directions, the MyGig entertainment system is also installed - a device for recording, storing and playing music. There is a monitor for passengers on the second and third row of seats and additional safety curtains. This volume of the system is available in the car Dodge with standard equipment. The gearbox is located on the dashboard. In addition, the model has a stabilization system in the electronic version of control.

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External tuning Dodge Caravan

Photo tuning Dodge outside the car

Additionally, a ceiling monitor with an anti-shock system, a built-in infrared transmitter for wireless headphones, an FM transmitter, a remote control, an LED interior lighting system and an automatic shutdown of the system can be installed in the cabin. Such a monitor will be compatible with Android smartphones and an IOS system for mirroring the device. Connecting a smartphone to the monitor, you can enjoy watching movies on the big screen, listening to music through the standard acoustics, as well as having fun playing games. The monitor has a diagonal of 15.6 inches worth approximately 32 thousand rubles. It is better to install the system on the basis of maintenance in order not to damage the internal characteristics of the car.

Instructions for chip tuning Dodge Caravan

For Dodge Grand Caravan car owners, it is proposed to carry out an additional chip tuning machine. The fact is that the factory settings of the car can not cover all the features of the car and make it as high-quality as possible, so the question arises of how to improve and refine the system created.

Dodge Caravan custom

Chip tuning implies setting up the operating mode of the electronic system in the car with a change in the internal controls of the program. The operation will add power to the engine and reduce fuel consumption (by installing gas equipment and changing engine management programs).

The cost of chip tuning is quite acceptable for many car enthusiasts, however there is such Dodge tuningwhich has a very high cost. Engine properties are configured according to the region of residence and the climatic conditions of the car. This feature in some way affects the performance of the engine itself in order to get an easy start, adjustable idling, a gradual increase in speed, then it is just necessary to carry out chip tuning.

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At any time, you can hold an internal tuning Dodge Caravan do it yourselfFor example, replacing the cabin filter. This filter changes after every 15 thousand kilometers. The replacement procedure is carried out easily and quickly, without preparing any tools, however, it is necessary to purchase the filter element article 1987432497.

Photos of the Dodge Grand Caravan retrofit

The cabin filter is under the glove compartment of the car, so you first need to find it and slide the system cover. The cover moves to itself, the resulting item set aside. Pull the old set deadline from the cabin filter, you no longer need it. Now it remains only to install a new filter element and fix the cover in place. This procedure will take you 5-10 minutes and then, doing all the work with one hand. Doing tuning “Dodge” with your own hands, you will significantly save money and time to conduct such an operation in the cabin. Just do not forget that in reality everything may not be as obvious as in tuning VAZ 21214, for which the necessary details are much easier to find.

Similar videos on the replacement of auto items, and other interesting and useful tips can be found on the Internet.

Owners of the Dodge Grand Caravan with a diesel engine just need to carry out similar tuning. By reprogramming the engine ECU, the engine power will be maximized. Refinement eliminates particulate filters, and helps in the operation of the system of diffusers, thereby adding even more power to the engine. The only nuance of such work is an increase in emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere. It is possible to eliminate this problem by installing air filters on the car body.

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Dodo Grand Caravan Minivan

By installing the chip tuning, the car reduces fuel consumption by 1.5 liters and travels 100 kilometers. Such a difference will affect the power of atmospheric engines, improving performance by 10 percent, and increasing turbine power by 40 percent.

В tuning dodge Grand Caravan также входит коррекция показаний спидометра для умеренного пробега машины и замены приборной доски. С коррекцией одометра устанавливаются колеса большого диаметра, и происходит замена двигателей. Стоимость на проведение такой операции зависит от модели марки Додж и от представительств по модернизации машины города.

Tuning Dodge Grand Caravan touched almost all parts of the car, from design to functionality, thereby providing it with new features.

This video will show in detail how to do the tuning procedure correctly and effectively: