Geely gc9 "shot" at the competition "car of the year"

Geely GC9 Brand Geely has made an unprecedented breakthrough in the history of the Chinese automotive industry, its flagship sedan geely gc9 He took the throne of the best car of the year at the national competition of the same name, which ended yesterday in the Middle Kingdom. From Geely GC9, and indeed no one expected anything like this from this brand. The world's most award-winning auto brands, which traditionally occupied all the best places, were blown apart by a car, which was designed by the former chief designer of the Swedish car manufacturer Volvo. Geely GC9 The best car of 2015, the Chinese chose among the one hundred and forty models that came to the Chinese market in the current year. Twenty-two professional judges awarded sedan Geely GC9 as many as 104 points, Mercedes, Maybach S-Class and Jaguar XE were able to score only fifty - sixty points. Colossal gap! Judges rated modern Geely GC9 appearance, developed by Peter Hoberi, and all the advanced technological support that came to Volvo’s Chinese sedan. The victory of the Chinese auto brand should encourage other Chinese automakers to respond accordingly. As well as Geely GC9 Ferrari, Mercedes, Lexus and Volvo were nominated for the competition. Volvo was nominated by Volvo XC 90. Geely GC9 Geely GC9 appeared on the market last year. In the Middle Kingdom it is sold in three trim levels. The first has a turbocharged 1.8-liter gasoline engine with 163 hp under the hood, the second has a 2.4-liter aspirated for 162 horses, and in the third, top-end configuration, the 3.5-liter V6 is available, squeezing 270 power at its peak hp All three configurations have an automatic six-speed transmission.

Exactly Geely GC9, together with restyled Geely Emgrand EC7, the Chinese are going to bring us in 2016. But the Chinese are not going to take them headlong, since the economic situation in our country is still more "incomprehensible." It is possible that in the most difficult case, the Chinese will change their mind about delivering something to us.

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By the way flagship sedan geely gc9 appeared in computer games. Lovers can drive it virtually in games like Asphalt 8: Airborne.