Used toyota hilux practically do not lose in price

Подержанные Toyota Hilux практически не теряют в цене

There is such a term as "residual value", which describes the current quality of a used car in relation to the price for which it was sold in a new condition. So, Russian specialized agencies conduct monitoring of this value all the time. One of these studies was completed a few days ago. According to the data received, the Toyota brand became the leader in the residual value of the car in the Russian car market. And one of his models is Toyota Hilux Pickup, despite years and mileage, practically does not lose in price: the residual value indicator for the pickup was 99.28 percent!

For its research, the Avtostat agency, which cites such figures, took avatomobils that were released from the conveyor and sold for the first time in 2012. After three years, they were put up for sale in the secondary market.

Подержанные Toyota Hilux практически не теряют в цене In the segment of premium sedans with a result of 85.62 percent was the first Toyota Camry. That is, for three years of use, the car fell by an average of fifteen percent. That is, if the new Camry today starts at 1 million 284 thousand rubles, then the three-year model can be taken for a million and a penny. By the way, Camry is produced at the Toyota Toyota plant in St. Petersburg, and this size of the residual value speaks eloquently about the quality of the local production of Toyota. Подержанные Toyota Hilux практически не теряют в цене Lend Cruiser Prado has a residual value of eighty percent, Land Cruiser 200 - 82.35 percent Toyota Highlander got the result a little less than eighty percent, and the four-C-class Toyota Corolla after three years of use, it loses exactly twenty one percent of the original price. But not only any car of the Japanese car brand can compare with the Hilux, but in general any car sold in our country. Only by 0.8 percent over the course of three years, it is worth a lot.

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This data confirmed that Japanese cars truly became a dream car for Russians. It is because of its high quality and reliability.