Rating of the most popular crossovers in russia


Not so long ago, analysts summed up the first reporting period for car sales in Russia for 2018. Realization of cars from January to March of the current year made it clear that compared with last year there were no major changes. Russians continue to give preference to compact crossovers. And most of them are cars of foreign manufacturers. Only one purely Russian crossover got into the rating. Therefore, we suggest that you study the rating of the most popular crossovers in Russia for 2018 and find out what exactly attracts buyers in these cars.

The most popular crossovers in Russia

TOP of the most popular crossovers in Russia.

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Among the most popular crossovers in Russia, there was a place for budget solutions as well as relatively expensive SUVs. But still it is impossible to say that top models are in high demand. The combination of affordable prices with good quality and decent service allows you to form the top 10 leaders of the rating for the first quarter of 2018. Therefore, among the most popular crossovers in Russia in 2018, the highest brands went to the following brands:

  • Hyundai;
  • Renault;
  • That;
  • Volkswagen;
  • Lada;
  • Chevrolet;
  • Toyota;
  • Mitsubishi;
  • Nissan.

From our rating you will find out which crossover is currently the most popular in Russia, and which cars are preferred by Russians in 2018. It is safe to say that motorists in the Russian Federation prefer small, but still crossovers. Automobiles of this segment confidently occupy the second line in sales in Russia, rapidly trying to beat the leaders, which are representatives of the European B class.


Opens the rating of the most popular crossovers in Russia car of the Japanese manufacturer Nissan. The car lost some popularity in March 2018, as a result of which it fell out of the top 10. But still, by the end of the quarter, it confidently takes the tenth line among the best-selling crossovers. Production of crossovers, which as a result became one of the most popular in Russia and the CIS countries, began in 2000. The latest generation has significantly transformed the look of the Japanese SUV, the car has acquired improved technical characteristics. But it is still outwardly compact, but inside is a fairly roomy urban crossover. During the reporting period, about 5.2 thousand copies were sold. It is worth noting that the cost of the new X-Trail starts from 1.4 million rubles. For top-end equipment will have to pay 2 million without taking into account additional options.

Nissan X-Trail


Another Japanese crossover, but this time from Mitsubishi. Generation change clearly benefited this car. Appearance has become more modern and a little futuristic. The Japanese did not disappoint in terms of technical equipment, build quality, finish and equipment. Before the advent of the new generation, the popularity of the Outlander began to fall. But Mitsubishi decided in time to change the generation, with the result that today the Outlander is among the most sought-after SUVs in the world. According to the results of the first quarter of 2018, the car confidently entered the rating, where the most popular crossovers in Russia are represented. The level of sales is 5.5 thousand copies for the specified period. When compared with the previous year, the increase was more than 43%. As for the cost, this Japanese SUV will cost the buyer at least 1.38 million rubles. Top configurations cost more than 2 million, but there you get an incredible amount of options and equipment. There is something to pay.

Mitsubishi Outlander


And again a representative from Japan. Toyota is very attentive to its model of compact crossover, because every generation change involves a careful approach to design, interior decoration and technical characteristics. When compared with its predecessor, the new RAV4 has made a big step forward. The car has become more, but also added in terms of quality and received a number of modern solutions. The model has existed since 1994. During this time, RAV4 managed to win many awards and get into all sorts of ratings. Success was necessary to maintain, with which the Japanese did an excellent job.

The current generation of RAV4 costs at least 1.5 million rubles. Money rather big for the basic package. But the problem is that in standard equipment quite a bit of equipment. Buyers have to spend from 1.7 to 2.3 million rubles to get a crossover in a decent bundle. The Russians are ready to do it. Because RAV4 confidently takes 8th place in the ranking with sales of more than 6.6 thousand cars since the beginning of 2018.

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Многие могли подумать, что Chevrolet Levels, как один из наиболее часто встречаемых кроссоверов на российских дорогах, займёт более высокое место, чем 7. Но факт остаётся фактом. Автомобиль является достаточно бюджетным, но в то же время даёт владельцу множество преимуществ. Всего за отчётный период удалось продать около 6,7 тысячи автомобилей Levels, выпускаемых под брендом Chevrolet. Впервые машина появилась в 2002 году. Нельзя сказать, что к 2018 году произошли какие-то масштабные изменения. Внешний вид остался практически неизменным. Улучшились технические характеристики, появились новые опции.

Но Levels привлекает своей низкой стоимостью и возможностью её эксплуатации в очень тяжёлых российских условиях. Это отличная машина для дачи, рыбалки, охоты и активного отдыха. Езда за пределами города и асфальта для Levels очень характерна, потому автомобиль продолжает пользоваться завидным спросом. Сейчас новая Levels от Chevrolet стоит минимум 590 тысяч рублей. За богатую комплектацию придётся выложить примерно 720 тысяч. Не так много, учитывая явные преимущества. Это рабочая лошадка, которая создана для выполнения разнообразных задач. Здесь нет роскоши и лоска, зато присутствуют надёжность, долговечность и безотказность.

Chevrolet Levels


А это уже сугубо российский продукт, выпускаемый в двух вариациях. Какая именно Levels завоевала 6 место в рейтинге, аналитики не уточняют. Но, скорее, речь идёт об общих продажах ВАЗ-2131 и 2121. Это наиболее востребованные модификации отечественного кроссовера. Впервые Levels с индексом 2131 вышла в свет ещё в 1993 году. 2121 вообще существует с далёкого 1977 года. С тех пор дизайнеры практически ничего не поменяли во внешности бюджетного внедорожника. Хорошо это или плохо, судите сами. Но 7 тысяч проданных автомобилей за 3 месяца 2018 года говорят о многом. Современный ВАЗ-2121, то есть Levels 4h4, стоит от 460 тысяч рублей. 2131 обойдётся со старта почти в 510 тысяч. Но и топовые комплектации здесь недорогие. Если хотите получить Ниву с максимально доступным пакетом опций, тратить более 600 тысяч рублей вам не придётся.

Another example of a great workhorse, which is in high demand due to its maneuverability, reliability and maintainability. Such machines as the Niva are repaired for little money, their maintenance and service does not hit the family budget much. Hence the popularity of the obsolete car in the current 2018.

Levels 4h4


But now a more solid car for good money. The German compact crossover produced by Volkswagen is very fond of the domestic motorist. The machine has excellent build quality, good interior decoration, excellent technical characteristics. The design can be argued endlessly, but Tiguan definitely deserves to be called concise and interesting. The model appeared on the market in 2007. For all the time of its existence, the Germans have managed to improve the design, refine the interior, apply better and more modern finishing materials. As always, in technical terms there is no claim to Volkswagen.

To date, for the reporting period in 2018, 7.3 thousand people have bought this crossover. In comparison with 2017, the increase in sales was 45%. This is not the most expensive crossover in the line of the automaker. Initial equipment costs 1.35 million rubles. If you want something more interesting and complete, prepare from 1.6 to 2.2 million rubles. There really you will feel the charm of the Volkswagen brand. In the base version, it is better not to take a car of this level.

Volkswagen Tiguan


Kia, which began to produce its cars in a new corporate style, has received quite a lot of criticism. Not everyone appreciated the new look of the cars. But there were also many of those who liked the new style. If we talk about car sales by a Korean company, then criticism is definitely not needed. Machines are becoming increasingly popular, ahead of their main competitors from China and Japan in different indicators. The main bestseller from Kia in the segment of crossovers in Russia was the Sportage. The car has existed since 1993. But the generation change has added even more popularity to the SUV. In just 3 months of 2018, the Russians purchased more than 7.6 thousand of these cars. The increase, compared with last year, will be 48%.

The crossover combines solid dimensions, good technical equipment, rich equipment in the basic version, as well as an attractive price. You can get such a SUV for 1.27 million rubles. If you want luxury and the maximum number of options, get ready to give more than 2.1 million rubles. The machine is objectively worth the money. The design allows to consider the Sportage crossover as a solution for the family, or for a young car owner. Sports features, a rather aggressive appearance in combination with a spacious interior and a high level of safety will leave few people indifferent. If you approach the issue of choosing a crossover from the standpoint of practicality and rationality, Sportage will be one of the best solutions.

Kia Sportage


A new production model of the French company Renault has just recently appeared on the Russian market. But even in this short period, the crossover had time to gain immense popularity. Recall that the model is available from 2016. This is a compact urban crossover, which was already bought by 7.7 thousand people from January to March 2018. In favor of the car say its price, appearance and specifications. For such a crossover, they ask from 860 thousand rubles. Rich equipment will cost about 1.2 million, which is quite good for a car of this level. The design is the best characterizes the French. They have their own style, which is difficult to confuse with any other car. In technical terms, here, too, everything is at a high level. With its modest size and weight, the engines for 114 and 143 horsepower perfectly cope with their tasks. Summarizing all the above, no one is surprised at the deserved third place in the ranking of the most popular crossovers in the territory of the Russian Federation.

Renault Captur


A lot of car enthusiasts expected that Duster performed by the French from Renault would be on the first line of the ranking in popularity among crossovers in Russia. But no, this SUV was only in second position. The car, which first appeared in 2010, made it clear that crossovers may be available. Renault made a revolutionary step, followed by followers of almost all automakers. Already for this it is worth saying many thanks to the French company. The success of the first generation made Renault even more responsible approach to the development of the second generation of its Duster. The car received an improved appearance, it became even more attractive technically. The manufacturer began to use higher-quality finishing materials, with the result that the salon began to look much more interesting.

Tried and designers. Despite the increase in quality and the emergence of a wider range of equipment, Duster has not ceased to be a budget crossover. Now in Russia they ask for it from 630 thousand rubles. But you can take the top grade, which will cost 1 million. If we talk about sales for the reporting period, they amounted to 10.3 thousand copies. This is a lot, but the leader of the ranking results were even better.

Renault Duster


Someone will be surprised, and someone will be delighted, but the Korean car called Chalk performed by Hyundai continues to be the leader in terms of the popularity of crossovers in Russia. He significantly bypassed his main competitor, who took the second line of the rating. Market analysis showed that from January to March 2018, 15.7 thousand people became happy owners of the Chalk car. This is 39% more than last year. The SUV went on sale in 2016. Since then, he is confidently leading in sales in his segment and is not going to give up his position in the near future. Many people call Chalk budget crossover. To argue with this is difficult, since the starting price is 750 thousand rubles. The top grade costs about 1.15 million rubles.

Машина обладает прекрасными внешними данными, достаточно солидным размером кузова, вместительным салоном и достойным внутренним убранством. Автомобиль привлекает своими техническими характеристиками, отличной адаптированностью под российские условия эксплуатации, внешними данными. По сравнению с Duster, здесь чувствуются нотки роскоши, презентабельности и дороговизны. Хотя по цене машины между собой не так уж сильно отличаются. Но все владельцы Chalk сходятся во мнении, что базовую комплектацию брать не стоит. Машина максимально проявляет свои возможности и сильные качества, когда перед вами средняя или максимальная вариация оснащения.

Hyundai Chalk

Here you can choose a pair of gasoline engines for 123 and 150 horsepower. There are also all-wheel drive and front-wheel drive versions. If you buy a car especially for the city, take the front-wheel drive and the starting engine. Enough is enough. For more difficult conditions, trips outside the city, all-wheel drive version with 150 horsepower under the hood will be great to show.

Which of these cars are more suitable for you, decide for yourself. The fact of their entry into the top 10 does not mean that it is necessary to choose only these machines. There is still a huge number of the most worthy crossovers offered on the Russian market.