Which car to choose: infiniti qx30, q30 or mercedes gla

Внешность у Инфинити яркая и запоминающаяся, заметно отличается от Мерседеса. Клиренс у Инфинити Location даже больше, чем в Мерседес ГЛА на 50 мм. А Infiniti QX30 – это более внедорожная модификация, у нее есть пластиковые молдинги по кругу и клиренс больше еще на 20 мм. Но максимально большой дорожный просвет у внедорожной комплектации Мерседеса ГЛА – 203 мм.

Location фото

Salon Infiniti

The interior is trimmed with high-quality and pleasant leather, it looks even more stylish than that of a Mercedes. Under the wheel there is only one lever, which has to control the wipers and turn signals. On the seats there is lateral support, but in sharp turns the body pulls away a little from the seat.

If we consider the Location in the configuration City Black, then the interior of this car looks very stylish thanks to the use of Alcantara. She sheathed doors, center armrest, front panel and seats. City Black - this is the budget equipment, which is worth 2.3 million rubles. Here, many buttons are the same as in Mercedes, and the climate control unit is generally the same as in Mercedes GLA.

Infiniti QX30 salon

Infiniti QX30 Salon

The 7-inch Infiniti display is integrated into the front panel, it is touch-sensitive, but its graphics are not particularly good, Mercedes is better. Also, the performance of the display in Infiniti leaves much to be desired. In the basic configuration Location is a monochrome screen, which is quite boring. In the Infiniti QX30 is already a color display, but in this car seats with weak lateral support, and the skin is not so sharp, and there is no possibility to order Alcantara for the QX30. But the audio system here is pretty good - Bose with 10 speakers, it is already in the base of the QX30 and in the expensive configuration of the Location. The navigation system here is here and there are even 3D images of some houses.

The design of the Mercedes GLA cabin is more restrained, the multimedia system is not particularly bright, but the ventilation nozzles look stylish. And if you pay 110,000 rubles, the Urban package will be installed in the car, which includes beautiful instruments and more comfortable sports seats. For European cars, the same seats are installed in the more expensive Sport version.


All cars have an ERA-GLONASS system, in Infiniti the call button is on the ceiling, and in Mercedes it is on a separate plastic module, which is located to the right of the rear view mirror, and the DVR is also integrated there. Landing in both models Infiniti comfortable, but still pretty cramped in these cars. Because of heavily littered front struts, a feeling of cramping is also created. And also, the car has a panoramic roof, so the ceiling is not far from the head.

In Russia, you can buy a QX30 only with all-wheel drive and a 2-liter M274 engine from a Mercedes with a capacity of 211 liters. with. Mercedes GLA in this configuration is not found, but there is a front-wheel Mercedes GLA 200 with a 1.6-liter engine and a capacity of 150 liters. with. And for comparison, the Location was also taken with a 1.6-liter engine.

Location salon

Saloon Location

Transmission in all 3 cars - 7-speed robotized, with 2 wet clutches. A car with a 1.6 engine can accelerate to a hundred pretty quickly - in about 9 seconds. Although such measurements are far from accurate, because the car is shod with summer tires, and the road is now far from summer.

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The Location accelerated a bit slower to a hundred than a Mercedes, it feels like the engineers slowed down the box a bit so that the clutch lasted a little longer. Shifting gears are equally smooth as in Mercedes and Infiniti. And the QX30 with its more powerful engine accelerates to a hundred, much faster - in 7.5 seconds.

infiniti QX30 crossover

Also, the transmissions are longer here, so if you drive on the 7th gear at a speed of 140 km / h, then the tachometer will be only 2,200 rpm. On cars with a 1.6 engine at the same speed will be shown 2600 rpm.

The dashboard on the Infiniti looks more boring, because there are no separate wells for the speedometer and tachometer in it, like in a Mercedes. But the readability of the devices Infiniti is good, thanks to the classic font. But the chassis and brakes on all cars are set up just fine, the car clings to the road thoroughly, rolls minimal, precise reactions to the movements of the wheel, all 3 cars keep the trajectory clearly.

Infiniti Location 2016

Отличия в автомобилях – небольшие, в некоторых деталях, например, Mercedes GLA немного хуже держит прямую, если машина едет по плохой дороге. Но у ГЛА лучше настроен электроусилитель руля. Руль в Location немного зажат, а руль в QX30 – это что-то среднее между ГЛА и Location по ощущениям.

But the QX30 has turned out to be more versatile, it is great for those who travel in Moscow and outside the city. He has excellent smoothness, gently rides on a bad road, and during the ride you do not feel minor seams and cracks on the road. Location, for example, is more sensitive, and all these minor irregularities are felt. Mercedes GLA is also much tougher than the QX30, and the whole thing is not in the tires, but in the suspension. In addition, the GLA is more noisy on the highway, the whistling of the wind in the racks is heard. Maybe this will be fixed after restyling in 2017.

Salon Mersedes GLA

Devices Mercedes GLA look just fine thanks to the individual wells for the speedometer and tachometer. Also the round fan nozzles look beautiful. By tradition, the selector is under the steering wheel on the right. With standard equipment, an audio system with 6 speakers is installed, and for those who want better music, you can order Harman Kardon with 12 speakers.

Mercedes GLA salon

Salon Mercedes GLA

In the basic configuration of the GLA, there are chairs such as in Infiniti, but you can also order sports seats as an option, they look better and hold the driver better in turns.

In the basic configuration, the Mercedes GLA uses a display that sticks out from the front panel, its diagonal is 7 inches with a resolution of 800x480, but the picture quality is much higher. For those who want a display with a diagonal of 8 inches and a resolution of 960x540, you can pay 15,000 rubles, and it will be installed in the car.

Infiniti Location

There is support for Apple and Android, but you need to pay extra for it too - 28,000 p. You can also order Comand Online, which includes navigation, a DVD player, internet access, but this complex is quite expensive - 254,000 rubles.

Mercedes has a fairly large set of options, many of which cannot be ordered for Infiniti. In Mercedes, you can choose the suspension of their 4 possible options, there is a button on the engine, electric tailgate. There are also other options: Auto Hold, systems that control the dead zones and monitor the markings, you can also order adaptive cruise control, an automatic braking system and an additional airbag for the rear passengers.

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Prices for all these additional options are the same as in Infinity. But a Mercedes with additional options still turns out to be more profitable. For example, GLA 200 for 2 300 000 rubles is the same basic version as the Location with 1.6 engine and the same options. But the QX30 costs 2,730,000 rubles, which is 430,000 rubles more than the base GLA 250 4Matic. But for this money you can buy a large number of options in Mercedes.

Therefore, in the Russian market it will be difficult to compete with Japanese cars for Japanese cars. In Europe, it is clear that Mercedes is selling better than Infiniti, according to 2016 sales statistics. The QX30 started selling quite recently, but it comes in expensive models and all-wheel drive, so this car should not be very popular.

infiniti QX30

Чем хороши дорогие комплектации Location и QX30, так это тем, что в них есть система кругового обзора, причем можно переключаться между камерами. Правда картинка достаточно замутненная, в Мерседесе она явно лучше, а все потому, что камера есть только сзади и она хорошо спрятана от грязи. Несмотря на всю схожесть, производят это автомобили в разных городах: GLA – в немецком городе Раштатт, а QX30 и Location – в английском городе Сандерленде.

Which car is better to buy?

Больше всего баллов набрала Infiniti QX30, но отрыв особо не большой, разница лишь в мелочах. Далее идет Мерседес, а после него – Инфинити Location.


Ergonomics in the cabin are equally good in the Location and GLA, and in the QX30 - slippery seats and lateral support is weak.

QX30 infiniti

Interior comfort

Interior comfort лучше всего в GLA, потому что переднее пассажирское кресло можно складывать, тем самым, заднему правому пассажиру может быть очень комфортно.


The dynamics of acceleration are best on the QX30 thanks to a more powerful engine, this car also has all-wheel drive, but in Mercedes there is more ground clearance.

Riding comfort

Here, too, the QX30 scored the most points, because this car’s ride is best. In a Mercedes on a bad road shakes harder.

Mercedes GLA AMG


In all three cars, trunk sizes are almost the same. The only thing that in Infiniti there are no spring-loaded clamps that hold the floor in a raised position. Under the floor there is no spare wheel or dokatki, there is only a sealant with a repair kit.

QX30 photo


The situation is also clear - on all cars it is the same - not particularly good, all because the windshield has a narrow opening, the glazing line is quite high, and there is also little to be seen in the rear window. But on all cars there are parking sensors in front and rear on all trim levels. The side mirrors on the Infiniti are slightly larger than those of a Mercedes.


Even in the basic configurations of the Location and QX30, LED adaptive headlights are installed, which can be rotated behind the wheel, the main beam and dipped beam also switches automatically. The basic version of the Mercedes is Bi-Xenon, which shines more efficiently than in Infiniti. For example, the Infiniti is not well lit roadside, and very often the electronics late switch the far to the near and dazzles oncoming drivers. During sharp turns, the Location and QX30 additionally illuminate the road fog.

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Mercedes GLA

In Mercedes, it is possible to install smart headlights for 131,000 rubles, which use a turning mechanism, the light beam changes depending on the speed, the passing light is also automatically switched to the far one and vice versa.

Configuration and prices

The most affordable is the complete set of Mercedes-Benz GLA 200 with a 150-horsepower engine, the volume of which is 1.6 liters. This car can be bought for 2 090 000 rubles. This package includes bi-xenon headlights, air conditioning, cloth interior, 17-inch wheels, heated front seats, 6 airbags, ABS, stabilization system and automatic braking.

There is a more expensive equipment, which also includes a rain sensor, additional interior lighting, rear-view camera, 2-zone climate control, roof rails, electric trunk and 18-inch wheels. This equipment costs 2 312 000 rubles.

QX 30

There is also a diesel Mercedes GLA 200 d, the volume of the engine is 2.1 liters, power - 136 liters. with. The price of such a car starts with 2 300 000 rubles. You can look at the all-wheel drive version of the GLA 250 4Matic with a 2-liter engine, whose power is 211 liters. with. The price of such a car is 2 380 000 rubles. There is also a faster AMG-grade - Mercedes-AMG GLA 45 with all-wheel drive and a 2-liter engine, but its power is - 381 liters. with. This version costs 3,200,000 rubles. Many configurations are already in stock from dealers, but if you order a car with certain options, you will have to wait for it for 3-4 months. Mercedes warranty - 2 years, regardless of mileage. THAT must be run every 15,000 km.

Basic equipment Infiniti Location with a 1.6 liter engine and a capacity of 150 liters. with. City Black is called and costs a little more than the base Mercedes - 2,299,000 rubles, but the equipment here is a little richer - Alcantara is used in the cabin. This configuration has a 2-zone climate control, rear-view camera, mirrors with auto-dimming, adaptive headlights and 18-inch wheels.

Infiniti Location photo

There are more expensive versions of the Location with a 1.6 liter engine, they can be distinguished by a different skin color, the cabin has wooden inserts, all-round viewing system, electrically adjustable seats and memory with a more expensive Bose audio system. The price of this configuration is equal to 2 500 000 rubles. To put in any equipment to deliver a full drive and engine with a volume of 2 liters and a capacity of 211 liters. with. - you need to pay 300,000 rubles.

The QX30 initially comes with this engine and all-wheel drive, also increased clearance in the car, roof rails, the price of such a car starts from 2,730,000 rubles. If you put in a circular view of the car, power and seat memory, the price will increase by 100,000 rubles. For cars Infiniti - a guarantee of 3 years and 100,000 km. run THAT must be run every 10,000 km.

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