Accelerator pump carburetor vaz 2109 (solex) for

The VAZ 2109 carburetor accelerator pump, (in this case the Solex), is an additional mechanical fuel supply system that provides forced gasoline supply during the opening of the throttle valves. The accelerator pump carburetor VAZ 2109 does not depend on the air flow through the diffusers.

What is an auxiliary fuel supply system needed for? The thing is that in the first second, after abruptly pressing the gas pedal, only part of the fuel mixture supplied by the carburetor reaches the cylinders. The accelerator pump carburetor VAZ 2109 provides the required amount of combustible mixture in the cylinders already in the first second of acceleration.

carburetor accelerator pump ваз 2109

The device accelerator pump carburetor VAZ 2109 (Solex)

  1. diaphragm accelerator pump;
  2. lever drive accelerator pump;
  3. cam on the throttle axis of the primary camera;
  4. acceleration pump suction valve;
  5. accelerator pump discharge valve;
  6. accelerator pump sprayers;
  7. suction stroke spring;
  8. head diaphragm;
  9. damping spring.

The device of the accelerator pump carburetor VAZ 2109 (Solex) is shown in the photo above. Spring-loaded diaphragm number 1 is connected via lever number 2 to cam number 3 on the throttle valve axis of the primary chamber, as well as ball suction valve number 4, which freely passes gasoline from the float chamber to the cavity that is located under the diaphragm during closing the throttle and prevents it from exiting back during throttle opening.

Also important is the ball discharge valve at number 5, which prevents air from being sucked into the pump cavity during suction, and passes fuel to the nozzles at number 6 during the discharge period.

The suction stroke is carried out due to the elasticity of the spring 7 of the diaphragm, the pressure stroke occurs due to the force effect of the drive lever on the end face of the diaphragm head 8.

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Hard spring number 9 is installed in the head 8 of the diaphragm between the thrust bearing, which is in contact with the lever, and the plate.

During the sudden opening of the throttle, the diaphragm of the accelerator pump, which is held by the removed fuel relatively slowly, is not able to move quickly over the length determined by the lever stroke, the spring 9 is compressed, and by ensuring the protection of the diaphragm from rupture by the enormous pressure of the fuel; as well as increasing the injection time by 1-2 seconds, this is necessary in order to ensure stable operation of the engine.

The fuel that is supplied by the VAZ 2109 carburetor accelerator pump Solex reaches two nozzles - jets number 6 on long tubes that are brought into two carburetor chambers and mounted on the holder number 10 (in photo 2). It also has a ball pressure valve at number 5 (photo 1).

carburetor accelerator pump солекс

Solex carburetor with separated components (right view)

10 - sprayer holder, which is located inside the discharge valve.

Under the nozzle holder, the suction valve of the accelerator pump is pressed into the bottom of the vertical channel 1 (Fig. 3).

carburetor accelerator pump

Carburetor "Solex" (top view)

  1. the opening of the suction valve, as well as the body of the nozzles of the accelerator pump carburetor;
  2. hole fuel intake accelerator pump carburetor.

The fuel intake from the carburetor float chamber is carried out through a hole that passes into a horizontal channel with an end cap at the lower right screw of the fastening cap of the carburetor accelerator pump, which is connected to the vertical channel in front of the suction valve.

The holder of nozzles is installed in the socket of the carburetor body, and it is also sealed with a rubber ring and fixed only with a carburetor cover. Here is such a not enough simple device accelerator pump carburetor VAZ 2109.

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