"mule" ford focus fourth generation lit photo spies

The ubiquitous paparazzi managed to take some pictures prototype Ford Focus new, already the fourth in a row, generation. “Mula” was caught during its transportation to the places of further development and testing. At first, the photo spy thought it was being driven by the third Focus that had got into an accident, but good vision allowed him to see that there was a completely different car in front of him. Pictures instantly spread on the Internet, it is clear from them that American developers will soon present a car to the world that is significantly different from the current version. Ford Focus 3.

The next generation of Fords Focus American developers promised the world closer to the middle of 2018. The fact that the paparazzi filmed, most likely, is nothing more than an early prototype of the future production model of the new generation Ford. The similarity with the third version is obvious, but the body panels in places significantly modified. It is precisely under them that the main intrigue is now hidden: what will be the new generation focus under the hood? But no details about what platform will be based on the new generation of "tricks", or about what engines will be installed on this platform. The only thing that today is one hundred percent clear is that the family Fords tricks will increase in size. Tricks will be longer and wider. It is possible that the length of the wheelbase will also change, which in the current version is 2648 mm. At the nearest competitor Focus - Volkswagen Golf axes are 2637 mm apart, and damage Octavia - 49 mm further. Surely the trunk will be increased and in the second row of seats will become more spacious. Of course, the luggage compartment will not be in the same hold as the Octavia’s - 568 liters, but from its present 316 liters it will at least grow to four hundred exactly. This, of course, by eye, is based on a photo taken by the paparazzi. After all, the early prototype can be replayed several times, including in the dimensional characteristics. In Western media sure that новопоколенный Фокус will be shown in the second half of this year. Everyone wonders if the “fourth” can Ford Focus reduce the gap between the main competitor - Volkswagen Golf and the American car, because today the German is almost twice as popular: according to sales statistics in Europe, more than half a million Golfs and only 232,160 Focuses were sold during the year. But this is in Europe, and in America the picture is exactly the opposite. The point is probably in American patriotism. Well, as for Russia, Ford Focus 4 we will not escape, the only question is whether the crisis will have time to end before this and whether regular fans of cars of this class will have money to buy new items.

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