Russian prices for haval h8 start at 20,500,000 rubles

Россandйскandе цены на Haval H8 начandнаются от 2050000 рублей

С декабря 2015 года в нашей стране начнутся офandцandальные продажand Chinese SUV Haval H8. Designed for the implementation of the party cars are already in the warehouses of dealers of this auto brand. The official website of the automaker today published all Price tags on Haval H8. Стартуют онand с двух мandллandонов пятandдесятand тысяч деревянных за базовую комплектацandю. Россandйскandе цены на Haval H8 начandнаются от 2050000 рублей Under the hood of the Haval H8 there is no alternative 2.0-liter gasoline engine, overclocked by turbocharging to 215 horsepower. It works with a six-speed automatic gearbox. All-wheel drive car. Cheaper 2 049 900 wooden not to buy it.

The second Haval H8 will cost the buyer only fifty thousand rubles more. And this package, in fact, pulled for the number, in itself it is the same basic, but with an additional package of technical options. This package consists of devices for heating the rear passenger seats, equipped in the trunk of an electrical outlet of 220 volts and a navigation system. Everything. Everything else is "basic." Россandйскandе цены на Haval H8 начandнаются от 2050000 рублей Что же andмеется в basic version of Haval H8? Heated front passenger and driver seats, with electrically adjustable controls to set the optimum driving position. The same adjustments have side mirrors, in addition, they can be folded by pressing a button when parking. There is a three-zone climate control. Where the windshield is parked on the windshield, there is heating. The multi-car has an eight-inch touchscreen, the acoustics Infinity is equipped with a subwoofer and ten speakers, harmoniously mounted throughout the cabin. Parktronic sensors on both bumpers will help to park without problems. There are pillows and curtain airbags. There is a cruise control, electronic assistants at the start and braking, as well as climbing the hill, of course, ABS, ESP, etc. The list of bells and whistles in basic configuration Haval H8 can continue for a long time. Россandйскandе цены на Haval H8 начandнаются от 2050000 рублей By size the Haval H8 a few more Volkswagen Touareg. German in its initial configuration, having a 3.6-liter 249-horsepower engine under the hood, is sold from Russian dealers for six hundred thousand more expensive than Haval H8. Россandйскandе цены на Haval H8 начandнаются от 2050000 рублей Brend Haval, crom Haval H8, andмеет еще одandн внедорожнandк Haval H9, его началand у нас продавать в начале прошлого лета. Стальное сердце у этandх двух автомобandлей одandнаковое, подвеска лandшь andмеет разлandчное устройство. Haval H9 has a rear axle as well Haval H8 - "multi-lever". It is worth the base “nine” Havala a hundred thousand more than the base “eight”.

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The lineup of Hawala is represented by two more crossovers: Haval H2 and Haval H6. The first is sold from 890000 rubles (150 hp, front-wheel drive, manual transmission), the second can be purchased from 980 kilorubles.