Changing the oil in the gearbox mechanic

High-quality maintenance of automotive components helps to extend the life of the entire car. This is especially important for rubbing surfaces. The use of special oils with additives helps to reduce wear from the interaction between them. The most popular in this case are the replacement of oil in the gearbox and engine oil.

There are a lot of ways to diagnose the state of the lubrication system in the second version, but how to control the transmission lubricant is not always clear. Modern cars are equipped with comfortable probes. With their help, it turns out not only the oil level in the box, but you can also see its quality. In older cars with this control is more difficult.


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How to change gearbox oil

On new cars, designers provide convenient drain plugs in the pallets of manual transmissions. Thanks to this solution, car owners greatly simplified work.

how to change gearbox oil

The frequency of this procedure depends on several factors:

  • car model;
  • type of transmission;
  • the degree of production of parts CAT;
  • driving patterns;
  • road conditions;
  • recommendations of the automaker.

On the classic models of VAZ, the manufacturer recommends changing the oil for a manual transmission after every 70-80 thousand kilometers.

The algorithm for replacing the transmission lubricant in domestic cars consists of the following points:

  1. It is necessary to begin to merge not earlier than in an hour after a trip. If the car has been standing for a long time, then you can first drive a few kilometers and then return to drain.
  2. The machine is placed in a horizontal position on a viewing pit, an overpass or just a flat surface.
  3. We carry out the control of the liquid level through a special hole.
  4. We unscrew the plug from the oil filler hole to quickly remove mining from the system.
  5. We substitute the tank for mining under the oil drain hole and unscrew the cap. We are waiting for all the work to take place.
  6. Twist the cork in the pan. It is advisable to check the force on the thread with a torque wrench so as not to disrupt the thread or loosen the tension.
  7. Using a large medical syringe and hose, fill the oil to the level of the lower edge of the filler hole.
  8. We twist the cork, controlling the force with a torque wrench.
how is gearbox oil being changed
Step 1. Remove the pallet protection
How can I quickly change the oil in the gearbox
Step 2. Unscrew the cork
how free to change the oil in the gearbox
Step 3. Drain the casting into the prepared container
where to pour the oil for a manual transmission
Step 4. Install the oil filling device
what the oil for a manual gearbox looks like
Step 5. Fill the oil and collect the design
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For foreign cars, the principle is about the same. There are options with replacing the method of topping up, where, instead of syringes, they extend the funnel with a hose and pour oil directly from plastic containers. In such a situation, check the oil in the gearbox for topping up is carried out by the number of drained mining.

What oil to pour in PPC

Older cars with rear wheel drive most often need mineral transmission oil. It does not possess additional self-cleaning properties, therefore their replacement frequency rarely exceeds 35-40 thousand kilometers. Greater than other brands of oil, viscosity allows you to stay on lubricated surfaces, but this fluid has a significant sensitivity to frequent changes in operating temperatures.

What is the amount of oil in the gearbox

For budget cars with front-wheel drive, semisynthetics would be preferable. Its properties are kept for 45-50 thousand km until replacement. If automakers set lower mileage, then such recommendations are a priority. These fluids contain chemical additives that help reduce wear on the rubbing surfaces of gears and shafts. This reduces the level of contamination of the fluid.

Premium modern cars use synthetic oils in mechanical boxes. Such liquids contain a large amount of compensation and cleaning additives. With them, the transmission unit will successfully work out 60-70 thousand km before you need to replace the entire amount of oil in the gearbox.

You need to know that there are cars that do not provide for the replacement of oil in a manual transmission. The resource of such a liquid is designed for the entire life of the vehicle.

There are five main classes of transmission oils by API:

  • GL-1 - mineral oil without the use of additives;
  • GL-2 - contains anti-friction components;
  • GL-3 - contains a large number of additives and have better antiwear properties than in the previous class;
  • GL-4 - contains highly effective anti-seize additives;
  • GL-5 - contain phosphorus-containing additives.
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The sixth class does not find application in automobile knots.

Self-additive in manual gearbox

Manufacturers of engine and transmission oils strive to improve the quality of their products through chemical additives. Such additives have a positive effect on the frictional properties of the parts of the structure. One of the most popular are Liqui Moly Getriebeoil-Additiv, which envelop mating surfaces, lowering the temperature during friction, and also reduce wear.

how to calculate the amount of oil in the gearbox

Transmission Oil Additives

The action of chemical components helps to soften gear shifts and ensures smooth operation of the entire site. Most often, the additive is effective in old CAT. It is enough to add 20 ml per 1 liter of lubricant to complete the work.

As a positive feature, a decrease in the noise level during the operation of the transmission is noted. The manufacturer allows you to use this supplement with most popular oils. The effect of the application becomes noticeable after 200-300 km.