Top 10 best subwoofers for the car

Today, there are so many different types of audio equipment for cars that you can easily get lost from the abundance of choice. A lot of models with their own features, and quite a different cost seriously complicate the choice of the option that suits you. In addition, we must not forget that first of all we need sound, because even the best speaker for a subwoofer can sound very “poor” in a bad case and with inappropriate electronics.

That is why we have compiled a rating, thanks to which you can understand which subwoofer is better to choose in terms of value for money.

Of course, we remember that there are two types of subwoofers - active and passive. And therefore, in fact, our TOP 10 turns into TOP 20, because for each type we have made our own subwoofer rating.


  • TOP 10 best passive subwoofers
  • TOP 10 best active subwoofers

TOP 10 best passive subwoofers

We will start our TOP subwoofers with passive models, as they are often the first choice of car owners. After all, they are relatively inexpensive, and at the same time provide an opportunity to get a great sound. So which passive subwoofer is better to choose in the car?

10. MYSTERY MJB-12 - an inexpensive passive subwoofer with good sound

The advantages of the tenth number in this rating of car subwoofers are relatively low cost, and its sound, which can compete with more expensive models. This is possible thanks to the excellent twelve-inch dynamics with a polypropylene diffuser, which is designed for 250 watts.

2. BLAUPUNKT XLB 300 A - real German car

This active subwoofer stands out with an excellent class D amplifier that can support any audio equipment with lethal bass thanks to a 500 watt amplifier with a sensitivity of 92 dB.



Awesome power and sound are more than compensated by very impressive dimensions, which significantly complicate the installation.

1. KICX ICQ 300BA- the best value for money

When creating the ICQ 300BA model, developers managed to get an amazing combination of such characteristics as power, price, build quality, sound. Excellent performance and flexible settings allow you to use this active subwoofer for any style of music.



The disadvantages of this model can not be called the best protection of the speaker and the lack of a remote control.