Era-glonass slows down the supply of ford, hyundai and

ЭРА-ГЛОНАСС тормозит поставки Ford, Hyundai и Renault на наш авторынок

All foreign cars that are sold on the territory of the Russian Federation must be equipped with the appropriate equipment and connected to the ERA-GLONASS system. This requirement of the Russian legislation has become a difficult obstacle to the new fords, handy, renault, jaguars, land rovers and several "Chinese" supplied to our market. The point is not the complexity of equipping and connecting to the global navigation system, but the traditional Russian hindsight. They introduced the demand, but they didn’t think how to implement it quickly and without any problems. After all, every car equipped with equipment for connections to the ERA-GLONASS system, must be certified, and in our country there is only one (!!!) certification center. It is clear that the queues are lined up there, frankly, epic. The center is overloaded with applications and does not cope. And the accreditation of other organizations that would unload the center is delayed for traditional bureaucratic reasons. Hence the delay in car supplies. ЭРА-ГЛОНАСС тормозит поставки Ford, Hyundai и Renault на наш авторынок ERA-GLONASS system necessary for instant notification of the relevant services about the incident, God forbid, an accident in automatic mode, and its presence has become mandatory since January 1 of the current year. And in two years, this requirement will directly affect all new cars produced by the countries of the Customs Union and its closest neighbors in Sovku.

Because of these problems, suppliers have come up with a three-year period of "simplified certification"when foreign cars that have their own foreign certificates will be considered conditionally passed Russian certification. But this is unlikely, since in order to recognize the compliance of foreign certificates with Russian certificates, an international agreement is needed. And no one has signed it anywhere yet. ЭРА-ГЛОНАСС тормозит поставки Ford, Hyundai и Renault на наш авторынок The system developers reassure that soon 26 more organizations will enter the certification market, and then the problem will be solved quickly. By the way ERA-GLONASS will be installed on the serial Lada Vesta, the mass production conveyor of which starts on September 25, 2015.

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