The smallest suvs and crossovers: top jeeps for women

Buying a “female” car is always a complicated matter. So much of everything needs to be taken into account: power, ease of operation, a security system, dimensions and all the electrical "stuffing" designed to simplify the driving process as much as possible ... But you still should like it! How can you not get lost? Especially if you consider how great the choice of car is, how wide the price range is ... In this article we will talk about cars that are sure to suit any woman.

What is required from the female car? Firstly, reliability - few of the beautiful ladies will cope with the breakdown on the track. Secondly, throughput - it will be somewhat difficult to push a stalled car. Spacious lounge, to throw children to school and go shopping with friends. And, of course, compactness is the best parking aid. "Female" car is traditionally represented in the form of a bright and low-power car. However, a completely different group of cars fully meets all the above requirements: small SUVs and crossovers for women.


  • The smallest SUVs: models for women
    • Rating of the top 10 smallest SUVs in the world
  • Compact crossovers: a choice of girls 2015-2016
    • Top 10 most compact and attractive crossovers for women

The smallest SUVs: models for women

An SUV is almost like a small tank. Everywhere will pass, any conditions stand. And win. The main difference between these cars is the ability to drive literally everywhere: dirt and primer are not a hindrance to it. In principle, on such a machine can be reduced in the fields. Initially, jeeps were distinguished by large dimensions, but over time, the compact rulers appeared. Not that women do not like big cars, but a small jeep is more economical and much more maneuverable. A compact SUV is ideal for a woman, especially if she lives outside the city: it’s no secret that we don’t have roads, and in the spring it’s a real disappointment.

Rating of the top 10 smallest SUVs in the world

1. Renault Duster

Renault DusterCompact and comfortable SUV for women at an affordable price. This model of Renault just can not like it: a well-organized internal space, reliability on any road and pleasant appearance. The car does not look rude or bulky, but at first glance it is clear: it is no longer necessary to drive only on the road.

Special attention is the ergonomics of the driver's seat. Reduced steering wheel and devices located almost at eye level. Thus, you can drive a car almost without taking your eyes off the road. This innovation will undoubtedly be appreciated by novice car enthusiasts.

9. Honda HR-V

Honda HR-VHonda's crossover can be described as a modest and elegant car. The security system is also well thought out: the car is equipped with two airbags, protection against side impact is provided. The interior is spacious and comfortable. Automatic Continuous Transmission (CVT) delivers soft and surprisingly smooth acceleration.

Modern crossover is essentially a restyling of Honda, which won the female audience back in the late 90s. After the upgrade, the car acquired a distinctly sporty character, which the designers wanted. And what customers liked very much.

10. BMW X3

BMW X3The BMW brand is deservedly popular. Not surprisingly, the X3 crossover is fully consistent with high standards. Externally, the car looks neat, elegant and serious. There is nothing “girlish” in this car, but the fair sex appreciated the 8-speed automatic transmission, which is included in the top-end equipment.