Game: tuning cars online 3d

My favorite car not only wants to maintain in working condition, but also to give it original features. For this is used tuning. Thanks to modern technologies, it is possible to carry out certain manipulations with an iron horse without leaving the computer desk. To do this, use 3D tuning online.


  • 1 Processing Method
  • 2 How to find a resource
  • 3 Working with airbrushing
  • 4 Online Modeling
  • 5 Positive qualities

Processing technique

Changes on the monitor can be subjected to various models of vehicles. You can carry out both online tuning of Russian cars, and modernization of foreign cars. Additional elements will give the vehicle maximum uniqueness. Visually correct a wide range of components and assemblies. These include:

  • bumpers;
  • optics;
  • parameters and shape of the wheels;
  • hood;
  • discs;
  • exhaust system;
  • clearance;
  • grille, etc.

3d tuning online allows you to significantly save money by getting the necessary picture. Modernization able to undergo:

  • Colour;
  • invoice;
  • the form;
  • material.

Important! Game tuning cars online 3d has free versions, which makes it possible to test the interface and service capabilities.

How to find a resource

Go to the desired site at the link This is a free resource, which has more than six hundred models of cars from the domestic Priory to the handsome Mustangs. For half an hour, the user is able to independently transform at will any selected model.

how to make tuning online russian cars

Real auto tuning online 3d on the presented site has an important feature - all the proposed elements of virtual modernization have real prototypes that can be bought or ordered in specialized auto shops.

Users have the opportunity to communicate with other members of the service. This allows you to purchase the necessary design elements at an affordable cost. You can also print everything and contact the official equipment dealers.

The current site tuning cars has an intuitive interface. You can register in it at the link from the social network. Millions of tuned models are available for viewing in free galleries.

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A few minutes is enough to deal with the service, especially since the resource is fairly well localized in Russian. This significantly distinguishes it from similar services in the network.

Important! Everyone who wants to become famous has the opportunity to submit their models to the competition for public discussion.

The competition is held in real time. Registered users often boast of work, offering to discuss various design solutions. They can later be implemented on the existing vehicle. The advantages of the resource include factors:

  • the widest choice of model range;
  • background correction;
  • a huge constantly updated selection of parts options for each model;
  • The result can be output to the printer.

Also, the result can be saved as a graphic file.

Working with airbrushing

The presented designer of the machine online can apply a unique pattern on the surface of the car. A bright color spot will allow you to quickly search for a car in any city traffic. Decorate the pattern of the vehicle will on any surface:

  • hood;
  • roof;
  • doors;
  • wings, etc.

how to do 3d tuning online

An important place is given to the selection of colors. It is necessary that the main airbrush tone be combined with the base color of the vehicle. The benefit of a virtual opportunity allows you to realize even the wildest fantasies.

Network modeling

Extensive resource capabilities allow you to virtually create a car online 3d by making adjustments to the basic systems. Such solutions implemented in this way the user is no longer found on the network. The advantages of the site are that it will be possible to carry out manipulations with such factors:

  • adjustment clearance or other properties of the suspension;
  • the degree of tinting glass;
  • the interior can be painted in any color an unlimited number of times;
  • texture for the outer plane is selected from two types: gloss or matte background.

The site is a constant replenishment of the model range and the regular introduction of new options. The user can subscribe to the news of the resource and receive timely and relevant information.

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It is necessary to note the conciseness of the virtual service. It does not have congestion with small, little demanded functionality. There are convenient clear icons and buttons, which leaves a positive impression when referring to them.

The developers have tried to install a not very demanding engine, which does not significantly overload the users' Internet channels. This allows you to quickly make edits and not get a lot of errors when withdrawing from the server.

Given that the service maintenance of many users of the interface does not slow down. Even with great graphics, the platform handles all requests. All cars have the most realistic appearance. The changes made are almost immediately displayed on the display.

Cars in tuning rotate easily in a convenient direction. This allows you to choose the optimal view for evaluating the modification. Replacement of spare parts is carried out using a special menu installed on the right. You can also call it by clicking the cursor on the selected item on the vehicle.

Formally, the whole procedure is similar to a computer game and is so fascinating that, having tried once, it is difficult to retreat. User can save result on virtual server.

Positive qualities

It is necessary to note many advantages of this technology:

  • You can calculate the cost of the modification you like in real time;
  • changes are displayed instantly;
  • Users can, at their discretion, install additional plug-ins in the service;
  • it is possible to save different tuning options.

The resource allows you to implement the embodied ideas on your pages. So lovers of customized individual cars can find for themselves something unique and worthwhile.