Fur seat covers

A good motorist always monitors the cleanliness of his vehicle, not only outside but also inside. The most intensive use in the cabin are chairs. Often, they can be seen almost neizvodimye using dry cleaning spots or burns from cigarettes. In this case, fur capes of sheepskin on the car's seat will be able to come to the aid of car owners.

It is not always possible to change the upholstery, because they will take a lot of money for this procedure at the station, and self-replacement is a rather laborious and time-consuming process. A good option in this case would be the use of capes.


  • 1 Using capes
  • 2 How to make the right choice
  • 3 Types of capes
  • 4 Care for fur covers

Using capes

The use of fur capes in the winter is a practical solution for the car owner, especially if the interior is leather upholstered. Such protection protects the seats from external negative factors and helps to keep warm. It is also an original aesthetic solution.

what fur sheepskin capes look like on car seats

Fur salon cars

In winter, such an accessory warms passengers and the driver, reducing heat exchange with the environment while maintaining the temperature.

In the warm season, the product absorbs excess moisture and causes pleasant tactile sensations.

How to make the right choice

It is necessary to use only natural fur seat covers on the car, because synthetic products do not have such an effect on heat transfer. Also synthetics susceptible to static electricity and quickly loses an attractive appearance.

what are the fur capes of sheepskin on the car seat

Capes of shorthair material

The most correct option would be a fleece cape. They wear less, store heat longer and have a healing effect. One of their components is animal fat, lanolin. It has a sedative effect for people, also has antibacterial and antiseptic properties.

Types of capes

At the mention of a fur cape, some recall photos of fur Czechs on the seat of a truck driver or a cheap minibus driver. However, modern design technologies allow you to choose the most attractive look of this cabin item. You can pick up a product with short hair and nice colors. His appearance will organically emphasize the stylishness of the car.

where to find sheepskin capes on car seats

Capes of long-haired material

The most popular materials for production:

  • sheepskin;
  • fox;
  • wolf;
  • hare.
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Natural capes, unlike synthetic ones, do not fade and are not subject to fading. Due to their ecological cleanliness, they are absolutely safe for the driver and passengers.

where to find photos of Czech fur car seats

Faux Fur Cape Cover

Care for fur covers

As a regular care for natural products used combing and shredding garbage from them. In case of significant contamination, professional dry cleaning is required. Artificial capes can be washed by yourself. With timely care, the product serves more than one year.

It is not necessary to expose natural capes of fur to long-term exposure to moisture. Before boarding a car, it is advisable to clear the jacket and pants from snow. If it happened to accidentally wet such covers, then it is recommended to dry them at a temperature of 20-25WITH.

Natural fur cannot be dried with a hair dryer, on radiators or near an open fire of a stove or oven.

This method of drying will permanently ruin the product.