Toyota rav4 received a massive review

Toyota RAV4 получили массовый отзыв We are talking about half a million cars only sold in the United States for several years - from 2009 to 2014. But the owners of Russian Toyota RAV4 should also be alerted, because in these years these cars were delivered to our country. Simply, the American representation of Toyota is more responsible than its Russian colleagues and began to fuss immediately upon the discovery of flaws. In the meantime, we have cancer on the mountain whistling, it will not be superfluous to go to the manufacturer’s offsite punch your RAV4 on the basis of VIN-codes recall cars. The problem, in fact, is not so terrible: the defect lies in the low corrosion resistance of the windscreen wipers, which may fall off at the most inappropriate moment, for example, during heavy rain.

The American representation of the Japanese automaker Toyota initiated the launch of a revocable campaign for nearly half a million Toyota RAV4 crossovers. In an official report distributed by the responsible persons in the print and electronic media, it is stated that they recall cars with internal combustion engines that came off the assembly line in 2009-2012, besides them, about 2,500 electric cars issued in 2012–2014. The reason is wiper wiper holders, moreover, they can bend to such a state that they simply fall off during vibrations during movement. According to the official description of the defect, the rust affects the place where the brush joins the lever drive of the wipers, as a result, the latter flies away. True, no accidents due to the rusty janitor while not registered.

It is striking that the Americans are human-centered: the problem, to put it mildly, is trivial, it’s hard to imagine that when the wipers are turned on, even if they lose their way, something terrible can happen. When the bad weather begins, the driver, if he is not a kamikaze, drops speed, and if the abyss opens to biblical dimensions, then such weather is usually waited on the sidelines. But from our representatives Toyota did not say a word. At least they would warn you, say, buy yourself a pair of spare wipers and carry with you for everyone. But no, silence. Do not think about the person at all. They seem to need it only as a buyer, and further the interest in it fades.

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To eliminate the defect in Toyota service centers on caught under review RAV4 change the entire wiper assembly, except the motor and wiring. If the nozzles that spray the washing solution are rusty, they will also be replaced.