Mercedes amg e 63 s on the track behaves with dignity

Today we will not talk about the good old Mercedes E-class in the back of the W124, but about the new charged W213 with a capacity of 612 liters. with. - Mercedes-AMG E 63 S with all-wheel drive 4Matic +. This means that the car has all-wheel drive, and not permanent. Under the hood is installed V8 with 2 turbines and a capacity of 612 liters. with. and a volume of 4 liters. To effectively cool such a motor, it uses 2 oil coolers and 2 liquid intercoolers in addition to conventional radiators. The same engine is installed in the Mercedes GT AMG, only its power is slightly less - 571 liters. with. In the E 63 S engine forced up to 612 liters. with.

Mercedes AMG E63 on the track

The gearbox here is a 9-speed automatic, but without a torque converter, which has been replaced by a wet friction package. Comfort mode is better not to turn on, because the car will go sluggish, the box will be blunt, there is a start-stop function and half of the cylinders will shut off at low loads. All this does not give much drive. Therefore, it is better to always drive in Sport mode, the car can accelerate to 100 km / h in 3.4 seconds if started with 2 pedals.

Mercedes AMG E 63 S motor

So the main differences between the E-class AMG from the usual E-class are that:

  • AMG uses a wet multi-plate clutch, not a torque converter;
  • in E 63 AMG - an electromechanical clutch, and not a symmetrical center differential, as in the usual "eshke".

4 matik + mercedes e 63 amg

But in general, it is worth the usual 9G-Tronic hydromechanics, in which there are 4 planetary rows, mechatronics, which is installed in the crankcase with fins. There is a multi-link suspension at the back, it was seriously modified in the AMG division, increased rigidity, put an original subframe, thanks to which the wheels were arranged wider. There are also other support gear and hub, which differ from the standard, which stand on the E-class.

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The front suspension is not particularly different from the front suspension of the usual E-class, here is also aluminum 2-lever. The design is exactly the same - ordinary pneumatic springs and single-tube shock absorbers, the only difference is that stabilizers and hinges have become more rigid.

Mercedes AMG E 63 S Salon

The car has a new four-wheel drive 4Matic +. If usually only E-class was charged with rear-wheel drive Mercedes, then now they decided to do four-wheel drive. and front wheels to make the car more stable.

In BMW and in Mercedes, it was decided that such a connected four-wheel drive is more efficient than a permanent one, because with the help of a connected all-wheel drive, it is possible to more accurately distribute the thrust between the axles. If you enter the track, you must immediately switch the settings to Race mode, or you can simply switch to Sport.

Saloon E63 AMG

The interior is made in a sporty style - everything is trimmed with carbon fiber and aluminum, even the steering wheel is trimmed, like on racing cars. Centered exclusive watches from IWC. The multimedia system here is designed for driving on the track, there is telemetry, which analyzes how fast the car overcomes turns. Dashboard also with special AMG graphics, the panel can display the current torque, power, boost pressure, oil temperature and other indicators. AMG-seats are a bit cramped, they have heating, but there is no ventilation, and she doesn’t need anything on the car, sharpened on sports.

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Mercedes AMG E 63 S watch

The roar from AMG-motor is quite pleasant, especially when driving in Sport + and Race modes. There is also a button near the multimedia system console, pressing which additional flaps will open on the exhaust pipes and the exhaust sound will become even more bassist.

In Race mode, the car behaves quite differently, there is an opportunity to feel all the advantages of the all-wheel drive, when at high speed you enter sharp turns, as the car balances with a burden. If you start to accelerate abruptly, then all 4 wheels will start to take off evenly. For fans, there is a Drift setting to switch to this mode, you just need to switch the gearbox to manual mode, turn off ESP, turn on Race, then pull 2 ​​petals towards yourself and Drift mode will turn on and you can smoke without restrictions.

Mercedes AMG E 63 S track

The car weighs almost 2 tons, but there is nothing special in the chassis - more rigid silent blocks and 3-chamber pneumocylinders with more rigid characteristics are used. Also here are active gidroopory at the motor, but otherwise no difference from the usual E-class. But the car perfectly turns into turns, the control is really like on a sports car.

But the wheel is heavy with any settings except Comfort. The suspension is also tough, even in comfort mode, and in Race mode it is especially tough, so you can feel the grain of asphalt. While the alternative from the BMW - M5 in the back of the G30 has not yet been released, there are Lexus GS F, Cadillac CTS-V on the market of premium sedans. Audi has only liftback and RS wagon.

Mercedes AMG E 63 S photo

If a car drives fast, then it should be able to brake quickly, so here are 6 piston calipers on the front wheels and floating single piston brackets on the rear wheels. There are ordinary cast iron brakes, they are painted in black or red. But there are also expensive carbon-ceramic discs, golden calipers go to them, carbon ceramics can be ordered as an option.

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carbon ceramics mercedes e 63 amg

The price of the Mercedes-AMG E 63 will be known in March 2017, according to indicative data, the E63 will be more expensive by about 1.5 million rubles. So that, E63 AMG will cost approximately 6.5 million rubles. And E63 AMG S - 7 million. S is more expensive because it is more powerful and better equipped - there are active hydraulic supports, electronic locking of the rear differential and 20-inch wheels.

Trunk volume - 540 liters, the back can be folded, there is no underground, because there are located parts from the pneumatic rear suspension. In the rear seats, everything is the same as in the standard E-class, there are not only pockets on the back of the front seats. Externally, the E-Class AMG can be immediately distinguished by the monogram on the front fender, and if you look from the back, the twin pipes, a spoiler and a bumper with a diffuser will say that it is AMG.