Concept lada vesta cross presented at the off-road show 2015

Концепт Lada Vesta Cross представили на Off-Road Show 2015 Yesterday at the showroom Off-Road Show 2015 Avtovaz managers officially presented a promising car Lada Vesta Cross. More precisely, its conceptual version. However, practice shows that often the serial version is an exact copy of the concept, and in this sense there is no error. Looking at the body of the concept, it becomes clear that the developers have combined in it at the same time utilitarian practicality and dynamism, which is rarely possible, and if it turns out, it has a large and steady demand. Before the car one to one sketched from the nose sedan Lada West, and all the design magic begins to appear immediately behind the middle body pillar. According to the developers, in order to harmoniously increase the Sedanovsky ass to the size of a station wagon, they had to make more than three hundred design changes to the design and technical part of the car. Концепт Lada Vesta Cross представили на Off-Road Show 2015 Wagon girdled plastic body kit, clearance Vesta Cross visually far exceeds sedan. This increases its permeability before traveling, not only to the country, but also to the forest roads for shish-kebabs and mushrooms. It is worth recalling that the drive at the station wagon remains only the front. On the all-wheel drive version of the speech, unfortunately, is not. Концепт Lada Vesta Cross представили на Off-Road Show 2015 Reportedly, in order to fit into the work plan for the production of sedan and station wagon Lada West, AvtoVAZ employees did not go on the traditional August corporate leave, but worked in the workshops. This is understandable, since the time before the production of the sedan begins is nothing at all: September 25 is not far off. And in a year it is planned to begin serial production of the versatile person and the cross version.

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IN Lada Vesta Crossfor sure, sedan engines will be registered under the hood. This is a 1.6-liter, 87-strong eight-valve and sixteen-valve engine for one hundred and six horses. Концепт Lada Vesta Cross представили на Off-Road Show 2015 By the way, before the presentation at the "off-road" showroom car Lada Vesta Cross was shown to the Russian government in a closed special show. Feedback is reportedly positive.