The french are going to sell their "yolki" russians over the

The French are going to sell their

From the Russian office Citroen reported that the French automaker is going to initiate trade in their cars through a specialized Internet platform. Every Russian who does not believe in the formula "French and do not take on" F "can buy any Citroen from the range presented in the online store. It is assumed that online car sales will be beneficial to all participants in the transaction, especially the final buyer. By the way, the project e-commerce french cars It has already been successfully tested in its homeland: the French have a couple of years already the opportunity, in addition to the traditional method of purchasing a car at the dealership, to buy a car and in the online store. Of course, there are nuances that need to be finalized, but the manual Citroen It is confident that the Russians will appreciate the new service and will gladly rush to the computers to make an order. The opportunity to buy a car via the Internet will exist on a par with the traditional ways of buying "Citroens", or, in common language, "Christmas tree". The French are going to sell their The world's first car online store appeared six years ago. Sneaky Chinese started this electronic service on Just four years after the start of the project, in 2014, it was already possible to buy, without leaving home, more than three hundred models of the most reputable car brands. This, moreover, is not only about the Chinese Alibaba, which, by the way, will be said, last year they sold about a million cars, but also about other Internet sites, which are already quite a lot in the world. In Russia, too, the sale of cars via the Internet is not new. Since last fall, the Chinese launched the e-car sales project of the brand. Lifan. A month ago, AVTOVAZ declared its readiness to sell its cars through Internet sites. Information about what the results are automotive e-commerce in Russia not yet.

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The French are going to sell their

Для успеха в этой области мало усилий со стороны автобрендов, должна быть и сформировавшаяся культура дистанционной торговли, которой у нас not yet. Менталитет русского человека легко позволяет покупать товаров в забугорных интернет-магазинах на триллионы рублей в год, но до нас пока слабо доходит идея покупки тем же образом такого крупного товара, как автомобиль. Но все преодолимо, особенно если производитель машин мотивирует покупателя более выгодной ценой, нежели в дилерских центрах.

The French have already promised that they will increase in the near future, sales of their cars in the Russian car market by fifty percent. Soon the diesel version of the compact crossover will come to us Citroen Cactusworking with variable transmission.