Izhevsk automobile plant assembled the first models of the

На Ижевском автозаводе собрали первые модели Lada Vesta Cross

At Izhevsk production facilities owned by AvtoVAZ, they are preparing for mass production серийной версии Lada Vesta Cross. The first test models are already ready, which will have to go through all the test procedures for strength. In the case of their successful passage, the serial cross version of Vesta is not far off. The first thing that was done at the Izhevsk Automobile Plant was to weld the body of the novelty, and only then the entire chassis and car were assembled. The body immediately began to be painted with a new experimental paint and varnish composition and, after drying, they began testing for its durability and resistance to temperature conditions. As the engineers say, this part of the test was successful. By the way first "test" wagon Lada West Cross painted in snow-white tones.

As for the timing of the beginning of the mass production of the new version of Lada Vesta ориентировочно называют сентябрь месяц, разумеется, текущего года. Но именно в сентябре это может и не произойти, так как есть сложности с некоторыми штампами, которые производятся на другом автозаводе. Что-то там не срастается, конкретика неизвестна, но это может отодвинуть старт массовой сборки Lada Vesta Cross на начало будущего, 2017 года. В конце лета в рамках международного Московского авто-шоу "предсерийник" Lada Vesta Cross will be demonstrated to the world unequivocally. На Ижевском автозаводе собрали первые модели Lada Vesta Cross It is worth recalling that the first version of the "mule" Lada Vesta Cross It was officially presented a year ago. It was then that the developers of the novelty said that it will be implemented in two versions: the standard version and off-road, with a more powerful engine, all-wheel drive, a reinforced suspension and high ground clearance. According to the latest data, the Avtovaz workers admit that they then swung too much at once into two variants of the model, they would not pull the two at once, and therefore refuse the standard modification, and will only implement four-wheel drive Lada Westu Cross.

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На Ижевском автозаводе собрали первые модели Lada Vesta Cross Plans for the developers of the model are quite ambitious. When the assembly line finally starts, Izhevsk Automobile Plant is going to produce no less than twenty thousand. station wagon Lada Vesta Cross annually.