Four of the most popular models of compact crossovers


Today, the degree of competition in the class of compact crossovers is higher than ever before. The Russian car market is a very unstable phenomenon, only two classes can boast of peak sales: sedans and crossovers. This article is devoted to crossovers and we will have to compare the four most popular models of compact crossovers in Russia.

To objectively determine the cost-effective choice, it is necessary to compare the two most attractive car models. Each car, regardless of its class affiliation, has a number of distinctive features: price, design style, technical equipment, general vector of design thought.

Сравнение Skoda Yeti, That Sportage, Subaru XV и Suzuki SX4

Сравнение Skoda Yeti, That Sportage, Subaru XV и Suzuki SX4

In the automotive market in Russia, the most attractive model of the compact crossover is the Suzuki SX4, if the car is viewed in terms of its market value. Is this the only advantage of a popular car? Of course not.

The That Sportage compact crossover is in its class in the automotive market in Russia and Europe one of the most popular models in terms of the number of sales. Indeed, in the world of technology there are no accidents. Korean compact crossovers really performed at a decent level and sales statistics are proof of that.

Compact Subaru XV crossover at the current time takes some promising position when it takes advantage of it and takes advantage of whether it remains unknown. Four-wheel drive is one of the basic advantages of the Subaru XV in its class.

Skoda Yeti является единственным реальным конкурентом из европейского автопрома в классе компактных кроссоверов. Дизайн чешского автомобиля в сочетании с немецкой классической начинкой являются весьма весомыми аргументами на автомобильном рынке. Это всё безупречно отлично, однако, сразу возникает вопрос: «Соответствует ли компактный кроссовер Шкоды своей стоимости?». Цель теста всех четырёх автомобилей – определить кто из числа компактных кроссоверов заслужит звание лучшего в России.Читать далее четырёх самых популярных моделях компактных кроссоверов-->

Absolute leader at first glance

На первый взгляд абсолютным лидером является компактный кроссовер Subaru XV. Если верить заводской документации клиренс автомобиля составляет 220 мм, что в свою очередь делает его слега крупногабаритным. С точки зрения компактности Subaru XV является наиболее уникальным вариантом. Функцию ремня в автомобиле на себя возложили variable speed drive вместе с chainю. Они, вместе взятые являются хорошо устойчивыми к предельно допустимым нагрузкам.

At first glance, the leader is the Subaru XV Car.

At first glance, the leader is the Subaru XV Car.

Subaru XV in the configuration with a built-in variator is represented by all-wheel drive, the clutch of which is located behind the car. According to the specified factory parameters, the front wheels have a greater moment of force. The ratio of the moment of force between the front and rear wheel groups is 60:40. However, the drive coupling may close if the need arises. If Subaru is considered from the point of view of the effectiveness of overcoming the off-road surface, then the only obstacle is the loss of the rubber pattern and therefore the adhesion. However, in order to bring the car to such a state, you will have to try hard.

Корейский компактный кроссовер That Sportage имеет клиренс, равный 180 мм. Автомобиль также оснащён полным приводом, причём аналогичным по функциональности с Subaru XV. Встроенный бортовой компьютер умеет моделировать блокировку дифференциалов. Со сверхвысокими нагрузками автомобилю поможет справиться гидротрансформаторный «автомат».

The Czech-made compact crossover Skoda Yeti has an integrated “Off-road” button on its board, when clicked, the on-board computer automatically switches to off-road mode. In some cases, this functionality becomes useful. The only flaw lies in the front overhang of the car, which is too elongated. The value of the clearance of the car Skoda Yeti is 180 mm. However, the car is even equipped with four operating modes of the drive: autonomous, disconnected, mud / snow, sports.

Technical details
Car model:ThatSkodaSubaruSuzuki
Engine's type:4 cylinder4-cylinder, turbo4 cylinder4 cylinder
Number of valves / camshafts:4 per cylinder / 44 per cylinder / 44 per cylinder / 44 per cylinder / 4
Timing Drive:beltchainchainbelt
Working volume, cm3:1998179819951586
kW (hp) at rpm:113 (154)/6200118 (160)/4500110 (150)/600086 (117)/6000
Nm at rpm:191/4700250/1500198/4200156/6000
Max speed, km / h:174200187165
Acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h, with:11,78,410,713,5
CAT:6AKPP6МКППvariable speed drivevariable speed drive
Drive unit:full, with multi-plate clutchfull, with multi-plate clutchfull, with multi-plate clutchfull, with multi-plate clutch
Brakes front / rear:disk / diskdisk / diskdisk / diskdisk / disk
Fuel consumption, l / 100 km:11,4/6,8/8,610,1/6,9/8,010,5/7,5/6,97,6/5,5/6,2
Length / width / height, mm:4440/1855/16304222/1793/16454450/1780/16154300/1765/1580
Wheelbase, mm:2640257826352600
Trunk volume, l:564-1353416-1485310-1200430-1269
Tank capacity / fuel type:58 l / AI-9560 l / AI-9560 l / AI-9547 l / AI-95

It was decided to test all compact crossovers in two driving modes - driving uphill and diagonal hanging.

Availability is a feature of Suzuki

Today, the compact Suzuki New SX4 crossover has the lowest cost in the class of non-budget options that are available on the Russian automotive market. Only one loyal price is enough to pay attention to this car. A key feature of the model is that the highest possible equipment allows it to remain ahead of all its competitors in terms of financial resources. Each complete set of the Suzuki New SX4 car, including basic is equipped with a high-tech and dynamic security system ESP, as well as 7th airbags.

Car Suzuki New SX4

Car Suzuki New SX4

In terms of dimensions, the car does not cause any complaints, although it is impossible to bypass the fact that the average Russian person will balk his head against the roof if he sits in the back seat. Unfortunately, the Suzuki New SX4 does not drive much off-road, as the engine in the configuration is offered only one thing, its volume is 1.6 liters, and the power is 117 horsepower. With such technical parameters, you can only move in a mode of moderate driving and no more. Pleases only the ability to control the variator, which is already equipped with the 7th virtual gear.

Soundproofing car, frankly, needs some work: the sound of the engine is heard clearly, in addition to the added sound of the wind and the sound result of the braking system. In principle, the car can be driven even on slippery ground, if the situation requires it. However, with a side ride the car has frank problems. From the point of view of common objective judgment, buying a compact crossover Suzuki New SX4 financially not profitable.

Test drive the Suzuki New SX4:

Permeability - the main vector of practical functionality Subaru

Many car dealers in the countries of the post-Soviet Union simply underestimate the degree of attractiveness of Subaru XV. Objectively speaking, the car is more adapted to off-road, therefore, on a flat, well-paved area, it behaves rather toughly. Engine noise is heard and the suspension is felt inside the car. Although nominally the car is equipped with a 150-liter engine, however, a slightly different impression is created on the track, it seems that the engine power varies around 110 horsepower.

The rest of the car has a stylish modern design and is a very reliable powertrain. According to statistics from the dynamics of the car in the four loses only Skoda Yeti, but in practice I would like to see a better result than the one that was demonstrated. The interior of the Subaru XV is made in a modern simple style. Summing up the objective, it should be noted that this compact crossover is ideal for off-road. In practice, the Subaru VX is a versatile compact family-type crossover.

Test drive Subaru XV:

Крупные габариты – это про That Sportage

Компактный кроссовер That Sportage занимает вторую позицию по количествам проданных автомобилей в своём функционально сегменте. Большинство потребителей делают свой выбор в пользу That Sportage, благодаря его кроссоверской направленности. Стоимость вполне адекватная, если соотносить с предоставляемым качеством и функциональностью. Сам по себе компактный кроссовер That Sportage является чрезвычайно просторным, поэтому в его салоне будет чувствовать себя комфортно каждый пассажир и, конечно же, сам водитель, причём, независимо от своих физических параметров. Заводская настройка шасси, мягко говоря, с трудом заслуживает четвёрки. Все встречаемые на трассе неровности находят своё отражение в соответствующем колебании салона автомобиля, такова специфика функционирования подвески.

Автомобиль That Sportage

Автомобиль That Sportage

В принципе общий уровень изоляции сравнительно с представленными аналогами находится на неплохом уровне, однако, этого всё же недостаточно. Хоть и двигатель автомобиля номинально имеет мощность целых 170 лошадиных сил, однако, к сожалению автоматическая коробка передач слишком сильно нивелирует заводскую мощность автомобиля. That Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0%  Sportage оснащён функцией автоматического паркования, а также имеет камеру заднего вида. Если приобретать That Sportage, то только в бюджетных комплектациях, так как в дорогих версиях автомобиль теряет свою рентабельность.

Тест-драйв автомобиля That Sportage:

Skoda Yeti - a versatile range of features

The quality of the compact crossover Skoda Yeti is noticeable in every element of the car. This car has one of the best ergonomics in its class. Inside, the passengers will feel comfortable, both the passengers and the driver himself. Suspension perfectly levels all the bumps that occur while driving. Because of this, the body does not actually fluctuate at all. Factory setting chassis almost perfect.

Skoda Yeti car

Skoda Yeti car

In terms of manageability, the compact crossover Skoda Yeti can serve as a model of quality that other automakers should strive for. True, there are several drawbacks, namely: the small trunk compartment, and the steering almost completely covers the front of the dashboard. However, the engine itself functions perfectly in practice, it is felt that it has the features of a true crossover.

Test drive car Skoda Yeti:


The bottom line is this. The experts were impressed by the full power of the Skoda Yeti, although her way to the top was blocked by the high price and unremarkable for our man cabin dimensions. Kia Sport on the contrary in terms of roominess looks more solid, and you can buy it for less money. The disadvantages of this crossover during the test were, unfortunately, the suspension, which gives less attention to road matters and the engine, which, in our opinion, is slow and expendable. If not for this, then maybe the first place.

As for the Subaru XV, it was unexpectedly pleased with its price, easy landing, roomy interior and absolute leadership on the roads. On the other hand, nothing besides this impressed.

Suzuki SX4 is worthy of attention, if you evaluate the car in price / quality ratio. In addition, Suzuki was quite roomy and versatile, although with a 2-liter power unit, and not the engine that was equipped with a test version, he would have been waiting for much greater success.

Expert evaluation
Car model:maximum scoreSkodaThatSubaruSuzuki
Front seat:2016191515
Rear seat:2016181714
Feeling of space:106866
Luggage capacity:2013161012
Build quality:2016161313
External dimensions:105794
Clearance and overhangs:105794
Responsiveness of the motor:15137107
Test flow:3025171921
Stock move:108565
Ease of landing salon:55455
Landing at the wheel:1512131412
Armchairs front:2017121513
Chairs behind:109677
Riding comfort:2523211816
Noise isolation:15121086
Storage niches:1010778
Comfort equipment:155897
Established multimedia:10371010
Auxiliary systems:53524
Road performance:2018161614
The effectiveness of security systems:15141314
Roll in corners:107686
Brake dynamics:1513121111
Drive efficiency:201513148
Electronics efficiency:2015121410
Geometric patency105794
OVERALL ASSESSMENT:550444394402355