The americans held a presentation of the 707-strong grand

Американцы провели презентацию 707-сильного Grand Cherokee Trichok The Americans presented one of the fastest models in the segment of crossovers, mass-produced. We are talking about a 707-strong Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT Trackhawk, the odometer of which is already on the fourth second since the start, exchanging the reference hundred kilometers per hour. Another crazy supercross of this American auto brand, the predecessor of the novelty - Grand Cherokee SRT has under the hood only 470 "horses", issued by a 6.4-liter eight-cylinder aspirated. But he apparently could not keep in check the lush American ambitions, since lately many competing European models have appeared, whose engines are more powerful than five hundred horses. Americans love to tear competitors to shreds, and they are difficult not to understand, and therefore appeared SRT Trackhawkoutwardly not much different from the known SRT, but more than one and a half times as large as the power unit.

Американцы провели презентацию 707-сильного Grand Cherokee Trichok It is clear that the native engine is difficult to pump up to such indicators, and dzhipovtsy started a novelty with the steel heart of the "hellish cats" of the Dodge Challenger SRT and Dodge Chardzher SRT. 707-strong "turbo eight" of hellish cats, without even deforcing, just integrated in unchanged form Grand Cherokee Trichok, и "ястреб" с такой гремучей начинкой не подвел, разогнавшись до эталонной сотни км в ч всего за 3,6 секунды. Ближайший к нему по этому показателю немецкий Порш Кайен Turbo S со своими 4,1 секунды растаял в облаках вихрящейся пыли в зеркале заднего вида американского суперcrossoverа. Так лихо начиная, Grand Cherokee SRT Trackhawk способен развить максимально двести девяносто км в ч! Новый силовой агрегат превратил "ястреба" в монструозный автомобиль. Понятно, что без "анатомических" изменений в трансмиссии, кузове и подвеске инженеры не обошлись. Восьмиступенчатую автоматическую коробку crossoverа пришлось существенно усилить, впрочем, как и систему полного привода. Американцы провели презентацию 707-сильного Grand Cherokee Trichok The differential on the rear "pair" is now controlled by electronics. Thirty-five centimeter rear brake discs, equipped with four-piston Brembov calipers, did not raise doubts of the developers and remained unchanged, but instead of the front ones, forty-centimeter meters were installed, with six-piston calipers on them. The updated brake system can stop the crossover from hundreds of kilometers per hour to zero in just thirty-five meters.

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The equipment of the novelty, among other things, includes a launch control (launch control - an electronic system for a quick start from the spot). While driving, depending on the condition of the road, you can switch modes, there are several of them, from automatic to driving on snowdrifts. Jeep also has a similar system for choosing driving modes. Grand Cherokee SRT. How many car dealers will ask for this crazy crossover, nobody knows yet. It is only known that the "hawk" will not value hundreds of thousands of American dollars. Not because it is so “cheap”, but because Americans really want to be bought en masse and are ready to make financial sacrifices for the sake of it. Американцы провели презентацию 707-сильного Grand Cherokee Trichok Grand Cherokee Trichok will debut at the New York auto show. In addition to this intriguing novelty, there will be another “demonic” car from the Americans - the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon.