How to buy a car on credit?

Car loan

Buying a car takes not only a lot of time, but in most cases, it is far from cheap. Asking "How to buy a car on credit?The first thing that always comes to mind is how to do it right. After all, a loan is a rather scrupulous business, requiring attention to the paperwork and the choice of a banking institution.

What you need to know to take a car loan

Прежде чем, брать кредит стоит определиться с тем, какое именно авто требуется: новое или б/у. Несмотря на схожесть оформления, они имеют собственные отличия, которые нужно учитывать. Car loan предполагает грамотный расчет собственных средств и возможностей.

Therefore, choosing an option with a new car - you can miscalculate. The cost of modern models is often overestimated, and loan payments require a percentage to be paid to the banking institution itself. The borrower may be offered several ways to get a loan:

  • Interest free;
  • Express loans;
  • Without a certificate of income and down payment;
  • Special programs.

How to buy a car on credit

Choosing a bank and loan terms

The choice of banking institution plays an important role in loan processing. It should be borne in mind that there are unforeseen situations where the rate may increase. Trust worth checking banks that you used previously or are confident in the services of this institution.

You can also use the affiliate program from the dealership. This is a convenient service offered by the salon itself. Only the choice of the bank and the conditions of registration, as well, lie at the auto show. The only thing that is required from you is a minimum package of documents. Thus, you can buy a new car on credit..

The main advantages of applying for a used vehicle are that the car has already been rented and has the necessary equipment. Option "Bu car loan " worth substantially less than new. But in this case, you can become the owner of the transport, which quickly fails or has individual characteristics.

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Variants and methods of car lending

As mentioned earlier, there are several ways to take a car on credit. An interest-free loan is a convenient but original system. At registration, the client must pay half the cost of the car. The monthly installment will be lower and this is explained by the fact that the majority has already been paid. In this system, you can not pay the loan when the full amount appears - only payment in equal parts.

Before applying for such a loan - carefully read the rights and obligations of both parties. Additionally, it is better to consult with the manager. On how you will be savvy in this matter, depend on further payments on the loan.

Express loans are a system for processing a loan in a couple of hours. In the future, you can get too high interest rate and a limited amount for a loan. Taking a new car on credit in this way is not worth it. This method is well suited for obtaining a loan for a used car.

The correct solution is to use a special program. This is similar to stocks that have a specific time. The problem that may scare future customers - the term of the loan is one year. In addition, the initial bid and a limited range.

car loan methods

Usually the bank is addressed with a specific list of documents. They include:

  • Personal documents of the borrower;
  • Certificate of income;
  • Documents on the insurance policy (CASCO, OSAGO);
  • Contract of sale

For more information about lending, you can find articles on our information site (all about loans), covering in detail these topics.

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For example: Car loan without down payment - This is a good opportunity to get the best interest rate and lending services.

Registration of a loan or loan agreement with a bank

The contract is not less responsible task for the borrower. You should carefully read all the provisions proposed by the bank, and also ask related questions. At registration, there may be such a situation when it is necessary to draw up a notarial contract. This is due to the fact that you are only the owner of the car, and the mortgagee is the bank.

Attention should be paid to the point where the early repayment of debt is described. Some banks have already refused to charge for this service, but exceptions do occur. A separate item should be allocated refinancing and conversion into another currency. It is advisable to take a loan in the currency that is the state. Because of a foreign currency loan, you can double what the cost of the car itself.

Refinancing offers to get a new loan to pay the past. Not always this measure saves the situation. After all, then you still need to pay the loan, but under different conditions.

Payments and repayment rate

Before contacting the bank for a car loan, you should study in detail the modern rates for lending, find a bank that meets all the requirements, and also get acquainted with the execution agreement in detail. From the care of the borrower depends on further payments and the rate of repayment of the loan.

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