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Many motorists are attracted to such a service as CASCO insurance, which allows you to receive compensation for damage to your car in various situations of damage, including theft. What exactly is included in the cases covered by the contract is determined by each company. The difference from the mandatory CTP is that in case of an accident, the insurance company will indemnify the damage to your car, regardless of whether you are the cause of the accident. You can also protect the car from any natural disaster and from the actions of third parties.

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Rating of insurance companies in hull insurance in St. Petersburg

В России составлением официальных рейтингов занимаются, в том числе две авторитетные организации – «Эксперт РА» и «Национальное рейтинговое агентство». Оценку страховщиков они проводят, в первую очередь, по финансовым показателям. Потому что именно финансовая стабильность является гарантом надёжности страховой компании. Оценка проводится по таким показателям, как стабильность активов, страховой портфель, инвестиционная политика, уставный капитал, ликвидность активов, страховые резервы, стратегия развития и филиальная сеть. Оцениваются объёмы выплат и величина полученных страховых премий.Читать далее о лучших страховых компаниях КАСКО в Питере-->

The problem with these ratings is that they do not assess the customer focus of organizations. Therefore, in the informal consumer ratings of the top companies from among the official often do not fall. After all, people care not only about whether the company can in principle pay for insurance, but also how quickly it can do it. What is the procedure for the occurrence of the insured event, the policy in relation to a particular situation. A reliable company with a solid resource will not necessarily respond quickly to customer requests and act in its interests.

That is why we have compiled a consolidated rating of KASKO insurance companies in St. Petersburg, which reflects not only stability and reliability in the market, but also compliance with customer needs, attitude towards them and orientation to their interests.

ВТБ Страхование

каско втб страхование

VTB Insurance on the market since 2000

Opens the rating of IC “VTB Insurance” LLC, which was established by PJSC “VTB Bank” and offers a wide range of insurance services throughout Russia. It has been operating in the market since 2000, for the last 6 years it has increased the amount of insurance fees more than 10 times. It is among the ten largest in Russia in terms of share capital and payments.

Рейтинговым агентством «Эксперт РА» ВТБ присвоен рейтинг надёжности «А++», что означает исключительно высокий уровень надёжности. Международным агентством Standard&Poor’s определён рейтинг «ВВ++», это самый высокий уровень среди российских компаний. «Национальное рейтинговое агентство» оценивает «ВТБ Страхование» как «ААА» с прогнозом «Стабильный».

From the point of view of customer valuation, the company's offers are advantageous in price, but there are complaints about the content of some contracts. For example, there are too many reservations and restrictions in case of an insured event that make it very difficult and sometimes impossible to get compensation.

But for auto insurance CASCO this organization can be chosen for very thoughtful and profitable offers. There are three levels of programs that differ in coverage of insurance claims and the availability of additional services. One of the advantages is an estimate without taking into account the depreciation of parts, the presence of a choice of repair service centers, the ability in some cases to receive compensation without reference from the traffic police. You can additionally insure civil liability of up to 10 million rubles. The VTB Insurance network includes 6 St. Petersburg sales offices located in the center and within the Ring Road.


ingosstrakh casco insurance

Ingosstrakh exists since 1947

Компания «Ingosstrakh» существует ещё с 1947 года, в данный момент является частью международной страховой группы «ИНГО». Работает она на территории многих стран бывшего СССР, а также в Индии и Китае. Обладает наивысшим уровнем надёжности по рейтингу «Эксперт РА», международным рейтингом «BB++» с прогнозом «Стабильный». Ingosstrakh обладает множеством различных наград и премий в финансовой сфере.

Confirmation of the financial capabilities of the company is, in particular, the implementation in recent years of its largest insurance payments in the space sector, which amount to tens of millions of dollars. On the company's website, you can view the largest payments in recent times.

For CASCO, the company insures only cars no older than 10 years, there are three options for the program, depending on the amount of insured events included. When calculating payments, the wear of parts is taken into account. Departure of an expert to the place of an accident at no additional charge is possible only if the insurance premium exceeds 60 thousand rubles. For surcharge it is also possible to provide compensation for calling a taxi and a tow truck from the accident scene, for providing another vehicle during the repair. In some cases, it is possible to provide compensation without reference.


Rosgosstrakh casco insurance

Insurance company exists since 1921

This is the largest insurance company in Russia since 1921. From the point of view of reliability, there can be no complaints about it, it has the best position and fame in the consumer market, has the highest ratings of national agencies and is highly appreciated by foreign ones. It has the largest office network in Russia, its own hotline and tens of thousands of insurance agents. The range of insurance products is also high, including both work with investment projects and large state-owned companies, as well as with pension savings, medical and property insurance.

Best Hull Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% can choose from several insurance programs covering various risks and differing in cost. You can choose full protection, but you can restrict yourself to only the most significant risks. There is a 50% option to pay the fare, the rest will have to be paid only if an insured event occurs. It is also possible to use the franchise, that is, you can reduce the cost of the policy due to the fact that when the insured event occurs, you will have to pay some of the damage out of your pocket. The share that the policyholder must pay himself is called a franchise.

Rosgosstrakh has a good reputation and powerful financial capabilities, however, there are a lot of negative reviews. They are most often associated with poor-quality service, queues, lack of conscientious advice. Often the staff can not cope with the flow of customers and you have to wait a long time for the solution of your question.

There are many proposals for hull and positive aspects. For example, the possibility of installment payments for two or three payments, compensation of a tow truck up to 3 thousand rubles, the possibility of accelerated receipt of compensation without references within 3 days with minor damage, payments excluding depreciation.


energy insurance casco

Energogarant начавшая свою работу в 1992 году

Less well-known, but also a large insurance company, which began its work in 1992 with insurance in the energy industry. It has a Russian rating of "A ++" and international BB- with a stable outlook. It has more than 250 representative offices throughout Russia, including two located in the city of St. Petersburg.

Under the CASCO program, they can provide an installment plan or discount if you pay the insurance premium all at once. A simplified and accelerated scheme for obtaining compensation with minor damage is possible, a free call a tow truck, there are no restrictions on the place of storage and the number of car drivers. A rough calculation of the cost of insurance can be performed directly on the company's website


max casco insurance

«MAX» существует на рынке более 25 лет

Страховая группа «MAX» существует на рынке более 25 лет и обладает рейтингом исключительной надёжности агентства «Эксперт РА» «А++». Одним из приоритетных видов работы является автострахование, как обязательное, так и добровольное. В Санкт-Петербурге у компании четыре офиса, представительства имеются по всей территории РФ.

The basic CASCO program can be cheapened or additional features can be added. Additional services are available, for example, a tow truck, the collection of certificates in the traffic police, emergency commissioner. Additionally, you can insure the equipment inside the car, the action when you are outside of the Russian Federation. Payments, even with complete loss, are made without reducing the amount for depreciation, minor damage can be repaid in a simplified manner, a discount is provided for the extension of the break-even agreement.


zasta casco insurance

Zetta has more than 100 sales offices throughout Russia

LLC Zetta Insurance is a renamed company Zurich, which was formed in 1993. It has more than 100 sales offices throughout Russia, collaborates with leading car dealers and commercial banks. It has an “A ++” rating, and the insurance quality management system complies with the requirements of GOST ISO 9001-2011.

This company is one of the leaders in consumer rating of the best insurance companies offering CASCO policies in St. Petersburg. First of all, such an assessment was obtained for the quality of service, informational support, prompt and effective execution and compensation of damage. In St. Petersburg, there are two branches, one of which is engaged only in sales, in the second one can also apply for the settlement of losses.

CASCO presents a wide range of programs with different sets of risks, from the very minimum in the form of additional compensation for damage from another driver to full insurance of all risks, including theft or loss of a car in an accident. There are simplified registration with minor damage, deductible, compensation for the cost of parts without regard to wear, tow truck assistance, round-the-clock support and SMS notifications.


vsk casco insurance

Dozens of offices in St. Petersburg alone

The company has a wide sales network, in St. Petersburg alone there are several dozen points. IJSC VSK also offers one of the widest assortments of CASCO programs. In fact, they boil down to greater or lesser risk sets and various discounts for certain insurance conditions.

Of the minuses it can be noted that only cars under 8 years old are insured. Also, with a wide sales network, customers complain about the slow and sometimes illiterate response to the occurrence of the insured event. Also, the policy itself is not always promptly executed. And in the presence of various services on the site there is no possibility to order a policy online or make it more or less accurate calculation.


reso garantiya casco

The history of the company lasts 25 years

RESO-GARANTIA is an insurance company with a history of more than 25 years and is licensed to over 100 types of insurance in various fields and industries. Auto insurance is a priority. This leads to a wide range of CASCO insurance programs, including insurance exclusively against theft, discounts for the installed satellite system, emergency assistance in case of an accident. On the website, you can calculate the approximate cost of insurance, purchase a policy or make changes to it at one of the sales offices in St. Petersburg, which are located throughout the city and beyond.


concord insurance casco

"Consent" in the Russian market for over 20 years

IC "Consent" has been operating in the Russian market for over 20 years and offers a variety of insurance products in various fields. In particular, according to the hull insurance attracts tariffs and the possibility of obtaining various discounts. In this case, it is worth being cautious, because often the savings are due to any restrictions in the payment of compensation in the future. For expensive cars worth more than 2 million rubles, additional free options are provided. Depending on the program, customers may be provided with an emergency commissioner, technical assistance, compensation without references and other privileges that are present to the competitors.

On the site you can calculate the cost of the policy. The company has a 24-hour free line where you can get advice or call an agent. You can purchase a policy in one of two offices in St. Petersburg, only one is involved in the settlement of damages, prior registration is required.

These are the best insurance companies offering CASCO programs in St. Petersburg. At the beginning of the ranking are the largest, most reputable and reliable, in the end - less popular, but often offering cheaper rates. After reviewing the programs, you can choose the most suitable for your case. All companies have the highest ratings according to Russian agencies, but some have received good values ​​and a forecast from international rating agencies.